Copying Files from One Server to Another Server in Windows Robocopy

To copy large amounts of files over the network fast between two PCs use the Robocopy command tool with these options. Make sure you execute the Robocopy command correctly.

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Are you considering copying or transferring files from one server to another? For you, we have the best solution. Many servers desire to migrate their files to get better performance and more scalability. On the other hand, some server users move their data to another server because they want to change providers.

Copying files from one server to another is a common operation for server administrators. There are various methods to complete this work, and we will discuss the best way to perform this task. So, let's discuss how robocopy can help you to copy your files to another server easily.

Apply Windows Robocopy to Copy Files from One Server to Another 

Robocopy is a popular command-line utility that enables copying huge amounts of data under Windows. Its strong performance makes it a handy tool, and it dates back to Windows NT. It allows you to copy or move files from a command prompt by specifying a disc path or server location.


Robocopy employs the date stamp and timestamp concepts for partial transferring files, and it aids in the tolerance of network disruptions. Robocopy reduces the risk of failure by skipping NTFS junction points, which can lead to endless loops.

Robocopy's Features on Windows

  • Allow for network outages and continue copying.
  • It avoids NTFS junction nodes, which might result in copying errors due to indefinite loops.
  • Utilizing the /COPY ALL or /COPY: command-line options, you may copy data files and properties accurately while preserving original timestamps, owner information, NTFS ACLs, and audit information.
  • Enforce the Windows NT "backup right" so that an operator can copy a full directory, especially files that aren't accessible to him.
  • Resilience is enabled by default, with several automatic retries that may be set if a file cannot be duplicated.
  • It is a "mirror" mode that maintains synced trees by removing files that don't exist in the destination source.
  • It can skip files with the same size and date that are already in the target folder.

Steps to copy files with Robocopy

Now that you know its beneficial features, it's undoubtedly useful to utilize Robocopy to copy a few data, files, and folders to a server. It is an extremely strong tool that has been present from the Windows Server 2003. You can execute Robocopy from the desktop by providing the sending and receiving file servers. 

For illustration, if you try to copy the DATA folder from Server1 to Server2, you might use the following command:

Robocopy \\server1\data \\server2\data /mir /copyall /dcopy:T

copy the folder from Server 1 to Server 2

It will copy the original file structure, along with all access and time stamps. As it's producing a mirror, everything in the endpoint that does not reflect the origin will be deleted. It is great for transferring to empty folders, but it might be dangerous if there's already information there.

You may use the respective command prompt to duplicate a whole folder without keeping the access or deleting any file or data from the folder location:

Robocopy \\server1\data \\server2\data /e

Robocopy is not merely a copying program, and it is, as previously said, a highly strong instrument. You may tell it to keep an eye on the root directory (/mon) and replicate it over if it alters. To see outcomes without effectively transferring anything, configure it to list only (/I). You can specify whether it should only copy folders from the hidden set of attributes (/ia:H) or if it needs to exclude hidden files (/xa:H).

Easier Solution: Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans to Transfer Files Between Servers

For many server users, the prospect of purchasing a new computer is unappealing since they will have to move their data from one PC to another. While it may appear to be a simple procedure, it may quickly consume a significant amount of efforts if you are not attentive. The good news is that you can simplify the issue for yourself by using smart technology solutions.

EaseUS PCTrans is the best data migrating technology for its convenience of use and efficacy. It is a one-click PC transfer program that allows transferring data without losing any data from one PC to another. You may effortlessly load photographs, audio, and movies one by one using this transfer tool. Moreover, it allows  moving applications between two PCs. 

Its necessary steps of EaseUS Todo PCTrans help you to transfer files from server to server. It is also a great way to send huge files, specifically ones to take up a lot of disc space, such as applications or server file types. Two PCs can be readily linked to share data, the network, and a printer. The procedure is typically straightforward, requiring only a few hardware components and some software skills.

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EaseUS is the ideal option for file transfer that ensures a seamless transition. Nothing is lost or destroyed during this entire procedure. There are three distinct editions of the program available, and the user can select the option that best meets their needs and expectations. One version is free, while the other two are charged.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your server computers. Choose "PC to PC" to go to the next step.

Transfer files from one server to another - step 1

Step 2. Choose the transfer direction  - New PC or Old PC.

"New" - Transfer files from old Server to current new Server.

"Old" - Transfer files from current old Server to a new Server.

transfer direction

Step 3. Connect the current PC to the target PC by entering the target computer's account password or its verification code. You can turn on the "Connection Verification"on the right top of the "PC to PC" mainscreen on the target computer. 

Transfer files from one server to another - step 2

Step 4. Click "Files" > "Transfer" to check all the files you want to transfer to another Server computer. Then click "Transfer" to migrate specific data you have chosen.

Transfer files from one server to another - step 3

Step 5. Wait for the process finishes. PCTrans will transfer files at a fast speed. It won't take too long.

Transfer files from one server to another - step 4

Essential Features of EaseUS Todo PCTrans

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional is a cost-effective way for businesses to deploy large PCs and decrease complications. Some of the most essential features of this software are as follows:

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  • Data Rescue: Rescue data from a dead computer

When the pc or laptop doesn't turn on, either the software or hardware is likely malfunctioning. Even if the data is not saved on the cloud, you can get the data back. Furthermore, if you have a damaged laptop, there are chances that you'll lose everything. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro helps quickly move your data, applications, and information from a damaged or dead PC to a new one.


  • Drive to Drive: Move programs from one drive to another

Users may transfer applications directly without installing additional software that can help them work more efficiently. EaseUS Todo PCTrans can easily retrieve files and programs. Moreover, this tool can flawlessly transfer all of the system configurations to a new PC without losing anything. It can easily resolve your program reinstallation issue.

1. Free Technical Support

You can get 24/7 professional tech assistance for free.  Moreover, there are seminars available over the call and online for any difficulty. This assistance and support are available at no cost at any time.

2. Simple and practical

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a fully automated and user-friendly system. You will not have to possess any professional skills to run this tool. According to the clear instructions of the device, users may securely and reliably recover the data from dead machines with a few easy clicks.

Final Words

In Windows, there are two options for transferring data from one server to another or from one PC to another. Please study them carefully before deciding which one to use to share your data. 

Utilizing EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer data from one computer to another is the simplest method. Its easy procedures, easy interface, and scheduling sync enable the computer to share data from dead PCs.

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Copying Files from One Server to Another Server in Windows Robocopy

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