How to Migrate MySQL Database to SQL Server | Step-by-Step

This article will provide three ways to convert MySQL to SQL Server, including using EaseUS Server Migration Software and SQL Server Migration Assistant. Read on to learn more solutions to migrate MySQL database to SQL Server.

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MySQL, an open-source relational database management system, is used for managing and organizing data, and SQL Server is another RDBMS developed by Microsoft. SQL Server has better speed, scalability, and security.

Migrating MySQL database to SQL Server will allow you to unleash and enjoy the power of SQL Server. Following our step-by-step guide, you can use the EaseUS Database Transfer Tool - EaseUS Todo PCTrans Technician and SQL Server Migration Assistant to finish the task.

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Notes on Migrate MySQL Database to SQL Server

Converting MySQL database to SQL Server is not easy. Before we begin the detailed steps, we have listed some considerations to mitigate potential challenges and ensure you successfully migrate the MySQL database.

  • Ensure that applications using MySQL databases are compatible with SQL Server.
  • Make sure that syntax changes, data types, and supported features are compatible between MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Optimize your existing MySQL database ahead of time and implement a strategy in your SQL Server environment.
  • To ensure data integrity, verify that the target SQL Server instance can handle the volume of data.
  • Do develop a comprehensive test plan to validate the migrated database and download the SQL server to the MySQL migration tool.

Once you have fulfilled the above key considerations, please continue reading to convert MySQL. If you liked this article, don't forget to click the social share buttons and share it with others.


Method 1. Migrate MySQL Database with EaseUS Todo PCTrans

⏱️Duration: 3-5 minutes

🚩Apply to: migrate MySQL to another PC/Server

🧑‍💻Suitable Users: All users, including beginners

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is an excellent PC to PC transfer software. It is compatible with MySQL and SQL Server 2004, 2008, or 2019. The tool can transfer everything, including programs, settings, user accounts, and server data.

If you want to transfer MySQL to another Server, please set the computers on the same LAN, select MySQL database, and then transfer it to the target SQL Server via the Internet.

If the computers are not on the same LAN, you can also use "Restore and Backup" to ensure the security and integrity of your SQL/MySQL database. This feature can solve the problem of non-Internet environments when transferring databases across servers.

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Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on source and target Server PCs, on the source PC, select "This is Old PC" and "Next".

open PC to PC feature for Sever transfer

Step 2. Connect the target new Server computer via the password or identification code.

Connect two server PCs

Step 3. EaseUS Todo PCTrans will analyze the content on the source Server PC, once done, at the Applications section, select the desired MySQL apps and click "Transfer".

Select MySQL to transfer

Step 4. Wait for the MySQL transfer proceder to complete and click "OK" to finish.

Finish Transferring MySQL

With this tool, you can easily transfer database from one Server to another. Download it and you can also enjoy more functions.

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Method 2. Migrate MySQL Database with SQL Server Migration Assistant

⏱️Duration: More than 10 minutes

🚩Apply to: migrate MySQL to SQL on the same PC

🧑‍💻Suitable Users: For experts

Microsoft provides SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to help you convert MySQL databases to SQL servers online. If you are familiar with the operation, please do the prerequisites and refer to the following steps:

The guidelines in this section are taken from the official MySQL to SQL Server migration guide provided by Microsoft. We have simplified the complicated parts so you can migrate databases clearly and quickly. Please follow the steps strictly.

Stage 1. Prerequisites for Converting MySQL to SQL Server

1. Create an evaluation:

  • Start SSMA for MySQL and create a new project. Select Name, Address, and SQL Server in Migrate to.
  • Enter the information in Connect to MySQL and connect to the MySQL server.

connect to sql

  • Right-click on the source MySQL database and click Create Report.

create report

  • In the SSMAProjects report folder, you can see a list of MySQL objects and information about how long it took to perform the schema transformation.

2. Verify the type mapping

  • Open SSMA and select Project Settings in the Tools menu.
  • Select each table in the MySQL Metadata Explorer and change its type mapping.

type mapping

3. Convert the schema

  • Right-click the node in SSMA and select Add Statement to convert dynamic or on-the-fly queries.
  • Click Connect to SQL Server and select Level of Detail.
  • Connect to SQL Server.
  • In the MySQL Metadata Explorer, select MySQL Database and click Convert Schema.

convert schema

  • When the conversion is complete, compare the converted and original objects and fix potential problems.
  • Continue to review the recommendations and compare the original code with the modified Transact-SQL text.
  • Click Save Project to perform the offline architecture repair exercise locally.

Stage 2. Steps for MySQL to SQL Server Migration

  • In the SQL Server Metadata Explorer, right-click the database and select Synchronize with Database to publish the architecture.
  • Check the mapping between the source project and the target.
  • Right-click the database you want to migrate in the MySQL Metadata Explorer and select Migrate Data. You can also remove some unwanted data using the check box next to it.

migrate data

  • After the migration, view the report and connect to the MySQL database through SQL Server Management Studio to see if the migration was successful.


This article provides detailed steps and considerations on migrating MySQL database to SQL Server. You can use MySQL to SQL Server converter - EaseUS Todo PCTrans to migrate MySQL to another Server. This tool provides an efficient and fast solution.

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If you are a computer expert, you can also use SQL Server Migration Assistant provided by Microsoft to unlock the full potential of advanced features and scalability.

FAQs About How to Migrate MySQL Database to SQL Server

This part will provide some frequently asked questions and answers about how to Migrate MySQL Database to SQL Server. Keep reading if you are interested.

1. How do you import the MySQL database to MS SQL?

You can use the SQL Server Import and Migration for Migration Export Wizard:

  • Open the ODBC Data Source Manager and browse for the MySQL ODBC driver.
  • Enter the MySQL server connection details and set the format.
  • Start SQL Server Management Studio and create a new database.
  • Click Import Data to start the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.

2. How do you migrate the MySQL database to the SQL Server?

In MySQL Metadata Explorer, you can choose to migrate data by right-clicking on the database or object you wish to move and choosing Migrate Data.

For detailed steps, please check this guide.

3. How to move the MySQL database to another location?

You can use a third-party tool such as EaseUS Todo PCTrans to perform a quick migration or a command prompt to move the MySQL database to another location.

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How to Migrate MySQL Database to SQL Server | Step-by-Step

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