How to Back Up Windows Server 2019 Files in 2 Ways [Proven Solutions]

You are going to learn two ways to carry out Windows Server 2019 backup. One is using Windows Server backup software and the other is opening the built-in Windows Server backup tool. Read this post to get the details in Windows Server 2019 backup.

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Updated by Jean on Dec 15, 2023
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What Is the Best Way to Back Up Windows Server 2019 

"Hello, What is the best and the most free way to back up? I have installed the server in SSD and have an empty HDD connected to the server too.

In WIN server have hyper-v with ubuntu server. Want to back up everything every night. If something crashes will restore it easy. Any tips, please? I'm a newbie".

The above quote is from a forum user who has installed Windows Server 2019 and is looking for the best backup method. The person also has an external HDD which he can use as the backup location.

What Is the Best Way to Backup Windows Server 2019

To mitigate unpredictable data losses or unforeseen accidents, backing up crucial files and folders is an excellent idea. Windows Server is developed for businesses and thus is quite different from the regular consumer-facing versions. 

Windows Server is a unique operating system from Microsoft, created mainly for server usage. To date, there are numerous Windows Server versions available. Besides, every Windows Server version has an alternative consumer version too. 

Due to the same code base, Windows and Windows Server perform similar functions. However, there are some notable differences too. For instance, in Windows Server, you can use the Active Directory, DHCP, Print Services, etc. 

Windows Server Backup is an excellent in-house recovery and backup software for the Windows Server system. This feature one can back up different files and folders to various external devices. You can even back up a complete server. This post will discuss the different ways to back up Windows Server 2019.

Back-Up Windows Server 2019 via Data Backup Software 

One of the best ways to back up Windows Server 2019 is to use reliable Server backup software. For this, you can choose the EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise. It is an excellent solution for servers and businesses. The tool is simple and powerful; one can use it for servers and desktops. 

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If you want to opt for business-level protection, selecting EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise won't cause you any regret. For instance, you can gain access to offsite and local backups. Apart from that, you can attain automatic backup for Windows Servers. 

You can also opt for the free trial before making the purchase. That way, you don't have to fuss over your investment. 


  • The tool is designed to protect enterprises, irrespective of the environment and size. No matter the server, PC, or SQL database, you can count on EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise.
  • It offers fast and easy-to-use steps for data recovery from various issues. 
  • You can restore the backups without much hassle. If you encounter problems, you can always contact the tech support team. 
  • Worried about how to restore the system if the operating system is no longer viable? The bare-metal recovery mode of EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is a system restore software helping with that. It even decreases the application environment and redeploys significantly. 
  • With EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server, you can create effective backup strategies for different database environments to protect data.
  • Comes in competitive price rates with no compromise to the solution. 
  • It has multiple packages which businesses can choose from. 

Here are some steps you can follow to back up Windows Server 2016/2019 via EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise. Then click "New Task" to set a new backup. 

click new task to create backup

Step 2. Choose "File" as the target among the options at the top. Then select the specific files you want to back up.

choose file to backup

Step 3. Then click "Browser" to choose the destination where you want to put the backup.

choose the destionation

Step 4. You can customize your backup scheme by clicking "Schedule: Off". Here you can see "Schedule", "Backup cleanup" and "Adcanced Settings". Click "New" under the "Schedule" catalog.

set schedule backup step1

Then set the backup frequency based on your needs.

set scheduled backup step 2

Or, you can choose the "Smart backup" under the Backup Scheme, which will monitor the selected file changes and backup sutomatically.

choose smart backup

Step 5. Click "Backup options" on the bottom-left corner of the interface.

backup options

You can change the performance, encryption, e-mail notification, and other options here according to your preferences. When finish, click "Save" to return to the main interface. 

Step 6. When you finish all settings, click "Proceed" to start backing up files. 

click proceed to start backup

Back-Up Files with Windows Server Backup 2019 

Another way to back up files is to use the Windows Server Backup 2019. However, if you want to use Windows Server Backup 2019, you must install it. You need to use PowerShell or Server Manager and install it as a Windows Feature. 

Now, take a look at the steps you need to follow: 

Step 1. Go to Server Manager. Press the Tools option present on the upper-right part. From there, click on "Windows Server Backup".

windows server backup tool

Step 2. Now, you need to choose the "Local Backup option". On the right side, under Action, click the "Backup Once" option. It will lead to the Backup options page.

Step 3. From there, select "Different" options. After that, press Next. Now, you need to select "Backup Configuration Page". Press "Custom", and then select "Next".

Step 4. Go to the Select Items for Backup page. Press the "Add" items option to choose the volume you want to back up. Tap "Next".

Step 5. Afterward, you will go to the Specify destination type page. Select the "Remote" shared folder or Local drives. Press the "Next" option.

windows server backup configuration

Step 6. The next is the Confirmation screen. Press "Confirmation" and then click "Backup".

Step 7. Tap on Close to get out of the Backup Once Wizard. Exit the Windows Server Backup.


Windows Server is the business edition that offers many beneficial features for enterprises. However, backing up the server is crucial to prevent data loss. In that case, there are two different methods you can do so.

One method is to use the Windows Server Backup, and the other is to opt for reliable data recovery software. For that, we recommend the EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise. It helps users back up Windows Server files and OS. Don't wait anymore! Get the EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise today!

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Windows Server 2019 Backup FAQs

There are two distinct ways you can back up Windows Server 2019. However, only knowing this is not enough. You need to collect more information to keep yourself updated. Browse through the following questions and answers to gain more knowledge. 

1. How to clean old backups in windows server 2019?

To clean old backups in Windows server 2019, you must press the Command Prompt (Admin). After that, you need to type wbadmin delete systemstatebackup -keepVersions:x Here, x refers to the number of counts the user wants to keep. Now, press Enter and the old backups will get deleted. Next, type exit and tap the Enter key to back out of Command Prompt.

2. Does Windows Server 2019 have backup software?

Yes, Windows Server 2019 has the Windows Server Backup as the backup software. Users need to install it to proceed with scheduled and ad-hoc backups.

3. How do I schedule automatic backups in Windows Server 2019?

To schedule automatic backups in Windows Server 2019, you need to go to the Local Backup option on Windows Server Backup. After that, press the Backup Schedule option present on the right panel. Tap the Select Backup Configuration option and choose Full server or Custom based on your needs. Press Next, and in the Specify Backup Time part, select the More than once a day option. Here, you can determine the time and click on Add.

4. What is the optimal Windows Server 2019 online backup solution?

There are multiple optimal Windows Server 2019 online backup solutions. It would help if you chose depending on additional software integration and network setup. You can always proceed with the Windows backup. You can choose OneDrive or other paid backup tools if you need online storage.

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