Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk from Another Computer In-Depth Guide 2023

This article learns how to create Windows 7 recovery from another computer while a PC fails to start up. Read on to create or download Windows 7 repair disk.

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Updated by Jean on Feb 22, 2023
Written by Tracy King

Once your Windows 7 cannot boot up, you can create Windows 7 recovery disk from another computer and restore the system image to the corrupted device to troubleshoot the problem.

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Windows 7 Recovery Disk Explained
Can I Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk from Another Computer?
How to Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk from Another Computer
Restore Windows 7 OS File from Repair Disc/USB to Unbootable PC

Windows 7 Recovery Disk Explained

What is the Windows 7 recovery disk used for?

System recovery options can help you repair Windows if a serious error occurs. - Microsoft

Windows 7 includes a built-in tool to create a system repair disc that can be used to access advanced troubleshooting options. This can be a lifesaver if your Windows 7 installation is corrupted or becomes unbootable. The Windows 7 recovery disk is a bootable CD or DVD that contains Windows recovery tools. These tools can be used to automatically repair or troubleshoot a variety of problems, including startup issues and malware infections. In addition, the recovery disc can restore your Windows 7 system to a previous state, allowing you to undo any changes that may have caused problems. While the Windows 7 repair disc is not a replacement for a full backup, it can be an invaluable tool for getting your system up and running again.

This sounds like a good tool for preventing a system crash, but most users don't take the time to create a repair disk when the system is still running fine.

Can I Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk from Another Computer?

"Can I make a recovery disk from another computer? Windows 7 cannot start up and Acer Recovery Management doesn't work." - Microsoft

The answer is definitely Yes. You can create a windows 7 repair disk from another computer but not do so on Windows 8.1 or another Windows system higher than Windows 7. It means you can create a system recovery disk on a healthy machine running the same Windows 7, including 32-bit and 64-bit.

Go to the next part and learn how to create a system repair disk on Windows 7 with Windows built-in tool and another data backup and recovery software.

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How to Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk from Another Computer

In this part, you can learn two ways to make a repair disk for Windows 7.

#1. Use Backup and Restore to Create System Repair Disk Windows 7
#2. Create Windows 7 Recovery USB with ISO File
Video Guide: Create Recovery Disc in Windows 7

#1. Use Backup and Restore to Create System Repair Disk Windows 7

To create Windows 7 recovery disk/repair disc:

Step 1. Go to a working Windows 7 PC. Plug a blank CD or DVD into the drive.

Step 2. Type and open Control Panel on the search box. Then click Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Step 3. On the left side, click Create a system repair disc.

Step 4. Choose your CD/DVD and click Create disc.

create a system repair disc

When it is done, you can plug the CD/DVD out.

If you do not have a CD/DVD, you can use the standard USB drive with Windows 7 ISO file to create Windows 7 system recovery USB.

#2. Create Windows 7 Recovery USB with ISO File

Plug a minimum 8GB USB drive into the computer and follow the below steps to make

How to make Windows 7 Recovery USB:

Step 1. Download Windows 7 ISO 32-bit or 64-bit.

Note: Microsoft has not provided an official link to download Windows 7 repair disk ISO from Microsoft. Do not spend time on the Microsoft website. You can download Windows 7 ISO from - choose your edition.

  1. Download Windows 7 Starter ISO.
  2. Download Windows 7 Home Basic ISO.
  3. Download Windows 7 Home Premium ISO.
  4. Download Windows 7 Professional ISO.
  5. Download Windows 7 Enterprise ISO.
  6. Download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO.

Step 2. Download and run Windows 7 USB download tool (2.6MB).

  • Click Browse to choose the ISO file you've downloaded.

Windows 11 USB Download Tool - 1

  • Click USB device.

Windows 11 USB Download Tool - 2

  • Click Begin copying.

Windows 11 USB Download Tool - 3

Then wait for the copying process to finish.

Video Guide: How to Create Recovery Disc on Windows 7

This video tutorial shows how to create repair disk on Windows 7 with Backup and Restore function.

Start to create a system repair disc - 0:39

Restore Windows 7 OS File from Repair Disc/USB to Unbootable PC

After making Windows 7 recovery disc and USB, you can restore it with a Windows 7 repair tool - EaseUS Todo Backup. It is equipped with a smart Backup and Restore function to rescue OS even if your PC is not bootable.

The restore function in EaseUS Todo Backup offers the easiest way to retrieve backed up files by mounting the backup image as a virtual hard drive. -

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Follow the steps to create bootable media and restore Windows 7 on another computer:

*Try to boot the computer with the EaseUS Todo Backup emergency disk to accomplish system recovery on a non-bootable machine..

Step 1. Click Browse to Recover to luanch EaseUS Todo Backup.

Click Browse to Recover

Step 2. Navigate to the backup location, and then select the system backup file you need. (The backup file created by EaseUS Todo Backup is a pbd file.)

System recovery step2

Step 3. Select a recovery disk. Verify that the partition styles on the source and recovery disks are same.

system recovery step3

Step 4. You may change the disk layout to suit your requirements. Then, to begin system backup recovery, select Proceed.

Sytem recovery step4

[Further Reading] Update to Windows 11 computer? If your new OS crashes, read to create Windows 11 recovery USB.

How to Create Recovery Disks for Windows 7? The Final Line

If you need to create a Windows 7 recovery disk, you can do so from another computer. It can be helpful if your computer is not working correctly and you cannot create the disk on your own. To make the recovery disk, you will need a blank DVD or USB drive with at least 8 GB of storage. You will also need access to another computer running Windows 7.

Now you have a Windows 7 recovery disk that you can use EaseUS Todo Backup to restore if your computer ever has problems.

Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk For Another Computer FAQs

1. Can I make a recovery disk for another computer?

Yes, you can. You can make a recovery disk on another PC with same OS version. Otherwise, your creation will fail.

2. How do I make a windows 7 recovery disk from USB?

Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool can help to make a repair disk on USB. Also, rufus is another useful way.

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