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How to Transfer TurboTax to New Computer with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Updated by Roxanne on Aug 27, 2021

"I have bought a new computer and would like to copy TurboTax software for previous years from the old computer to the new computer. Please advise."

Can I install TurboTax 2020 on two or more computers? The answer is Yes! According to the latest user agreement released by intuit, you can install the software on all computers you own.

Of the info we have, TurboTax is a popular used income tax preparation tool in the United States. Tax filing has always been a very dull problem, and the cumbersome tax process and procedures are daunting. The TurboTax changed the way we pay taxes.

turbotax interface

Then the question is that if you change computers at the beginning or end of the year or before the tax season, how do I transfer TurboTax from one computer? In this article, compared with the manual way, you may prefer to use the PC to PC transfer tool to transfer Turbox to new equipment for moving reports, returns, e-files, and other data.

Solution 1. How do I transfer TurboTax from One Computer to Another with EaseUS Todo PCTrans (Easy and Fast)

The first option that related to how to move TurboTax to a new computer is to use the EaseUS Todo PCTrans. The software is designed to migrate your applications, files, and accounts to another computer.

If your computers are both under the same Internet, you can use the PC to PC mode. Otherwise, Backup and Restore is suitable for different networks.

How to transfer TurboTax to a new computer

 Before moving TurboTax to another device, you should copy your tax data file to the portable device. Choose the data file and click save as to the preferable location.

1 Year Lifetime $55.96

New Year Sale, Huge Discount

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your source and target computers, connect both PCs via the internet.

1. At the "PC to PC" section, click "PC to PC" to continue. 

select pc to pc

2. Select your target computer via its device name, then enter its account password or verification code and select the transfer direction. Then click "Connect" to continue.

You can check the verification code on the right top of "PC to PC" mainscreen on the target computer.

connect the two pcs

Step 2. Select the categories Applications, Files, and Accounts to transfer via the internet.

If you want to transfer data selectively, click "Edit" under each category, and choose the specific items.

select applications, files or accounts

Step 3. Click "Transfer" to start transferring your apps/files/accounts from one computer to another computer via the Internet.

transfer applications, files or accounts via internet

Step 4. Connect the portable device to the new computer.

Your computer will browse the device, and you can choose the tax return file to drag to any location. (It is best to store it where you can find easily.)

1 Year Lifetime $55.96

New Year Sale, Huge Discount

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Solution 2. How to Transfer Turbox to New Computer with External Device (Manual)

The first method helps you to save the re-downloading time on the new PC. If you tend to wait for the re-download to complete, the manual way is also a feasible choice. All you need is to prepare a USB flash drive.

 Avoid use e-mail to send tax data files to yourself. Sending info via e-mail may cause problems.

How to copy TurboTax to new computer

Step 1. Install TurboTax on the new PC.

Insert TurboTax CD to the optical drive on the new computer. Download the TurboTax copy online.

Step 2. Transfer TurboTax file to new computer

Launch TurboTax on the old computer > Open your tax data file > Select File > Choose Save As from the menu > Choose destination folder and enter folder name > Click Save to export your tax return file > Close TurboTax

Step 3. Transfer backup tax file to the new PC.

Double-click the tax data file, and it will be opened on the TurboTax.


Everything about transferring TurboTax to a new computer is about to save and import. Do both two methods workable? If not, please contact us via the official website. We are glad to find out the best way for you!


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