How to Take SQL Server Database Backup Using Command Prompt

Are you searching for a method to back up your SQL Database using the command line? If that's the case, you can refer to this article for instructions on executing the backup process for SQL Server Database with Command and utilizing EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise.

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Updated by Gap on Jun 19, 2024

Data is vital to an organization, thus, ensuring the integrity and availability of this data is essential. Implementing an efficient and reliable backup strategy is a pivotal measure for securing your data's safety. SQL Server, renowned for its strength and widespread adoption in managing databases, offers multiple database backup solutions. One such lesser-known yet potent approach involves utilizing the command prompt. 

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This blog post delves into leveraging the command line interface alongside EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise to streamline and efficiently execute SQL Server database backups.

How to Backup SQL Server Database Using SQLCMD

To back up a SQL Server database using SQLCMD, you can follow these steps:

Step1. Open the Command Prompt on your computer. You can do this by searching for cmd in the Windows search bar and selecting the Command Prompt option.

open cmd.png

Step2. Enter the command sqlcmd followed by the required parameters to establish a connection with your SQL Server instance. For instance:
sqlcmd -S server_name -U username -P password -Q "BACKUP DATABASE database_name TO DISK='backup_file_path' WITH FORMAT"

Step3. In the SQLCMD session, run the following command to execute a backup. Press Enter to execute the command. The sqlcmd utility will connect to the SQL Server instance, perform the database backup, and save the backup file to the specified location. 

Sqlcmd -E -S touch -Q" BACKUP DATABASE [Testing] TO DISK = 'D:\BACKUP\Testing. BAK'"

start a sql database backup

Step4. To restore your backup, simply refer to the following command.
Sqlcmd -E -S touch -Q" RESTORE DATABASE [Testing] FROM DISK = 'D:\BACKUP\Testing. BAK'"

restore a backup for your sql.png

How to Backup your SQL Server Database Using EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise

The Command Prompt interface might be complicated for some users. Therefore, it's advisable to consider simpler alternatives for backing up your SQL Database. One such user-friendly option is EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise, a trusted tool that simplifies the SQL Server Database backup process. Its intuitive design ensures you can efficiently and effortlessly perform backups.

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Step1. Once you've downloaded and installed EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise onto your computer, initiate the program and proceed by clicking on New Task followed by SQL. This will allow you to specify the database you wish to back up.

choose sql for your backup.png

Step2. To select where your backup image will be saved, simply click on Browse.... Our system currently supports a variety of storage destinations including local hard disks, network drives, EaseUS Cloud, NAS drives, and more.

choose a destination to store backup image.png

Step3. Our product also boasts a suite of advanced features, including customizable backup schedules, data encryption for enhanced security, email notifications to keep you informed, and adjustable compression levels for optimized storage. These options cater to diverse needs and ensure a comprehensive backup strategy.

enable backup scheme.png

enable backup options.png

Step4. Having configured all the necessary settings, proceed by clicking the Proceed button to commence the backup process. The progress of your backup can be conveniently tracked via the EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise interface.


EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is a more user-friendly and feature-rich option for safeguarding SQL Server databases compared to manual commands in the Command Prompt. With its advanced server backup functionalities, it enables efficient and flexible SQL database backups. Experience its benefits firsthand with our free trial!

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FAQs for How Take SQL Server Database Backup Using Command Prompt

1.Can I backup multiple SQL Server databases using the command prompt?
Yes, you can back up multiple databases by running separate commands for each database.

2.What are the benefits of regularly backing up SQL Server databases?
Regular backups help protect your data against loss, corruption, or accidental deletion. They also ensure that you can recover data in case of system failures or disasters.

3.What are the limitations of taking SQL Server backups via Command Prompt?
Some limitations include a steeper learning curve for non-technical users, lack of a graphical interface which can make managing complex tasks harder, no built-in scheduling or advanced reporting features, and the need for careful scripting to handle errors and automate processes effectively.

4.Can I back up SQL Server databases using built-in SQL Server tools?
Yes, SQL Server provides native tools like SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and SQLCMD utility for backing up databases. These tools offer various options for creating and managing backups.

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