Dropbox Stuck Syncing/Indexing on Windows (Solved)

When Dropbox never finishes syncing or indexing, what can you do to fix the bug? Here on this page, we will offer you multiple useful solutions to solve the Dropbox stuck syncing/indexing issue.

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Dropbox is a widely known cloud storage service for Windows users. It is a convenient way to store, access, and share files. However, many users encounter issues when Dropbox gets stuck in syncing/indexing processes. Such issues cause delays in accessing essential files and disrupting workflow. When Dropbox gets stuck syncing or indexing, it can be frustrating and annoying.

One of the main reasons for this is big files. Dropbox takes longer to sync and index if your files are too big. That's because it takes time to upload and organize massive amounts of data in the Dropbox system.

This article from EaseUS will cover such common reasons and give you practical solutions. Let's get into it.

Common Causes of Dropbox Stuck Syncing/Indexing 

When Dropbox gets stuck syncing or indexing, it can be due to various reasons. Identifying these causes can help effectively troubleshoot the problem. Here are some common reasons why Dropbox might be stuck:

  • Network issues: Dropbox needs a stable internet connection to sync files. Slow or intermittent connection will stop syncing.
  • Not enough space: If your device or Dropbox account runs out of space syncing will stop until more space is available.
  • File conflicts or corruption: Conflicting versions of the duplicate or corrupted files will get stuck.
  • Antivirus software: Sometimes, antivirus software will mistakenly think Dropbox is a threat and block it.
  • Old Dropbox app: Using an old version of Dropbox can cause compatibility issues and syncing and indexing problems.

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Dropbox Stuck Syncing/Indexing Troubleshooting 

If you're having syncing and indexing issues with Dropbox, this section will help you learn about the problem and the detailed steps.

  1. Fix 1. Check Internet Connection
  2. Fix 2. Pause and Resume Syncing
  3. Fix 3. Check Available Storage
  4. Fix 4. Clear Dropbox Cache 
  5. Fix 5. Disable Antivirus Software Temporarily
  6. Alternative to Dropbox: EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Fix 1. Check Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is required for Dropbox to sync files. Slow or flaky connections can cause Dropbox to get stuck during syncing or indexing. To check your connection is stable, follow these:

  • Restart Router: Restarting your router will fix the issue. Unplug the router, wait 10-20 seconds, and plug it back in.
  • Switch to Wired: If you're on Wi-Fi, switch to Ethernet for better stability and speed, which will help syncing.
  • Test Speed: Use Speedtest.net to test your speed. If slow contact your ISP.
  • Limit Bandwidth: Ensure other devices or apps aren't using too much bandwidth. Pause large downloads or streaming services to give Dropbox more bandwidth to sync.

Fix 2. Pause and Resume Syncing

The Pause and Resume feature in the Dropbox app can address temporary issues such as Dropbox getting stuck on syncing or indexing. Follow these steps to pause and resume syncing in Dropbox:

Step 1. Click the Dropbox icon in your taskbar.

Step 2. At the bottom of the window that opens, you will see a white bar with text indicating either "Up to date," "Syncing [file name]," or "Syncing [F] files." Hover your cursor over this text.

Step 3. Once you hover over the text, it will change to "Pause syncing." Click on "Pause syncing."

Step 4. To resume syncing, hover over "Syncing paused" in the white bar at the bottom of the window, then click on "Resume syncing."


Fix 3. Check Available Storage

Make sure you have enough space on your device and your Dropbox account for the sync to work. Lack of space can lead to stuck when sending files to Dropbox. Follow these steps to check and manage your space:

Step 1. Right-click the Dropbox icon in the system tray and select "Preferences."

Step 2. Go to the "Account" tab.

Step 3. Check the available storage space displayed under your account information.


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Step 4. Delete or move files you don't need or move them to an external hard drive. You can also upgrade your Dropbox plan if you need more space.

Fix 4. Clear Dropbox Cache

Clearing the Dropbox cache can help resolve syncing issues caused by corrupted cache files. This process can free up space and refresh the syncing mechanism. Follow these steps to clear the Dropbox cache on your Windows computer:

Step 1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the Dropbox cache folder. The default path is:

C:\Users\Your Username\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache

Step 2. Select all files and folders within the .dropbox.cache directory.

Step 3. Right-click the selected files and choose "Delete" from the context menu. Confirm the deletion when prompted.


Step 4. Empty the Recycle Bin to remove the files from your system permanently.

Fix 5. Disable Antivirus Software Temporarily

Sometimes, activities like sharing files with Dropbox can be considered threats to the system and thus disrupted by antivirus software. It is worth it to disable the antivirus program for a while. Then, you can check whether it is the source of the issue. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Locate your antivirus software icon at the bottom right corner of your computer screen.

Step 2. Right-click on the icon to open the context menu.


Step 3. Look for the "Disable" option from the list.

Step 4. Select the duration to disable the software, (e.g., 10 minutes, 1 hour, until restart).

Step 5. Confirm your selection to disable the antivirus for the selected time.


Step 6. Check if Dropbox resumes syncing properly. If it does, you may need to add Dropbox to the antivirus software's whitelist.

Step 5. Remember to re-enable your antivirus software after checking Dropbox to protect your computer.

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In this post, we covered the common reasons and solutions for Dropbox stuck syncing/indexing issue. We went over checking your internet, managing storage space, clearing the Dropbox cache, and temporarily disabling antivirus software. For a more reliable file transfer solution try EaseUS Todo PCTrans. Its advanced features make file sharing super smooth and efficient.

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FAQs on Dropbox Stuck Syncing/Indexing

If you have further questions about Dropbox syncing issues, find answers here to resolve your concerns.

1. Why does Dropbox take so long to index?

If you have large or many files syncing, Dropbox can take a long time to index. This can be slow because Dropbox has to scan and categorize each file. Try breaking up large files or uploading fewer files at once to speed up indexing.

2. Why is my Dropbox not syncing?

Some of the reasons why Dropbox will not sync include the following; Conflict of files, issues with the networks, limited space, and the antivirus. Check that you have sufficient space available, the internet connection is good and antivirus or other conflicting files are not hindering Dropbox functionality.

3. Why is Dropbox transfer so slow?

Limited bandwidth, large file sizes, or high network traffic can cause slow transfers. To improve transfer speeds, pause other internet activities, use a wired connection, or transfer smaller files during off-peak hours.​ 

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Dropbox Stuck Syncing/Indexing on Windows (Solved)

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