Moving Server to Cloud, What To Consider and How to Do It [2024 Complete Guide]

Are you looking for a complete and safe guide that can insist you moving Server to Cloud without losing any data? This page will give you a full guide on what you need to consider and how to move Server to Cloud with detailed instructional steps.

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  • Support: Migrating and moving Server host content to a Cloud-host in 2024.
  • Applies to: Small and middle sized business. 

In this article, you'll learn:

  • Guide 1. Select A Reliable Cloud Computing Service with Your Budget
  • Guide 2. Move Data or Apps that You Don't Need to Upload to Cloud In Advance
  • Guide 3. Create a Server Backup Before Moving to Cloud
  • Guide 4. How to Move Server to Cloud

Can You Move from Server to Cloud

Yes, sure. Most middle-sized businesses and big companies all have a strong operation team that helps to guarantee a company's Server machine running smoothly and rapidly. When a company is trying to migrate Server to a Cloud, the operation team will do the job.

However, when you own a small-sized business and you don't have such a team for help, how will you do? Do you know how to move your Server data from a local Server machine to a cloud host? 

This page will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using physical application Server and Cloud Server and the complete procedure of moving Server to Cloud with success. Let's get started here.

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Why Would a Company Move Server to the Cloud

Here is a comparison table that compares local Server machines and cloud, and you'll understand why would so many companies move their Server to a cloud. 

Local Server vs. Cloud Server:

Comparison Local Server Cloud
Management Burden High Low
Deploy Efficiency Low High
Deploy Flexibility Across Regions Low High
Security Level High Low
Security Maintenance Cost High Low
Expanding Space Cost Low High
Portability Low High
Access Speed
  • For Local Visit: Fast
  • For Customer Visit: Slow
Cost High Low
Free Trial NO YES

According to this comparison table, it's clear that Cloud Server has obvious advantages over a local Server machine. As we've mentioned above, most big companies have a team for Server and Server Cloud migration management. However, most small-sized business administrators may have to do the job on their own. Here is an image of Aliyun Product Advantages, and you can clearly see why more and more companies are moving from Server to Cloud:

Cloud advatages, example: alibaba cloud

So what needs to be considered or to be prepared for Server migration, moving from a local Server to a cloud? 

Moving from a Client/Server to Cloud Computing, What Should I Consider

When you think that you are ready to move a physical Server to a Cloud, wait a moment. Think twice and make sure that you are clear about what needs to be prepared and what needs to consider in advance.

Here is a list of factors that you need to consider while moving from a client or Server to a Cloud that you can't miss. Let's check:

  • #1. What Cloud Computing to Choose, and Your Budget
  • #2. What Data You Don't Need to Upload to Cloud
  • #3. Do You Need to Create a Server Backup
  • #4. How to Move Server to Cloud

It doesn't matter you don't know the details about each factor. We'll guide you through the entire procedure and help you successfully move the Server to Cloud with ease. Let's get started here.

Guide 1. Select A Reliable Cloud Computing Service with Your Budget

Here you'll see a list of Cloud Server providers and their charges for Cloud services. You can check your expected budget and then pick a suitable Cloud for Server migration:

Comparison AWS Azure Google Cloud Alibaba Cloud
Company Amazon


Google Alibaba
Free Trial
  • 12 Month Free
  • $0 AWS credit
  • 12 Month Free
  • $300 Azure credit
  • 90 Days Free
  • $300 credit
  • 7 Days Free
  • $0 credit card or PayPal

As the price for different services may vary, we suggest that you open the pricing link listed in the table and select a suitable cloud service for your company. Basically, small-sized businesses would pick AWS or Alibaba due to low cost and excellent services. 

Guide 2. Move Data or Apps that You Don't Need to Upload to Cloud In Advance

In order to protect your company's core database and user privacy, it's highly necessary that you move some confidential data, documents, folders, and even apps to another local drive in advance. Reliable Server PC transfer software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans Technician with its Large File Cleanup and App Migration feature can fully help you out.

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You can simply apply this tool to move big files, folders, and even apps to another local or even external hard drive with ease.

#1. Move Big Files to Another Drive

Step 1. Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your PC. Choose "Large File Cleanup" > Click "Start" button to move on.

large file transfer - 1

Step 2. Select the disk you want to scan, click "Scan."

large file transfer - 2

Step 3. When the scan completes, files larger than 20M will be listed. Choose the wanted files and target drive to move. (You can choose the triangle icon to select destination or click "Browse" to pick the wanted place.)

large file transfer - 3

Step 4. Click "Move" button, then check files on the pop window. Then click "Move" button again.

large file transfer - 4

#2. Migrate Apps to Another Drive

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your computer. Click "App Migration".


Step 2. Select the Apps or programs that you want to transfer.

All movable applications will be listed and be marked as "Yes". Then select the destination. Choose the external device or another local drive as your destination.

select the app and the destination

Step 3. Transfer the Apps. Click "Transfer" to start the process.

click transfer to start app migration

If you have further questions on moving Sever content to Cloud or want an online help, click the chat button here to reach our technical support team immediately:

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Enterprise

Batch computer program transfer, Windows account transfer, domain account transfer, virtual-physical machine transfer, local to cloud desktop transfer.

Technical Chat 24/7

Guide 3. Create a Server Backup Before Moving to Cloud

Before moving to the cloud, we suggest that you create a full backup of your Server data and even the system in advance. It's essential that you make sure your data and clients' data are all under protection.

Creating a full backup is a traditional but efficient way to take good care of your site data on Servers. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Technician, with its Backup and Restore features, can fulfill your needs. 

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For a step-by-step guide, check this out:

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Guide 4. How to Move Server to Cloud

Note that all Cloud service has their own Server to Cloud migration guidelines on their official site. We recommended the 4 Cloud services above, and here we'll list the official guide provided by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba that you can follow the respective link to complete moving your Server to the cloud then:

#1. AWS 

- Move Server to Cloud:

- Video Tutorial:

#2. Azure

- Move Physical Server to Azure:

- Video Tutorial:

#3. Google Cloud

- Move Physical Server to Google Cloud:

#4. Alibaba Cloud

- Move Server to Alibaba Cloud:

- Video Tutorial:

Moving Server to Cloud Is Complex and Challenging, Be Sure You've Blocked Essential Content In Advance

On this page, we compared a physical Server and Cloud, and many companies selected to move Servers to the cloud because the cloud is more flexible and easier to deploy with lower cost.

We also list 4 factors that you should consider before moving Server data to the cloud, and the factors are: which cloud to select, block essential data and apps, Server backup, and how to move Server to cloud.

Notice the whole process is complex, and you need to be very patient. Also, all the Cloud providers have a strong support team that you can totally rely on for moving physical Servers to the cloud. Before you start, make sure that you've successfully moved the confidential data, files, and apps to a second or external disk to block them from being uploaded to the cloud.

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Moving Server to Cloud, What To Consider and How to Do It [2024 Complete Guide]

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