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Partition Backup|How to Backup Partition with Windows Partition Backup Software

Posted on Dec 13, 2017 by Tracy King to Backup Utility

Here the best Windows disk/partition backup software offers safe and comprehensive partition backup solution for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista, XP users. Learn with the detailed guide to backup partition with no trouble.

Why need to backup partition? Embarrassed moments with no backups.

Why is it necessary to create Windows partition backup images? What is this for? Due to careless operation, virus attack or other reasons, it can be very easy to lose important data on computer or storage devices now. And you are highly recommended to create partition/hard drive images right now. Here the following, you'll see some embarrassing moments with no backups:

  • What will you do when faced with a system crash?
  • What if your computer is attacked by virus?
  • What method do you use to leave your system in a safe state?
  • Do you ever think about a faster way to restore your computer to the previous healthy state?

Facing these problems, what will you do? Is it possible to find a way to prevent or make a plan B for these troubles? The best way is to create system partition backups.

Recommended Windows disk and partition backup software

Windows disk & partition backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup is highly recommended for you to backup partition hard drive, system or whole computer with compressed image. With several clicks, you'll be able to restore the image file, your healthy system and computer is just at your fingertips. Free download this partition backup software and you can have a 30-day-trial right to free use this professional Windows disk and partition backup software to create data images within 30 days. Now let's see how to backup hard drive partition now.

How to backup hard drive partition?

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Disk/Partition Backup.

Disk and Partition Backup

Step 2. Choose the partitions that you want to backup. Then Click Destination to select backup storage location like local hard drive, external hard drive, network place, etc.

Set Schedule for Disk Partition Backup

You can enter Plan name and Description for specifying your disk and partition backup.

Step 3. Click Proceed to perform disk and partition backup.

Note: there are some small features which may help you to manage partition backup jobs more effectively and conveniently.

1. You can create a backup plan by clicking Schedule and entering account/password with Administrator privilege to make the partition backup schedule take effect.

Set Schedule for Disk Partition Backup

2. Backup options help you to set hard drive and partition backup compression, password, splitting etc.

Set Backup Options

3. In Image Reserve Strategy to preserve images or the number of last backup files that you want to preserve.
What's more, you can choose to preserve the first image.

Set Days Preserve Backup