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Corrupted Memory Card Format Software Free Download

Updated on Jul 30, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

Trying to find the best software to format and repair corrupted/damaged SD memory card? This page tells you how to use corrupt memory card formatter and command prompt to fix corrupted SD memory card, USB flash drive, pen drive and other storage media.

As you googled it "how to fix corrupted SD card", "how to repair corrupted SD card" or "how to format corrupted SD card", the recommended solutions are pretty much the same. Virtually, Google will give two formatting methods to format corrupted SD card for your Android smartphones, digital cameras and some other popular gadgets, which are both proved to be useful & helpful.

1. Software to format corrupted memory card

Download free corrupted memory card format software, or knowingly as corrupted memory card formatter. For example, SanDisk format and repair tool.

2. Command to format corrupted memory card

Repair/format corrupted SD card using command prompt

Note: formatting will erase data on the SD card, so make sure that all important data has been copied to somewhere else.

How to use corrupted memory card software to format corrupted SD card?

We put "corrupted memory card format software" at the first place to help format corrupted SD card due to some noticeable reasons. First, it's simple to handle, which helps troubleshoot SD card corruption without hassles, definitely the best choice for average users with little technical background; second, it's available to download free with extra disk/partition management features, not limited to format corrupted SD card. Moreover, it can help format write-protected SD card, partition SD card and more.

Now, download corrupted memory card format software known as EaseUS free partition manager. To start the repair, correctly connect the SD card to a Windows computer. Wait until the software recognizes it, and then you can finish the procedure by select partition to format -> enter partition table -> choose file system FAT or NTFS -> confirm format.

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 Windows 10 is supported

Step 1. Correctly connect the SD card with to a Windows computer. Launch the software, right-click the SD card you want to format and choose "Format partition".

select format partition feature to format corrupted sd card

Step 2. A mini window pops out, on which you can edit the partition label and choose a file system such as FAT/FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/EXT3.

choose a file system when format corrupted sd card

Step 3. Click "Apply" to confirm to format the corrupted SD card.

How to use the command prompt to format & repair corrupted SD card?

If you're advanced users and wish to give another try to format corrupted SD card by yourself, diskpart utility may do some help.

Step 1. Type cmd in start search box then right click on cmd and click on run as administrator.
Step 2. Then cmd opens, type diskpart
Step 3. After that type listdisk.
Step 4. Select the disk of your SD card.
Step 5. Type clean.
Step 6. Type create partition primary.
Step 7. Type fomat fs=fat 32 quick.
Step 8. Type exit.