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How to backup system with EaseUS Todo Backup

2014-08-26 17:20:53 Posted by Hana Lee to Todo Backup Guide

EaseUS Todo Backup can back up system partition and boot partition to image, so that we recover system to normal state from system image.

When need backup system?

"I couldn’t boot the computer, that’s a stupid fault, it looks I deleted the boot partition by mistakes when I resize the partitions. How could I recover my windows 7, and there is no system disc and DVD."

Most people never think of backing up system image till their system crash and computers can’t boot. Virus attack, hardware/software failure, wrong operation may cause system crash, the computer can’t normally work. To avoid the loss/trouble which system broken brings, we’d better create system image in advance, so that we could quickly recover Windows 7, Windows 8 to the normal state.

How to image or backup system?

EaseUS Todo Backup is an excellent Windows backup image software, it offers full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, users can choose the different backup type according to own demands. Users also schedule a backup plan for windows system as day, week, month, and year. Besides the backup features, it could clone, migrate OS to SSD, etc…

Step1. Install EaseUS Todo Backup and run it. Then in the interface to do a system backup by creating a new task and select the backup destination, or it will choose the most suitable location by default.

backup system

Step2. Scheduled backup: users could customize the backup period like backup as daily, weekly, monthly. During the setup, users are required to enter the administrator account and password to make the schedule take effect.

backup system

Step3. You can also set backup compression, password, splitting through clicking Backup Options.

backup system

Step4. At last, click Proceed to execute system backup.

For Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003, system files and boot files are in the same partition. We just need to backup system partition to image on Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003. For Windows 7 and Windows 8, system and boot files are put separately in different partitions. To make the backup system could work normally, we have to backup system partition and boot partition together.

Todo Backup for Mac

All-in-one software for Mac data backup and recovery, backup archive, disk clone and file synchronization.