(10 Picks) Best Backup Software for Windows and Mac of 2024 (Free & Paid)

What is the best backup software for Windows and mac? Top software picked by users like EaseUS Todo Backup, IDrive, and Time Machine is on our list. We evaluated each product's user interface, usability, functionality, and security measures to safeguard the information on your Windows PC or Mac.

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Updated on Feb 26, 2024

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How to Choose Good Backup Software | Necessary Tips

We always need good backup software for mac and windows to protect essential data on our computers, including images, videos, and documents. The issue is that we can lose our data because of the threat of viruses, hackers, ransomware, and natural disasters.

Therefore, good backup software for Mac and Windows is essential to protect our data. But how can we choose good backup software, and what features good backup software should have. It will be explained in detail for you next.

best backup software for windows and mac

The features of good backup software:

  • User-Friendly.
  • Good compatibility.
  • Wide range of applicable versions.
  • Data Security and Compliance.
  • Free or Cost-effective

After learning what a good backup software should have, next followings are some good backup software for you.

10 Best Software to Backup Your Windows Computer and Mac

Because both Windows and Mac systems are widely used, but not all software supports these two systems. So I will introduce the ten most popular backup software for these two systems. To avoid confusing the software for the two systems, I'll cover them separately.

10 Best Software to Backup Your Windows and Mac Software Name
7 Best Backup Software for Windows
3 Best Backup Software for macOS/Mac OS X

TOP1. EaseUS Todo Backup

Tag: Best for system/file backup, it also provides recovery and cloning services.

An all-in-one backup tool is EaseUS Todo Backup Home. It may back up the entire system and individual files to various sources. You can use it back up a file, system, disk, partition, Outlook emails, or have a system image if you lose your data in unexpected conditions. After finishing your backup, you can save it to many locations, such as an external hard drive or cloud drive.

easeus todo backup


  1. Free: 250GB Free storage, 30-day Free Trial
  2. Paid: 39.95$/year for Home; 49.95/year for Business.


  • Multiple backup storage devices
  • Smart backup---full/incremental/differential backup
  • 100% safe to protect data from ransomware
  • High-speed backup

Cons: Many adverts are in the free version.

TOP2. IDrive

Tag: Backs up unlimited computers and mobile devices.

IDrive, a California-based company, has been in the backup industry since 1995. Although its cloud backup package is not the cheapest or most feature-rich, it scores highly in all crucial areas, including pricing, sophisticated backup options, and performance.



  1. 1 TB: 69.5$/year; 139$ for two years
  2. 250TB: 99.5$/year; 199$ for two years


  • Expert Support
  • Fast upload speeds
  • Ease of use
  • Providing Office 365 backups, MS SQL, MS Exchange, Oracle, and MS SharePoint.

Cons:  Don't have massive storage needs.

TOP3. Iperius Backup

Tag: Best for backup and protecting the data.

Iperius Backup offers backup solutions and encrypted file protection from ransomware and can execute several parallel backups. There won't be any restrictions or license expiration. With the free plan's functionalities, you can perform incremental backups to NAS, HDD, USB, RDX, and the network.

iperius backup


  1. Free Plan: Desktop(1PC): $32; Desktop(3PC): $65
  2. Essential: $76 Provided five more plans.


  • Send backups to Cloud Drive
  • Provides Disk image
  • File/Tap/FTP Backup

Cons: Only for Windows OS

TOP4. Zoolz

Tag: Best for features like file filtering, schedule setting, file encryption while transferring, etc.

Using cloud storage and backup solution for homeowners is called Zoolz Home. We can use it to back up your network drives, external disks, and computer systems. It also provides long-term storage. With this platform, you can permanently store your data on the cloud. More importantly, it offers Military-grade 256 AES encryption.


Pricing: $19.95 per year


  • Use AES 256 encryption to protect your data.
  • Can Filter files
  • Can set up scheduled backups
  • Same for Mac

Cons: Long file retrieval time.

TOP5. NovaBackup PC

Tag: Best for backing up systems, data, and directories. 

A superb backup option for both small and large businesses is NovaBACKUP PC. Advanced backup features supported by the software include support for NAS, Azure, AWS, and various cloud storage options. Compared to the average download speed of other apps, which is 20 hours, it can complete a 1TB hard disk download in just 11 hours.

novaBackup pc


  1. Free:15 days for a free trial
  2. Paid version: $49.95 – 299.95 per year


  • Support NAS, RDX, Single Tape, AWS, Azure, Wasabi, and Blackblaze
  • Local and Cloud backups
  • AES encryption
  • Automatic backup

Cons: No compatible with File Explorer; Not user-friendly

TOP6. Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15

Tag: The best compatibility for saving backups on a hard drive, USB stick, network drive, or cloud service.

For Windows platforms, there is backup software called Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15. It is compatible with any hard drive, USB stick, network drive, or cloud service for storing the backup. It is a robust application with a good design.

ashampoo backup pro 15

Pricing: $49.99 one-time payment.


  • Use a bootable rescue system
  • It has features for restoring backups
  • Maple storage options

Cons: Only for Windows 10.

TOP7. Cobian Backup

Tag: Best for system/file/FTP backup.

Cobian Backup is a free backup application that offers a wide range of capabilities. The program may back up files and folders to several destinations. It enables network backups and FTP capabilities by allowing remote system backup.

cobian backup

Pricing: Free


  • Supports simultaneous backup of multiple devices
  • Incremental and differential backup
  • Strong encryption to protect your data

Cons: No technical support

TOP8. EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac

Tag: Best for system/file backup, clone, upgrade or transfer your system.

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac is a software designed for mac users. Its smart backup and other professional functions, such as system image and clone, make it stand out in crowds. It can backup daily, weekly, and monthly. It provides full backup, Incremental backup, and differential backup.

easeus todo backup for mac


  1. Home: 39.9$/year
  2. Business: 49$/year


  • Fast Backup and recovery speed
  • File/system/partition/disk backup
  • Transfer the system to a different PC
  • Security Zone Backup

Cons: The home version doesn't support Windows Server, Centrally Management, and SQL/Exchange Backup and Restore.

TOP9. Time Machine

Tag: Best for Incremental File Backups.

The hardware for Apple's Time Capsule, which is being phased out along with their Airport routers, was initially intended for use with Time Machine. However, Time Machine will still be supported and compatible with other hard disks. It should continue to be a top backup choice for many years.

Time Machine is a free feature of macOS that backs up your files and folders to a networked or attached hard drive. It's convenient, uses a local hard disk, and continuously backs up your files as they are modified or produced, ensuring that you will lose little to nothing if a calamity strikes.

time machine

Pricing: 49.99$ for 1000GB; 69.99$ for 2000GB; 249.99$ for 8000GB;


  • Pictures were taken locally as space allows
  • Daily backups are made every hour
  • Daily backups during the previous week
  • Backups every week during the prior months

Cons: Too expensive

TOP10. SuperDuper

Tag: Best for fully bootable backup and mirror image.

SuperDuper has been more than created for 14 years. To only update the files that have been added or changed, SuperDuper can build a bootable drive that duplicates the internal drive of your mac. You can use this drive to start your computer in an emergency and carry on as usual. Once you buy a new drive, you can use it to restore your files.


Pricing: Free


  • Can back up hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and more.
  • Can set up scheduled tasks.
  • Offer guided setup and restoration to get lost data easily

Cons: complex interface

Final Thought

After looking through this article, you may know the best 10 backup software for mac and windows. I strongly recommend EaseUS Todo Backup since it has Windows and Mac versions. For the price, it is cost-effective, and for the function, it can meet almost all my needs, including backup, system image, data recovery, and cloning.


1. Does Microsoft back up your data?

Contrary to what many people think, Microsoft does offer a simple backup. Your Office 365 data is backed up by the company every 12 hours and is retained for 14 days. For instance, you can contact Microsoft in the event of a ransomware attack, and they can help you restore your data.

2. Does Windows 10 have built-in backup software?

Although numerous third-party tools are available, Windows 10 comes pre-installed with the classic Backup and Restore experience, enabling you to create full backups at regular intervals automatically.

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is a dependable and professional data backup solution capable of backing up files, folders, drives, APP data and creating a system image. It also makes it easy to clone HDD/SSD, transfer the system to different hardware, and create bootable WinPE bootable disks.

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