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[Easiest] How to Transfer/Move Outlook to New Computer

Updated by Tracy King on Aug 27, 2021

How do I transfer Outlook to a new computer?

Outlook, produced by Microsoft as a personal information management program, helps users store, organize, and manage emails, contacts, and calendars. With the quick releases of new computers and laptops, the need for transferring installed software to another computer also increases.

In this article, you'll find three ways that can help you move Outlook to a new computer. You can choose to follow either method and go through the process based on your needs:

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. (Recommended) Program Mover

Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans > Connect two PC with "PC to PC" mode...Full steps

Fix 2. (Manual) Import and Export Wizard Export Outlook PST file on your PC > Insert USB to...Full steps
Fix 3. (Manual) Copying and Pasting Go to "Settings" > Click "Data Files"...Full steps

In general, you can use the manual method to export PST files from one computer to another. However, it can not transfer Outlook applications, settings, accounts to a new computer. If you want to transfer Outlook to a new computer, together with data, accounts, and settings, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a robust helper!

1 Year Lifetime $55.96

New Year Sale, Huge Discount

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Fix 1. How to Move Outlook to New Computer via Program Mover

Applies to: Automatically move Outlook and .pst files to a new PC without data loss. 

Since using automated PC Transfer software, EaseUS Todo PCTrans, migrating all Outlook data to the new PC is no longer difficult. Its trial version worth a try for transferring desired programs, software, and applications with account and settings to a new PC.

EaseUS recently updated its PC Transfer software with new features. It supports transfer Outlook application with its data, accounts with settings to another new computer without reinstallation. All Windows OS are supported. 

Step 1. Correctly connect two PCs

To make sure a correct and stable connection of two computers, they should reside on the same LAN. Install and run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both PCs. On the source computer, click "PC to PC".

choose pc to pc to transfer outlook

Set transfer direction - "New" is to transfer from old to current new computer; "Old" is to transfer from current computer to remote PC. 

choose pc to pc to transfer outlook

Click and check the verification code on the right top of the "PC to PC" main screen on the target PC.

connect two pcs to transfer outlook

Step 2. Choose Office Outlook to transfer

After a stable connection, it's time to choose the Outlook to start the transfer. At the "Applications" category, find Outlook. 

click applications to transfer outlook

Tick the box of Microsoft Outlook program, and click "Transfer". 

choose outlook to transfer

Step 3. Start Outlook transfer

The software will start immediately to migrate Outlook, including the account, data and settings from one computer to the other without a hitch.

IMPORTANT: Once the transferring process complete, restart the new computer. Then you can launch Outlook on the new PC and click the Activation button in this program. 

After this, you should view and check your Outlook emails, address, contacts on the new machine again. In part two and three, we focus on the manual solutions to transfer Outlook to a new computer. The first one relates to utilizing the Import and Export Wizard, and the second one uses copy and paste.

Fix 2. Migrate Outlook to New Computer via Import and Export Wizard

Applies to: Manually transfer Outlook .pst(database file) to the new PC.

Note: Before you start the transferring process, remember to install Outlook on the new PC and prepare an empty USB drive. 

Where is the PST file location? By default, an Outlook PST file is located at: "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook" under Windows 11/10 or Vista and at: "C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook" under Windows XP.

#1. Export Outlook files.

Step 1. Click File tab on the toolbar and click Options.

move outlook to new computer 1

Step 2. Choose Advanced. Move to the Export part and click Export.

move outlook to new computer 2

Step 3. In the Import and Export Wizard, choose Export to a file and Outlook Data Files (.pst). And then click Next to select folder.

move outlook to new computer 3

Step 4. Click Browse to set save export location and file name. Click OK.

#2. Import Outlook files.

Step 1. Move files to your flash drive. Open Outlook on the new PC, click File > Options > Advanced > Import from another program or file > Outlook Data File (.pst)

move outlook to new computer 4

Step 2. You'd better choose Do not import duplicates if you already have the same items. Then click Next to select folder. Finally, click Finish.

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Fix 3. Transfer Outlook to New Computer by Copying and Pasting

Applies to: Manually copy Outlook to another computer.

Step 1. Locate Outlook PST file on your PC.

1. Open Outlook and go to "Settings".

2. Click "Data Files", select the .pst file which contains all your personal folder data and click "Open File Location...".

Transfer Outlook to a new PC.

Step 2. Insert USB to your PC, select and copy the .pst file to the USB.

Transfer Outlook to a new PC with USB.

After this, safely remove USB and connect it to the new computer.

Step 3. Transfer and import the PST file to Outlook on the new PC.

1. Copy and paste the Outlook PST file to the desktop of the new computer.

2. Open Outlook on the new computer, go to "File" > "Open & Export" > "Import/Export".

Use USB to transfer Outlook PST to new computer.

3. Select "Import from another program or file" > "Next" > "PST file".

Browse to the location of the PST file and select the folder, click "OK".

Wait for Outlook to import the PST file, sign in with your Outlook account and password. Then you should be able to access your Outlook data on the new computer again.  

Bonus Tips: Protect Outlook Data

This page offers three secure methods to help you transfer Outlook with data, account, and settings to a new computer using EaseUS Todo PCTrans or USB.

Besides this, it's also important to learn some tips on how to protect the Outlook data. Here are some tips that you can apply and try:

1. Protect Outlook PST Files with Password

  • Launch Outlook, go to File > Account Settings.
  • Go to "Data File"> Under "Outlook Data File", click "Change Password".
  • Set a new password to protect the Outlook data and click "OK" to confirm.

Protect Outlook PST.

2. Protect Outlook OST Mailbox

Disable Cached Exchange Mode

  • Go to File > Account Settings > Double click on Exchange account under "Email" tab.
  • Uncheck "Use Cached Exchange Mode" checkbox and click "Next".
  • Click "OK" to confirm when Outlook pops up a message, telling that 'The operation you selected will not complete until you quit and restart Microsoft Outlook.'

Protect Outlook OST.

Uncheck "Always Prompt for Logon Credentials"

  • Double click Outlook OST file under "Data File" on the Account Settings window.
  • Go to "Security" tab on Microsoft Exchange window, uncheck the "Always prompt for logon credentials" box to protect Outlook data file. Click "OK" to confirm.

Proetct Outlook OST data.

3. Back Up Outlook Data 

The last but the most useful tip is to back up Outlook regularly.

You can either choose to make a copy of PST files on your computer to another device or apply professional Outlook backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup for help. 

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