While partitioning hard drives or SSDs, it's easy to encounter the need for partition magic software to assist you in resolving some complex tasks that Disk Management can't do. For example, you may want to migrate Windows OS to a new SSD, clone all disk data to a bigger HDD, or even change the file system format of a drive without formatting.

In this case, you'll need to turn to a reliable partition magic software, such as Norton PartitionMagic, EaseUS Partition Master, Paragon Disk Manager, or other similar disk partition tools. 

On this page, you'll learn the differences between Partition Magic and Partition Master, which is better, and which tool supports you better to fulfill multiple demands. So let's get started here.

Partition Magic vs Partition Master

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In this article, you'll learn:

  • #1. What Is Partition Magic and Partition Master
  • #2. Who Needs Partition Magic and Partition Master
  • #3. Is Partition Magic or Partition Master Free? Pricing, License, and Support
  • #4. Partition Magic VS Partition Master, Which Is Better [Pros & Cons, Feature List]
  • #5. Is Partition Magic Still Available? Partition Magic Alternatives

The following information is based on our software test and the official website of Partition Magic, Partition Master. So go and view the differences between Partition Magic and Partition Master, and pick one that suits your demands the most to execute disk partitioning tasks now.

#1. What Is Partition Magic and Partition Master

While searching Partition Magic online, most of you would get a full list of partition magic software recommendations, like EaseUS Partition Master, MiniTool Partition Wizard, etc. 

However, this software may not be the one that you are looking for, right? Here, we'll show you what the real Partition Magic is, so it is to Partition Master. Let's see the details:

PowerQuest PartitionMagic EaseUS Partition Master

PartitionMagic is a utility software program for hard disk drive partitioning originally made by PowerQuest but subsequently owned by Symantec. 

 - by Wikipedia

EaseUS Partition Master is an all-in-one disk partitioning software that helps users to manage, create, delete, resize, extend, shrink, clone, convert, and migrate hard disk drives and partitions.

- by G2

PartitionMagic, also known as Norton PartitionMagic, was released by Symantec right after PowerQuest PartitionMagic. Partition Master, also known as EaseUS Partition Master, is powered by EaseUS software.

How to Download PartitionMagic: 

Note that Symantec's website stated that they no longer offer Partition Magic. So if you are still looking for access to download the software, you can test and try to download this software from some third-party download sites: such as:

  • https://norton-partition-magic.en.download.it/ 
  • https://archive.org/details/norton-partitionmagic-8.05
  • https://partition-magic.en.uptodown.com/windows

How to Download Partition Master:

EaseUS Partition Master is powered by EaseUS software and has a strong support team running it. You may directly click the download button here to get this powerful partition manager software:

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

#2. Who Needs Partition Magic and Partition Master

So who are the target users of the Partition Magic or Partition Master software designed for? Or, who is suitable to select Partition Magic and Partition Master to manage hard drive partitions? 

Check the list below, and you'll learn if you are the target user for this two software:

Partition Magic Partition Master
  • Windows beginners
  • Personal Windows users
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista owners
  • Windows beginners
  • Personal Windows users
  • Small-business owners
  • IT professionals
  • Service Providers
  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista and Windows Server users


Most users with modern Windows operating systems and computers could apply Partition Master for disk partitioning. Its intuitive UI design enables all levels of users manger their storage devices successfully. Unfortunately, partition Magic is only available on some very old operating systems.

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

#3. Is Partition Magic or Partition Master Free? Pricing, License, and Support

Here in this part, we'll compare Partition Magic and Partition Master in pricing, license, support, etc., angles to help you figure out if it's possible that you find a free partition magic software online:

Comparison Partition Magic Partition Master
Free Edition No Yes
Pricing / (Not Available)
  • Free Edition: $0
  • Pro: Monthly $19.95; Yearly$49.95; Lifetime $69.95
  • Server: $159/1-year
  • Unlimited: $399/1-year
  • Technician: $599/1-year
License 1 PC
  • Free: 1 PC
  • Pro: 2 PCs
  • Server: 1 Server
  • Unlimited & Technician: Unlimited Servers
Support End Support on December 8, 2009.
  • Self-reliance support: /support-center/
  • Email Support: [email protected]
  • Contact Support: /support/contact.htm
  • Live Chat & Pre-sales Inquery: https://secure.livechatinc.com/licence/1389892/v2/open_chat.cgi?groups=3
  • Free & 24 hours technical support
Final Release V8.08 (Build 1371)/ May 5, 2004 V16.5 Mar 30, 2022


Here, it's clear that both Partition Magic and Partition Master software have free editions. If you simply prefer free software for partitioning disks on a Windows computer, both of them can fulfill your needs. However, if you are looking for an updated and powerful disk partitioning tool to partition your hard drives on the latest Windows operating systems, don't miss EaseUS Partition Master. 

#4. Partition Magic VS Partition Master, Which Is Better [Pros & Cons, Feature List]

Aside from pricing, support, and version difference, (PowerQuest) Norton PartitionMagic and EaseUS Partition Master also differ from each other in many aspects. Check the feature list comparison, and learn the Pros and Cons of this two software now:

Feature Comparison: Partition Magic vs Partition Master

Feature Comparison PowerQuest/Norton Partition Magic EaseUS Partition Master
Basic Features
  • Resize/move partitions
  • Copy partitions
  • Change cluster size
  • Merge adjacent partitions
  • Support EXT2/3
  • Create partition
  • Delete partition
  • Split Partition
  • Create partitions
  • Resize/move partitions
  • Extend/Shrink partitions
  • Copy partition
  • Merge partitions with a neighbor or non-adjacent volumes
  • Split partitions
  • Change drive label
  • Change drive letter
  • Delete volume
  • Format partitions
  • Change cluster size
  • Check file system error
  • Explore partition
  • Surface test
  • Hide or unhide partition
  • Wipe partition
  • Convert primary to logical or logical to primary
  • Delete all partitions
Advanced Features
  • Convert FAT16/32 to NTFS
  • Undelete partition
  • Migrate OS to HDD/SSD
  • Clone and copy partitions, disks
  • Partition recovery
  • WinPE Creator
  • Wipe Disk
  • Convert MBR to GPT, or GPT to MBR
  • Convert Dynamic to Basic, or Basic to Dynamic
  • Convert NTFS to FAT32, FAT32 to NTFS
  • 4K Alignment SSD
  • New Disk Guide
  • Adjust with 1 Click for C Drive Low Disk Space error (new)
  • Expand C with 2nd Disk (new)


It's clear that EaseUS Partition Master does far more work than the outdated Norton or PowerQuest PartitionMagic.

Pros and Cons: Partition Magic vs. Partition Master

Comparison PowerQuest/Norton Partition Magic EaseUS Partition Master
  • Support both Windows and Linux
  • Free for partial features
  • Downloading: direct download access
  • Installation duration: 3-5 minutes
  • No personal information or email is required for installation.
  • Free Edition works for basic disk management.
  • End of support.
  • No new updates.
  • No technical support.
  • Only supports Windows OS and Windows Servers.


Now, it should be extremely clear that your right choice between PartitionMagic and Partition Master should be EaseUS. It's powerful, professional and reachable for resolving all types of disk partitioning problems and issues.

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

#5. Is Partition Magic Still Available? Partition Magic Alternatives

If you still want to know if Partition Magic is available, the answer is NO. So is there a Partition Magic alternative tool that works the same or even better than Norton or PowerQuest Partition Magic in disk management? Sure.

Partition Magic Alternative

Here is a list of partition manager software that you could turn to one of them to take control of your OS disk, data drive, external hard drives, and even virtual disks with ease:

  • EaseUS Partition Master Free - Basic free disk management.
  • EaseUS Partition Master Pro - Basic disk management and advanced OS migration, disk upgrade, convert disk, etc.
  • Paragon Disk Manager
  • DiskGenius
  • Acronis Disk Director
  • Minitool Partition Wizard

Which Is the Best Partition Magic for Windows 10?

Among the above-recommended partition magic software, some of you may wonder which is best for Windows 10, right? Here are some tips that can help you to select the most suitable partition magic alternative software to manage your hard drive partitions, HDD/SSDs, etc., with ease:

  • Support the latest Windows operating system: Windows 11/10/8.1/8, etc.
  • Support both Windows 10/11 32bit and 64bit.
  • Fulfill your demands in partitioning hard drives, and executing disk optimization tasks.

If you would like to try EaseUS Partition Master, download it here by clicking the button below:

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

If you want to try any other tool, search its name online, and you'll get the right access to download it.


On this page, we thoroughly discussed that is Partition Magic, its creator, and its state. We also compared Partition Magic and Partition Master and offered you an overall comparison between the two software in terms of features, pros and cons, license, pricing, support, etc., aspects.

It should be clear for you to pick the best tool for managing your computer drives. And you just need to download the best Partition Magic alternative software to complete your tasks like an expert by then. 

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