How to Recover Deleted/Disappeared Notes on Mac

Roxanne updated on Apr 28, 2020 to Mac File Recovery | How-to Articles


How to recover notes on Mac when Mac notes disappeared after macOS update? How to recover deleted notes on Mac, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air? Read the post and you will get all the four effective ways to recover notes disappeared from Mac with ease, including using the recently deleted folder, iCloud backup, Time Machine backup and third-party EaseUS data recovery software.

Mac Notes Disappeared or Deleted? Use 4 Easy Ways to Recover Notes on Mac

Apple Notes, or Sticky Notes (though we use the term more often on a Windows computer), is a notetaking app that is available in iOS and macOS operating system. In the information age, we are getting more and more accustomed to taking a note, which can be a moment of inspiration or an import working schedule. In fact, we write everything down in the Notes to keep ourselves updated! It's so convenient and above all, free to use. Don't let your recorded notes disappeared from Mac!

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