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Windows Easy Transfer 7 to 10

Updated on Oct 11, 2018 by Tracy King to PC Transfer

How to use Windows easy transfer 7 to 10? EaseUS software introduces you easy way to help you realize the goal of transferring data with Windows easy transfer 7 to 10.

Why Need Windows easy transfer 7 to 10?

Are you trying to use Windows easy transfer 7 to 10 so as to move your precious data in Windows 7 to your new Windows 10 computer? Why do you need to do so? Windows 10 is now taking the market for bringing Windows users new operating experience and new virtual life. But before you take actions to upgrade your old Windows 7, do remember to backup your data. 

My roommate asked me yesterday, how to use Windows easy transfer 7 to 10 for that she wants to transfer her Windows 7 data into her Windows 10 computer so as to thoroughly upgrade it into Windows 10. Why does she want to do so? She stalled some confidential files together with her system data. And she doesn't want to backup data. She heard that Windows easy transfer can do the job. I'm not really quite familiar with this tool in Windows. Can anyone of you give suggestion about how to use Windows easy transfer 7 to 10? How?

Solution 1: Try Windows easy transfer tool - EaseUS Todo PC Trans from 7 to 10

If you prefer a simple and secure method is available for you now. It is provided by EaseUS software, named EaseUS Todo PC Trans. This software allows users to transfer data among computers without any barriers. 


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Tip: please feel free to download EaseUS Todo PC Trans and let this software help. It's 100% secure and clean.
If you want to transfer a big number of Apps, programs, and files to Windows 10, please activate it first to gain unlimited transferring capacity.


EaseUS Todo PCTrans

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Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS Todo PC Trans on Your both computers.

Make sure both computers can connect with LAN. Then chose "Via network connection".

EaseUS Todo PC Trans

Steps 2. On your Windows 10 computer, select the Windows 7 computer that you want to transfer data or applications from.

EaseUS Todo PC Trans helps to Windows easy transfer 7 to 10.

Step 3. Transfer data or applications. Click the edit button to select the data or applications and click "Transfer".

 EaeUS Todo PC Trans makes Windows easy transfer 7 to 10 easy and simple.
After following all the above steps, you've finished the whole process with Windows easy transfer 7 to 10 by applying EaseUS Todo PC Trans. This tool also supports to do other data transferring, migrating jobs on different computers with different Windows OS such as to migrate from XP to Windows 10.

Solution 2: Use Built-in Windows Easy Transfer

If you've decided to the Windows built-in tool to transfer Windows 7 data to Windows 10, here you can find a detailed operating steps now. Download Windows Easy Transfer firstly. Run it on both of your computers: Windows 7 and Windows 10.

1. Plug the Windows transfer cable into a free USB port on each of the PCs. Open Windows Easy Transfer.

Windows Easy Transfer ask to choose computer that you are using now.

2. On the new computer, you need select whether this is the new or old computer.

Windows Easy Transfer ask to choose computer that you are using now.

3.The transfer will ask do you need install Windows Easy Transfer on your old computer. Choose "I already installed it on my old computer" or "My old computer is running Windows 7."

Windows Easy Transfer asks to install one in the old computer.

4.Windows Easy Transfer will connect two computers and then you can choose what you want to transfer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 
Windows Easy Transfer connects two computers to transfer data.

Choose "Advanced" to select specific files to transfer rather than the whole folder.

Windows Easy Transfer offers advanced option for users.

Back in the main window, the "Advanced Options…" lets you decide whether to pull the whole user account associated with the files and settings from the old PC to the new PC or to merge it into an account already on the new PC.

Windows Easy Transfer helps to transfer all data from one PC to the one.

5.After choosing wanted files, select "Transfer". Then wait patiently. You'll finally successfully use Windows Easy Transfer 7 to 10.
Successfully use Windows Easy Transfer 7 to 10.