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3 Ways to Recover Overwritten Files in Windows 10/8/7

Updated on Nov 12, 2018 by Abby Haines to File Recovery


Many users are asking for help on how to recover overwritten files. To fix this issue, here we'll introduce three possible overwritten data recovery methods to recover overwritten files in Windows 10/8/7. The tutorial work with Word, Excel, PPT documents as well as many other types of files.

Is there any way that I can effectively recover overwritten files

Is there any way to get my pictures back that were overwritten? I have a Canon camera and have about 500 pictures saved on it. But today when I attempted to copy those pictures from the inside memory card to my Windows 10 computer, I found that the photos were missing. I remember that one of my friends borrowed the camera for a family vacation. Maybe she took too many pictures and, as a result, my camera ran out of space. So is it possible that her pictures overwrote mine?

Now I really want to recover my pictures but I have zero experience of photo recovery. How can I do this? Many friends and colleagues told me that it's impossible to recover overwritten files. It's really annoying! Perhaps, some of you might know a third-party memory card recovery software that can help?   

3 possible ways to recover overwritten files in Windows 10/8/7  

As you can see, there are really many users are asking for help on how to recover overwritten files. To fix this issue, here below we will introduce three possible overwritten data recovery solutions. All of them work with Word, Excel, PPT documents as well as many other types of files. 

Method 1. Have a try with System Restore
Method 2. Have a try with the Previous Version
Method 3. Have a try with file recovery software

Method 1. Recover overwritten files using System Restore

Restoring your system to the last backup point using System Restore is the easiest and most efficient way to recover overwritten files. Here are the steps:

1. Initiate the search for "system restore".
2. Click on the result.
3. Choose the date before the infection appearance.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to recover overwritten files. 

Method 2. Retrieve overwritten files from the Previous Version

Previous Versions is a backup and recovery feature in Windows that can be used to restore deleted, formatted, modified, damaged or lost files and folders. You might be able to restore overwritten files from the Previous Version if you are lucky enough! Here's how to do it:

1. Right-click the file and choose "Properties".
2. Open the "Previous Version" tab.
3. Select the latest version and click "Copy".
4. Click "Restore" to get back overwritten files.

Method 3. Have a try to Recover overwritten files with EaseUS file recovery program

It is not easy to recover overwritten files. This data recovery software mentioned below is only for a try. It is not guaranteed that overwritten files can always be retrieved. Therefore, please first download the free version for a try first. If it doesn't find what you want, I am afraid this tool can not help you.

Step 1. Select a Location to Start Finding Data

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, please select a location where you lose your data and start to scan, like Desktop, Libraries, hard drive, external storage devices or lost partitions.

select the device

Step 2. Scan Your Computer or Device

Click the "Scan" button and the software begins to scan your partition to find as much lost data as possible.

the software will scan the drive to find all of your data

Tips for finding wanted data

  • Guess you recover: find files that lost names or paths
  • Filter: a quick way to your wanted files
  • Search: e.g. file name/file extension

Step 3. Preview and Recover Lost Files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows previewing specific recoverable files. After the preview or file filtering, you can target the tracked files and press the "Recover" button to get everything you want back. 

recover wanted data from your devices