How to Connect Two Computers In Multiple Ways| Step-by-Step

Connecting two computers with cable or wirelessly. Pick the strategy base on your needs.

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You may be forced to go with the connectivity of two computers together for several reasons. There are several ways that you would be able to connect two computers. Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages. So, we considered checking out the best options to connect two computers using different methods and transfer files between them.

  1. How to Connect Two Computers with A Cable?
  2. How to Connect Two Computers Wirelessly?
  3. How to Transfer Files between Two Computers?

How to Connect Two Computers with A Cable?

Connecting the two computers through the use of cables can be one of the excellent options for a reliable connection. This can be one of the excellent options for achieving enhanced performance. This can be one of the right choices if you have two computers you want to share files with and if the computers have no internet connectivity.

Make sure that the two computers have support for Ethernet cable connectivity. If any of the computers do not support Ethernet cable, you will need to use the adapter for seamless connectivity. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into one of the computers and the other end to the other computer.

Once connected, follow the steps here –

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Select the option for Network and Internet.
  • Then go to the Network Sharing Center.
  • Pick the option to Change advanced sharing settings.

change advanced sharing center

  • Choose Turn on file and Printer sharing under File and printer sharing.

connect two computer

  • Save your settings, and you are good to go.

How to Connect Two Computers Wirelessly?

There can be three different options to connect two computers wirelessly. You can connect them using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and InfraRed connectivity.

  1. 1 - Through Wi-Fi
  2. 2 - Use Bluetooth
  3. 3 - Use Infrared

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1 - Through Wi-Fi

The steps involved in how to connect two computers can include easy and simple steps. Follow the steps here for easier connectivity –

  • Connect the two computers with an Ethernet cable.
  • Go to the Control panel and pick the option for Network and Internet.
  • Pick the option for Network and Sharing Centre.
  • Click on Change adapter settings.
  • Select both Wi-Fi and LAN connections.
  • Right-click on the Wi-Fi connection and pick the options for Bridge Connections.

wifi bridge connection

The Wi-Fi connection between your computers will be shared with ease.


  • The fastest connection ever
  • Preferred connectivity option among all the devices


  • There are not many disadvantages

2 - Use Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be yet another excellent option for connecting the two computers. Moreover, it can be a significantly more accessible option for connecting two computers through more effortless connectivity.

Here are the steps that can work seamlessly –

  • Make sure that Bluetooth connectivity is enabled on the two computers. 
  • On the right end of the taskbar, click on Action Centre and pick the option for Bluetooth
  • Toggle the Bluetooth service ON.
  • On either of the computers, move to Devices -> Bluetooth & other devices and then select the option for Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • Select the Bluetooth option. Follow the instructions to add up the computer to one another.

connect two computers using bluetooth

That does it.

There is another method that can prove to be one of the great options for connecting two computers. It involves the use of InfraRed connectivity. However, few devices support Infrared connection, and the method has become obsolete.


  • It can be a great option if the computers are close together.
  • Great option in the case of networking handheld devices
  • No need for a fixture


  • Speed may be a little slower than the Wi-Fi connections

3 - Use Infrared

Infrared connectivity existed on laptops and smartphones before Bluetooth connectivity made an appearance. The connectivity has become a little obsolete after the popularity of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

The Infrared connection is similar to Bluetooth and works on the same lines. They do not need any fixtures as such. It can also be quite simple to utilize.


  • Easier to set up
  • Does not need an extra fixture
  • It can be an affordable option over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


  • The speed may not be as fast as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

How to Transfer Files between Two Computers?

Once you have connected the two computers using the methods outlined in the above discussion, you can easily transfer the files between the two computers per your preferences. However, another excellent option that you would find quite interesting and effective is the EaseUS Todo PCTrans tool - one of the perfect choices for practically every need that you may have

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PCTrans software from EaseUS is a perfect tool that can be used for transferring accounts, data, and settings from one PC to another without installing any programs. It is a powerful productivity tool that can prove to be one of the high-end options for a one-click file transfer solution.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your source and target computers, connect both PCs via the internet.

1. At the "PC to PC" section, choose the transfer direction and click "Start" to continue. 

select pc to pc

2. Select your target computer via its device name, then enter its account password or verification code. Then click "Connect" to continue.

You can check the verification code on the right top of "PC to PC" mainscreen on the target computer.

connect the two pcs

Step 2. Select the categories Applications, Files, and Accounts to transfer via the internet.

If you want to transfer data selectively, click "Edit" under each category, and choose the specific items.

select applications, files or accounts

Step 3. Click "Transfer" to start transferring your apps/files/accounts from one computer to another computer via the Internet.

transfer applications, files or accounts via internet

The fact that it provides you with a highly flexible means of transferring your data, user accounts, and other settings from one PC should be the prime reason why the software tool has been rated one of the most enhanced tools ever.

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The Closing Thoughts

Well, transferring data between the two computers can be a more challenging task. However, if you use the right ways to connect the two computers, you can be assured of an improved service quality for each of your needs. Once you have figured out the perfect means of connecting two computers, you can use EaseUS Todo PCTrans, an excellent and powerful tool for practically every need.

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How to Connect Two Computers In Multiple Ways| Step-by-Step

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