Backup and Restore SQL Database from One Server to Another

How to backup and restore SQL database from one server to another? This article will provide you with 3 practical methods for you to complete the job.

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It is a common operation for a DBA to back up and restore SQL databases. This allows users to protect critical data by making copies that can be restored safely. You may need to back up and restore the SQL database to another server for development, testing, checking consistency, diagnostics, or disaster recovery.

In this article from EaseUS, we will show you multiple ways to backup and restore SQL database from one server to another. You can read on and pick the most suitable method depending on your own requirements.

3 Ways to Backup and Restore SQL Database from One Server to Another

To successfully back up an SQL database on one server and restore it to another, check the 3 methods listed below.

  1. Method 1. EaseUS Database Transfer Tool
  2. Method 2. Back and Restore in SSMS
  3. Method 3. Copy Database Wizard in SSMS

Method 1. EaseUS Database Transfer Tool

The easiest and fastest way is by using a professional transfer tool. As one of the most reputed transfer tools, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Server provides an efficient way to transfer SQL databases from one server to another and is perfectly compatible with SQL Server 2004, 2008, and 2019.

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The EaseUS server migration tool also breaks many limitations that SQL Server Management Studio possesses. For example, an SQL database cannot be copied or moved to an earlier version of the server, and the backup and restore process requires the Full recovery model.

You can backup and restore the SQL database on any Windows system by following the steps below.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on source and target Server PCs, on the source PC, select "This is Old PC" and "Next".

select a location and click scan

Step 2. Connect the target new Server computer via the password or identification code.

Connect two server PCs

Step 3. EaseUS Todo PCTrans will analyze the content on the source Server PC, once done, at the Applications section, select the desired SQL apps and click "Transfer".

Select SQL to transfer

Step 4. Wait for the SQL transfer proceduer to complete and click "OK" to finish.

Finish Transferring MySQL

EaseUS also provides 24/7 technical support service for you if there's any difficulty in operating EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

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Method 2. Back and Restore in SSMS

There's a built-in tool in Windows called SQL Server Management Studio. It has the ability to access, configure, manage, and query data stored in SQL Server. If you don't want to download any software, you can perform the Backup and Restore features in SSMS to transfer the database from one server to another. Now, check the following guide with detailed steps.

Step 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio. And then connect to the target instance.

Step 2. Right-click the database, choose "Tasks" and "Back Up."


Step 3. Adjust the backup type to "Full." Then, click "Add," select the location, and edit the backup name.

(The default location of the .bak file is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\ (Instance name) \MSSQL\Backup)


Step 4. Now, copy the .bak file to your target computer.

Step 5. Then, open SQL Server Management Studio on the other computer. Right-click the SQL Server instance and then select "Restore Database…"


Step 6. Select your Device, and click on the omitted symbol to select the .bak file on the source location and restore it to the destination location on the new computer.


Step 7. Confirm the settings and then hit "OK" to perform the task.

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Method 3. Copy Database Wizard in SSMS

There's a built-in tool in the SQL Server Management Studio - Copy Database Wizard. If you want to manually backup and restore an SQL database between different instances of SQL server directly, this could be a convenient way to perform the task.

However, if you are a beginner to missions related to servers or if you are not the administrator, this method is not an option.

Step 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio. Right-click on the target database and choose "Tasks" and "Copy Database…" to open the Copy Database Wizard window.


Step 2. Input the source server name and choose "Use Windows Authentication" or "SQL Server Authentication" mode with username and password to enter the server. Click "Next" to move on.


Step 3. Input the destination server name and apply the corresponding authentication mode. Then, click "Next."


Step 4. Select "Use the SQL Management Object method" and hit "Next" to confirm the Transfer Method.


Step 5. Now, select the target database and choose "Copy" or "Move" to keep or migrate the database according to your own needs.


Step 6. Then, choose "Run immediately" or "Schedule" to configure the Integration Service package.

Step 7. Click "Finish" to start the copy process.

All three methods are very helpful in backing up and restoring SQL databases from one server to another one. Don't forget to spend a few seconds sharing this article on your social media so that more users can get help.



In this article, there are 3 useful ways for you to refer to on backing up and restoring SQL databases from one server to another. Although the SQL Server Management Studio can assist you in the operation, using a professional tool like EaseUS Todo PCTrans Server, you can complete the procedure faster and more efficiently. This tool provides an easier and more intuitive way that allows you to complete the SQL databases backup and restore with a few simple steps.

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FAQs on Backup and Restore SQL Database from One Server to Another

Below are some other commonly asked questions about this topic. Take a look at it, there might be something you'd be interested.

1. How to backup database from remote SQL Server to local drive?

To back up the SQL database from the remote server to the local drive, you can follow the steps below:

  • Launch SSMS on the remote server, select "New Query," and connect to the instance.
  • type and enter the T-SQL statements to perform the backup, and click Execute to run the command script:
  • Enter the T-SQL statements, and then hit "Execute" to run it: BACKUP DATABASE databasename TO DISK = 'filepath\filename.bak'
  • Then, access the network path and copy the backup files to your local drive.

2. Can you backup SQL database to a network drive?

Yes, you can use SSMS or command lines to back up the SQL Server database to a network drive. The easiest way to do this is by manually copying the .bak file to a network share.

3. What are the main types of backups in SQL?

The 3 main types of backups in Microsoft SQL Server are full backup, differential backup, and transaction log backup. Each backup type can meet the different needs of users.

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Backup and Restore SQL Database from One Server to Another

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