3 Steps to Recover Deleted iTunes Backup

Stop using the drive when you deleted or lost iTunes backup by accident on Windows PC. On this page, we'll guide you to recover deleted iTunes backup and bring your lost iPhone data back in 3 steps by using EaseUS file recovery software.

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IMPORTANT: When you deleted or lost iTunes backup, stop using the device first. Then follow solution on this page for help.

How to recover lost or deleted iTunes backup

"Have you ever accidentally deleted your iPhone backup from iTunes? And do you know how to restore the lost iTunes backup?

I created an iTunes backup about 6 months ago and it's all about my photos, videos. Last Friday, I run a large file clean program on my computer, it accidentally deleted my iTunes backup. And I didn't find it in the recycle bin. So, if you know a way to bring my iTunes backup back, please help." 

It is a disaster when you make the mistake of deleting the iTunes backup on your PC. Important data in the backup like photos, videos, contacts, messages will get lost.

To help you recover lost iPhone data, we suggest you follow the step-by-step guide in the next part to make everything ready.


As we know, iOS users can sync their iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes to create a backup file for important data, such as years of documents, notes, photos, videos, SMS messages and contacts of all your friends and family.

Sometimes, you might delete one or more of your iTunes backups by mistake. When it happens, stay calm and follow the preparations here to making things done for lost iTunes backup recovery:

EaseUS file recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard enables you to scan a specific folder or location on your Windows PC and find the deleted or lost iTunes backup in only 3 steps.

  • Supports: File recovery on Windows 10/8/7 and Vista/XP computers.
  • Applies to: Scan and find lost iTunes backup on Windows hard drive.
  • 2. Locate or find the iTunes backup location on your PC

Normally, the iTunes backup is saved to a fixed path on Windows computer. And you can follow this path to locate your iTunes backup folder:

C:Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup.

Locate iTunes backup folder on Windows PC.

Now, you can move to the next part and follow the step-by-step tutorial to effectively restore the deleted or lost iTunes backup file.

Recover deleted iTunes backup

EaseUS file recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard allows you to choose a specific folder and scan to find the lost files. As for the deleted iTunes backup, you can also use this feature to quickly locate the iTunes backup folder by following its storage path as listed in the Preparation part. 

And then through the steps here to bring your lost iTunes backup file back:

Step 1. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, select location to scan lost folder.

Under the Specify a location section, click "Browse" on Select Folder to choose the location where you lost the folder and click "OK" to scan the lost folder.

Run folder recovery software.

Step 2. Find and preview found files in the lost folder.

You can find the lost folder with the "Search" feature to quickly find the lost folder by searching the folder name. Then open the found folder and double-click to preview lost files.

Scan and find lost folder data.

Step 3. Recover and save the lost folder with files.

Last, select the folder and files and click "Recover", browse to choose a new & secure spot on your PC and click "OK" to save it.

Restore lost folder data.

Notice that the most important part of iTunes backup is a file saved with .plist extension. 


Finish all the steps, you can restore and save this file back to the default location on your PC where you used to save the iTunes backup. After this, you can open iTunes to view and check those found files that you've created as an iTunes backup, and you can even restore them from iTunes to your iPhone and continue using the files again.

PLUS: If you deleted iPhone data by mistake, you can use EaseUS iPhone data recovery software to help yourself recovering iPhone data by directly scanning your device and restore lost files from iTunes backup. 

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