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[Easy and Fast] How to Put a Program on a Flash Drive

Updated on Dec 19, 2018 by Brithny to PC Transfer

Windows users can run software from a USB flash drive by putting a program from a computer to the USB. It is pretty easy if you have the help of EaseUS Todo PCTrans at hand. Read this tried and true post, and move programs to a USB to save space.

User Situation - How to Copy/Install a Program to USB

Q: Hey everyone, after many google searches I am just confused about how to put programs to my flash drive. I have read that you can use a 3rd party application to make the applications "portable" such as portableapps.com etc. However, it doesn't work well for me. I have also read about the registry having possible problems when using other systems. Can I simply copy my programs? Or is there any effective way to handle this?

A: You may wish to run software directly from a USB flash drive to save space on your hard drive or avoid leaving a trace of your software on your computer. Copying a program sometimes is a good option, for programs like Total Commander, or Winamp, or Aida64, or Need for Speed. If you have a few programs installed is fine. If you have many programs installed in the program files, some programs will work, some will not be licensed, and some will send you the message to reinstall the application.

A thing is clear, you will never know exactly which programs that you use will certainly work until you try it or you ask somebody that did it before for each program particularly.

So can you find an easy and fast way to move/transfer programs to a USB flash drive? Directly copying the program sounds easy, but you cannot be sure whether the application would work or not. In fact, using a third-party software is still a nice choice.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans - An Easy-to-Use Application Mover

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Details - How to Move Programs to a USB Flash Drive

You only need four steps and you can install a program to your portable device. Before you start to do it, you must de the following thing:

  • Make sure that the USB has enough space so that you can install your programs
  • Download EaseUS Todo PCTrans and restart your computer
  • Connect the USB to your computer

Then, follow the steps below to put/install programs on a USB:


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP


Step 1: Connect the USB to your computer and run EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Select "App Migration" and click "Start" to begin.

Move/Transfer Apps to USB - Step 1

Step 2:  Select apps, programs and software to transfer

Select the partition where you installed apps and tick the programs marked as "Yes" that you'd like to move to your USB flash drive. After that, click "Browse" to choose the target location.

Move/Transfer Apps to USB - Step 2

Step 3: Transfer and move the selected apps to USB

Select your USB as the destination and click "Select Folder". Then click "Transfer" to start moving your apps to your USB.

Move/Transfer Apps to USB - Step 3

Wait for the transferring process to complete.

Move/Transfer Apps to USB - Step 4

The speed of the transfer process varies based on the size of the apps. When it has completed, you have successfully transferred your programs from your computer to your USB flash drive.

After you have put programs on the USB, you can run applications from it. Go to the Windows File Explorer, open the USB. Double-click on the application.exe file. You can see the application will begin to prepare it to set up.


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP