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Easy way to get out of iPhone recovery mode, backup iPhone data & file in recovery mode, exit recovery mode without data loss.

"Recently, I download the latest official released iOS7.0.2 and tried to upgrade my iPhone 5. But now the upgrade is end up with the fact that my iPhone stuck in recovery mode loop. What do I do?"

"The last time when I was updated my iPhone 4 was probably a year ago, so I updated it to iOS 7 when the operating system was official released. But during the process, I encountered an unknown error from iTunes and now my device is stuck in recovery mode. please help!"

Updating your iPhone should be a simple process. However, occasionally things do go wrong and you may encountered a couple errors during the upgrade. Then the result is that you will fail to update your iPhone and at the same time get your iPhone stuck in recovery mode. Usually, its screen will show a picture of "Connect to iTunes" at this moment. Want to know how to get out of iPhone recovery mode? Please read on.

How to getting iPhone out of recovery mode by restoring your device

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with which you usually synced and run iTunes. You may have to hold the Home button while you connect the USB cable.

Step 2. iTunes will recognised that the connected device is in recovery mode. In this case, it will prompt you restore the phone from a backup.

All user content on the device such as personal data, apps, and settings will be replaced by the data in the backup file, so some data might be lost if you haven't backed up for a while after restoring. Or you may not have an available backup file to restore from. Then what can you do to completely free from data loss after exiting iPhone recovery mode?

Backup iPhone in recovery mode with EaseUS MobiSaver

Actually, the best way is to backup your device with a third-party app before restoring your iPhone. EaseUS MobiSaver is the best choice to copy your iPhone data in recovery mode. With it, you can export 12 kinds of data including text messages, contacts, pictures, notes, etc from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to computer. You can operate the software easily even you know little about iPhone data recovery. Here is the step by step guide about how to backup iPhone files in recovery mode.

Connect iPhone to computer to backup iPhone data in recovery mode

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