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Business Needs

Yieh Corp. is a global steel company that was founded in 1997. They specialize in providing a wide range of high-quality steel metallic products to customers around the world. Yieh Corp. has been a loyal customer of EaseUS since 2012. Over the years, they have purchased multiple EaseUS products, and these tools have consistently met their needs and helped them to streamline their operations.

Earlier this month, our support team received a request for technical assistance from Mr. Skyer Lu, who works in the Information System Division. He was experiencing an issue with an outdated version of EaseUS Backup Center. In order to provide the best possible experience with our products, we recommended an upgrade to the latest version, which is compatible with the latest version of Windows and recent hardware.

Solution: Through several back-and-forth email exchanges, we have understood their current needs and provided a cost-effective solution, EaseUS Backup Center Technician. Furthermore, if the number of their machines increases in the future, this solution will still be applicable with no extra cost. Our sales agent who worked on this case would like to express our gratitude to Yieh for their continued trust in our products. We are committed to providing excellent products and services now and in the future.


“We are not only being able to offer our clients with the best quality products and competitive prices, but also provide the best solution for steel product procurement. “ This is Yieh's corporate mission, and it is also our ultimate goal: to provide the best backup solutions for all of our clients in backup field.

EaseUS Backup Center is a comprehensive and powerful backup and recovery solution designed for enterprise-level businesses. With a centralized portal for managing backup tasks, it's easy for administrators to gather and transfer data to a visual workbench, allowing for efficient monitoring of workflows. Unlike other enterprise-level backup solutions, EaseUS offers a streamlined service that provides all the essential elements required for business scenarios, including system backup, disk backup, SQL server backup, Exchange server backup, and active directory backup.

Prompt and effective data recovery is crucial for any business, and that's why the EaseUS Backup solution includes instant bare metal recovery. This feature ensures swift recovery in the event of a disaster, providing administrators with a safety net that they can rely on. Whether you're dealing with a minor issue or a major crisis, EaseUS has got you covered. With its comprehensive backup and recovery solution, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

In conclusion, EaseUS Backup Center provides affordable and valuable solutions for the IT services industry, saving time and effort for professionals who need to backup between multiple computers.


  • Yieh Corp.

Business Needs

  • Affordable central backup
  • Timely recovery of business activities


Central Backup


Provides affordable and valuable solutions for the IT services industry, saving time and effort for professionals who need to backup between multiple computers.

Looking for Help?

What are the major features of EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise?
The major features of EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise include system backup, disk/partition backup, file backup, mail backup, smart backup, schedule backup, command backup, SQL backup, Exchange backup, clone and the ability to restore the above backups including the universal restore.
How to restore a system backup when the computer fails to boot?
Generally, you will be prompted to create an emergency disk when you install and run EaseUS Todo Backup for the first time. The emergency disk will be useful to load a system backup prior to Windows when the PC refuses to boot.
What features should a company network administrator use to protect internal computers?
It is recommended that you use the SQL Backup feature to back up your company's SQL server and Exchange Backup feature to back up the Exchange server. In addition, you can execute System backup to back up the system and boot partitions on every internal computer and set a plan to execute the backup once a day or twice a week to ensure that the computer can be restored timely when it has boot issue. File backup feature can be used to back up important user data. If there are a large number of computers, you can purchase EaseUS Backup Center to manage the backups on the client computers centrally.
How does the Exchange Backup work?
EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server and above edition support two methods to help protect the Exchange server user files including ExchangeDB Backup and ExchangeMail Backup. Both methods can backup local Exchange instance. Exchange DB backup method will back up the whole database while ExchageMail backup supports to specify the backup source to a mailbox level.

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