How to Backup Computers to Synology NAS

Synology NAS serves as a centralized network location to store the data, and also functions as an ideal backup center for office and home PCs. With Synology NAS, you can create a private cloud to store, access, backup, and share files. There are various methods to backup computers to Synology NAS.

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Updated by Gap on Dec 19, 2023

Synology NAS, developed by Synology Inc., is a centralized data storage and backup solution that streamlines file collaboration, optimizes video management, and ensures secure network deployment for efficient data management. It can also be used for daily purposes at home. Next, let us explore how to backup your computers Synology NAS. backup to nas

Backup to Synology NAS with EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is a reliable and user-friendly backup tool. With just a few clicks, it allows you to backup your computer, system, disks and files to your Synology NAS. Apart from NAS, it also supports a range of other storage devices such as HDD, SSD, USB external disks, Hardware RAID, Home File Server, cloud storage, etc.

Moreover, EaseUS Todo Backup offers a clone function that facilitates disk cloning without any data loss. Simply download the software and follow the guide below to safeguard your PC.

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1. Please open EaseUS Todo Backup and create a new backup task by clicking New Task.
create new task

2. Choose the type of backup content you want to include, such as Disk/Volume, System, File, or other.
select source

3. To select the destination, click Browse... and add your NAS device.
select network device

4. Enter the IP/Name of the NAS device and the appropriate credentials to establish a connection with NAS.
add nas device

5. Once the NAS device has been added, choose a suitable location on the NAS to store the backup images. Then click OK.
select destination folder

6. You can also schedule the backup to run once, daily, weekly, or monthly.

7. After setting up the task, click Proceed to begin the backup.

8. The backup is now in progress. With a backup, you can feel secure and confident in knowing that your data and information are protected and easily retrievable in case of any unfortunate events.
backup ready

Central Management Backup Solution to NAS

If you have a large number of computers that need to be backed up, it would be time-consuming to create tasks on each individual computer. We recommend using EaseUS Backup Center, a centralized management solution to save you time and effort.
By installing Backup Center on one of the machines, you can easily create a single backup task and deploy it to all client machines. This simplifies the backup process and ensures that all of your computers are properly protected.
1. First of all, please create a new backup task in Backup Center. The steps are almost the same as that in Todo Backup.
create backup in ebc

2. Once it is created, please choose Deploy Task to select the client machines.
deploy task in ebc

Backup Computer with Synology Drive Client

Synology Drive Client is desktop software that simplifies file synchronization, computer backup services, and data management for multiple client computers to a central server - Synology Drive Server. Using Synology Drive Client, you can schedule backup tasks to transfer your computer files to a Synology Drive server. Additionally, you can create versions of files that can be restored or downloaded when necessary.
1. To begin using Synology Drive Client, please download and install the desktop client from the Synology Download Center. Be sure to select the version that is compatible with your computer's operating system.
2. Run the Synology Drive Client on your computer. Click Start Now.
3. Connect to your Synology NAS running Synology Drive Server using either its domain name, QuickConnect ID, or IP address (IPv6 supported). Enter the username and password. Click Next.
connect nas in client

4. Select Backup Task. Click Next.
select backup in client

5. Select your backup source and destination. You can change the destination by clicking Select.
select source in client

6. Click Backup Rules to configure further settings.
7. Tick Keep locally deleted files on the remote backup destination folder so that the files already backed up to your Synology NAS will not be deleted even if you delete them on your computer. Click Apply to save the changes.
backup rules in client

8. Click Next. Then choose one of the three backup modes. We highly recommended selecting Continuous backup because it helps avoid data loss. However, in this example, we will demonstrate how to configure a Scheduled backup because it requires more steps. Click Next.
backup mode in client

9. Select backup days, frequency, start time, and end time from each menu.
backup schedule in client

10. Tick Continue any uncompleted backup tasks when the system is in operation again so that the backup task will continue to run after recovering from interruptions such as an unexpected system shutdown.
11. Click Next.
12. You will see a summary of your backup task in the last step of the wizard. Click Done to confirm.
13. Double-click on the Synology Drive Client icon in the notification area to view your backup information and progress.


In summary, this post outlines the process of backing up computers to Synology NAS. For this purpose, EaseUS Todo Backup is recommended for its helpful and intuitive features, while EaseUS Backup Center is better suited for managing multiple computers in groups.

Backup to Synology NAS FAQs

1. What is the difference between sync and backup on Synology drive?
Backing up means to manually or automatically copy files from one location to another, usually from one physical drive to another, although it could also be to an online location. Syncing means to manually or automatically copy or delete files as needed to ensure that two locations have an identical set of files.
2. Is a NAS better than an external hard drive?
Network-attached storage devices offer more functionality than external hard drives, allowing for operations such as remote storage data access by multiple users, more robust data protection and security, and flexible backup options.
3. How Do I Connect Windows to Synology NAS?
You can achieve this through the following steps:

  • Open Windows Explorer and click on Computer or This PC.
  • Next, click on Map Network drive.
  • On the next window, select a drive letter from the drop-down.
  • Enter the server name and shared folder name for your Synology NAS, i.e., and click Finish.
  • Enter the username and password for your DSM. Click OK.
  • You'll now have your shared network folder mapped and accessible under Computer or This PC.

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