Can I Transfer Kindle Books to Another Device? Sure!

Wondering can I transfer Kindle books to another device? Well, you can do it easily using the three awesome methods. Click to learn how to transform Kindle books.

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If you love to read, Kindle must be your all-time favorite app. The perfect place to read unlimited books whenever and wherever you want. However, this is only possible if you can access your Kindle books from all your gadgets. So, how to have your Kindle books synched on all your devices?

Here, if you are wondering, can I transfer Kindle books to another device? Then, the answer is yes. There, you have many options to transfer your Kindle books to another device.

This post will walk you through the three simplest options to transfer your Kindle books to your other devices.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
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Transfer Books From One Kindle to Another Log in to both your Kindle devices using the same Amazon account...Full steps
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How to Transfer a Kindle App from PC to PC?

If you read Kindle books on your Windows PC and you have recently updated your PC, you must be worried about how to transfer all your Kindle books to a new computer. 

Here if you simply reinstall the Kindle app on your new Windows PC, there's a chance that you might lose some of your books or personal settings via the way. 

So, what's the solution? 

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro is the perfect solution here. This free migration software can move data, applications, and account settings between your Windows with ease. Using the Todo PCTrans, you can effortlessly transfer the Kindle app to your new computer without losing data. 

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

It has a great feature called Product Key that can quickly transfer app files from one PC to PC. Without any reinstalling hassle, you can transfer Kindle app data with this software. 

Using this software, you can pretty easily transfer Kindle books to another PC, such as:

Step 1. Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both PCs

Download EaseUS Todo PCTrans and you will be in the PC to PC interface.

Step 2. Choose transfer direction - Old or New Computer

"This is New PC" - Transfer all data from remote old computer to current new computer.

"This is Old PC" - Transfer all data from current old device to a new computer.

choose transfer direction

Step 3. Connect two computers

1. Select your target PC to connect via its IP address or device name and click "Connect".

2. Enter the login password of your target PC and click "OK" to confirm.

If you didn't see the target PC in the listed devices, you can also click "Add PC" to manually connect the target PC by inputting its IP address or device name.

connect two PCs

Step 4. Select apps, programs, and software and transfer to the target computer

1. You can select and choose what you want to transfer from the current computer to the target PC.

2. After selecting desired applications and programs, click "Transfer" to start the transferring process.

select apps to transfer from PC to PC

What Else Can EaseUS Todo PCTrans Offer?

Besides transferring Kindle books, EaseUS Todo PCTrans can offer many other features:

  • It can transfer files, apps, and account settings from an old OS to a new Windows.
  • Optimize C drive cleaner and Windows 11 performance.
  • You can recover data from a non-bootable or dead PC with a click.
  • Offers three data transfer modes — Network Connection, Transfer Locally, and Image Files.
  • EaseUs offers free technical assistance 24*7 to help you transfer data.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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How to Transfer Books From One Kindle to Another?

If you have upgraded your Kindle or have two Kindle devices, you can use a desktop internet browser to transfer all your books. 

To do so, you simply have to follow these easy steps:

Step 1. First of all, you have to log in to both your Kindle devices using the same Amazon account.

Step 2. Type into your web browser and go to the Amazon website. Here, you have to log in using the same account from which you want to transfer books.

Open amazon

Step 3. Open your account menu by hovering over your name in the upper-right corner of your screen. 

Open Amazon account

Step 4. Click on the 'Your Content and Devices' option on the menu. It will unveil all the books and other content listed on your account. 

Select your content and devices

Step 5. Now, select the book you want to transfer and check the box next to the item you wish to transfer to another Kindle. 

Select books to transfer

Step 6. Click on the Deliver button at the top of your books list, and then a new popup window will open. 

Click Deliver to transfer

Step 7. Click on the Devices Selected tab, and all your Amazon devices will appear in the dropdown menu. 

Step 8. Choose the Kindle device to which you want to transfer your books. Check the box next to your Kindle device's name. 

Select target device to transfer

Step 9. Finally, click on the Deliver button again, and this will transfer all your selected Kindle books to another device. 

Confirm to transfer kindle boosk

How to Transfer Books from Computer to Kindle via USB?

Here, if you want to transfer data another way around - from computer to Kindle, via USB, you can easily do that as well. It is a far faster and easier method than emailing your books or files to Kindle. 

This method works on Windows PCs above 2000 and MacOSX 10.2 or later. Here are a few steps to transfer books from a computer to a Kindle via USB: 

Step 1. Foremost, connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable. Your computer will recognize your Kindle automatically when it's plugged in. However, if your computer doesn't recognize your Kindle, go to This PC on Windows and Finder on Mac to locate your Kindle as a drive. 

Locate kindle on computer

Step 2. Double-click on the Kindle drive to open it. 

Step 3. Open a new window and go to the files that you want to transfer. You can also simply drag and drop files to the computer's hard drive. 

For ebooks, you have to place the file in the Documents folder on the Kindle. If you put files in the root drive, they won't appear on the Kindle Home Screen. 

Step 4. Now, you have to safely eject your Kindle from your computer. 

  • On Windows 8 or above: Right-click on the Kindle drive > select the Eject option. 
  • Older Windows: Start menu > Computer > right-click on the Kindle drive > Eject. 
  • On Mac: Control-click on the Kindle device icon > select the Eject button. 

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Final Words 

Today, you can easily transfer your Kindle books to another device and read at your convenience. Be it your computer or other Kindle devices, you now know all the easy ways to transfer books and other content. 

Here, if you are a Windows PC user, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is the best solution for you. The software can transfer all your Kindle books and other account settings without reinstalling hassle. On top of all, it is a free tool that you can quickly download online. 

So, peeps, we wish you happy reading whenever and wherever you want!

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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Can I Transfer Kindle Books to Another Device? Sure!

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