For transferring games from PC to PC, Here we've gathered four reliable and straightforward methods for you to try:

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Case 1. Transfer Steam Games to Another PC Backup Steam games to external hard drive > Transfer Steam to new PC...Full steps
Case 2. How to Transfer Epic games to new PC Backup Epic games > Reinstall Epic on the new...Full steps
Case 3. How to Move Origin games to new PC Copy the Origin game file > Transfer Origin via EaseUS Todo PCTrans...Full steps
Case 4. How to Move Uplay games to new PC Copy Uplay games folder > On the new PC...Full steps

If you are a Steam lover and looking for a practical method to transfer your Steam and games to another new computer without reinstalling Steam, you are at the right place.

For Your Information:

1. Please log in to your Steam or another platform account before starting or during the Steam transferring.
2. And make sure that your external hard drive has enough space for saving the games.
3. You'll need a powerful EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro to help you move the Steam platform to the new PC without reinstallation in these methods. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro can easily do this job for you without any payment, and it's available for you to download and install on both of your PCs:

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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Case 1. Transfer Steam Games to Another PC

You may find your computer storage running low on space after knowing how big is Overwatch 2. For changing Steam game location, the Backup and Restore feature of Steam is worth trying. It is available to back up all Steam game data. The backup speed depends on the size of your game data. The steam backup will create a zip file to save portable drive space.

#1. Backup Steam games to an external hard drive.

1. login with your Steam account on your old PC > Click on Steam and select "Backup and Restore Games..." > Check "Backup currently installed programs" and click "NEXT>."

Backup Steam games.

2. Select a game or multiple games you want to bring to the new PC and click "NEXT>" again.
If you select several games, they will be backed up and transferred at one time.

3. Click "BROWSE..." to choose the exact location where you want to back up the selected games > Create a folder named "Steam Games" on the external hard drive, select the folder, and click "NEXT>."

Choose location to save and back up Steam games.

4. Choose "Files size - CD or DVD" and click "NEXT>." Usually, a DVD is recommended (since the DVD will be quicker to compress).

Wait for the process to complete, and once done, click "Finish." Unplug the external hard drive from your old PC.

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# 2. Transfer Steam to a New PC without Reinstallation.

Instead of wasting time re-downloading Steam from its official site, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro will be a more efficient choice.

Note: If you want to transfer more than two files or programs to another computer, please activate it first for further transferring capacity:

Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both PCs> Click "PC to PC" mode > Choose Steam to transfer

transfer games to new computer - transfer steam game

# 3. Restore backups of Steam games to new PCs.

1. Connect the external hard drive with Steam games back up to the new PC and log in to Steam with your account. > Open up the Steam platform on the new PC and select Steam > Backup and Restore Games... > Select "Restore a previous backup" and click on "NEXT>."

Restore Steam games to new PC.

2. Click "BROWSE.." and select the folder on your external hard drive to find the Steam game backup, then click "SELECT" > "NEXT".

Browse to find backed up games.

3. Locate and choose a location where you want to restore the games on the new PC and click "NEXT>". > Click "I AGREE" to accept restoring games to the new PC and wait for the process to complete.
4. Last, click "Finish" when the process completes.

Play transferred Steam games on new PC.

Sometimes, if the games don't launch smoothly, restart the PC, and things will go all right. 

Manual Copy: Copy Steam Folders, Transfer Steam, and Install Games to the New PC

Unlike Steam games back up, it is suitable for moving several games to another PC. The second method is much faster than the first one. 

If low space occurs in your portable drive, the Backup and Restore feature mentioned above is the better choice for compressing data but spending more time.

Step 1: Copy the Steam folder

1. Plug your portable hard drive into the old PC. 

If you tend to copy multiple Steam games, please make sure your external hard drive is larger than the Steam game library.

2. Find Steam game files and copy them to the portable drive.

In general, the default Steam library location consists of C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common

The Steam games folders that you installed are here. Then, you can start copying or pasting the game folders.

Step 2. Transfer Steam from PC to PC

The way to transfer Steam from PC to PC is the same as listed in Method 1. You can directly scroll back to Method 1 and follow the transferring guide.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 3: Run Steam on the new computer and install the games.

1. Insert the portable drive.

2. Copy the same folder to the Steam library folder (\ Steam \ steamapps \ common )on the new computer.

3. Click Install.

How to Transfer Epic Games to New PC 

#1. Copy and Paste the Epic Game Folder to the External Hard Drive. 

Copy your Epic games folder from the default location: C:\Programs Files\Epic Games. (If your games are not installed on the location, you can move to the right place for copying.)

#2. Reinstall Epic Games Launcher on the New Computer.

Install and Run games launcher > Click Library and select games you want to install > Choose game install location (You can select C drive and name folder as Epic Games.)and click Install > Click to pause the download process and exit the launcher.

tranfer epic games to new computer

#3. Paste the Game Folder to the New PC.

Connect your external hard drive to a new computer > Paste the folder to the game install location you set up ("Replace the files in the destination.") > Open Epic launcher again >Click Library and resume the game installation

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How to Move Fortnite to Another Drive/PC Without Re-Downloading

Here are two proven ways to do it. One is using EaseUS Todo PCTrans to move the Epic game to another drive/PC without re-downloading, and the other is manually re-install Fortnite to another drive/PC.

verify fortnite

How to Move Origin Games to New PC

#1. Back up Origin games to the external devices on the old PC.

Find the folder by following the default install path: C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games\. Copy and paste it to the external hard drive.

#2. Transfer Origin to Another Computer.

See the transfer steps of EaseUS Todo PCTrans on method 1.

#3. Move Games on the New Computer.

Put the copied game folder from the external device to the same location on the new computer. Name folder as Origin Games. 

Open Origin and choose a game to download. Wait for a second to pause the download process. Right-click the game and choose Repair.

transfer games to new pc - Origin games

Let's check the official answer from EA's Answer HQ if you have any questions about transferring Origin games to a new computer. If any of these methods can apply to the tour problem, you can share this guide in multiple solid ways on social media:


How to Move Uplay Games to New PC

The process of migrating the Uplay game is the same as the Epic game transfer.

#1. Copy Game Files.

Locate the location of your games in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\data. Copy the games you want to the USB drive or other devices.

#2. Reinstall Uplay on the New Computer.

After installing, click Game to download > Set the install location as the exact location as the old PC > When games start the download, you can stop it and exit Uplay.

#3. Move the Files to the New PC.

Plug the USB drive, paste the files, and choose "Replace the files in the destination."

Rerun Uplay and verify game files.

transfer games from pc to pc - uplay verify game

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How to Move Uplay Games to Another Drive (2 Methods)

By default, the Ubisoft platform and games are installed in the C drive, which occupies a lot of storage space and affects your PC's performance. Fortunately, we will guide you on how to move Uplay games to another drive/PC in this article.


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