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Updated by Tracy King on Nov 24, 2023

Are you unable to find your CCleaner Pro product key? 

If yes, you have clicked on the right post. This post will help you find your lost CCleaner product key so you can easily clean your PC in no time.

CCleaner Overview 

CCleaner is a great Windows 11 tool to improve your PC's performance. It has made the PC cleaning method super simple, like washing your laundry. You just have to press a button, and CCleaner will wipe out all junk files, cookies, and other unwanted data from your computer. 

ccleaner overview

CCleaner is a free utility tool, but you can upgrade to the Pro version to get additional features like: 

  • Smart Cleaning to clean your browser data and junk files automatically. 
  • You can schedule check-ups with CCleaner's intelligent cleaning tool that runs in the background. 
  • CCleaner can help you purify your entire family's gadgets. 
  • Disk Analyser can track trash files, temp records, and other unwanted data to free up space up to 1 GB on your computer. 
  • Duplicate Finder lets you remove copy media files and documents with a click, etc. 

Since CCleaner Pro offers you so many great features; thus, it is important to save your CCleaner product key properly as the software won't work without it. 

Unfortunately, if you have lost your CCleaner product key because your hardware got corrupted, you forget your registered email password, or you have upgraded your system. The reason could be anything behind losing your CCleaner product key, but it is harmful to both your pocket and computer to lose it. 

So, to help out CCleaner Pro users, we will be sharing the two simple methods to find the CCleaner product key with you today.


Method 1. Find My CCleaner License Key via EaseUS Key Finder
Method 2. Find Product Key via CCleaner Official Website

Method 1. Find My CCleaner License Key via EaseUS Key Finder

Many of you already know the EaseUS Key Finder is a reliable PC transfer software to migrate data, programs, and accounts between computers. But not many people still know that it can help you recover lost product keys as well. 

EaseUS Key Finder offers a 'Product Key' feature that can find product keys for Windows, Office, Adobe, and CCleaner. All you have to do is install this great tool on your computer and follow these steps to find your CCleaner product key:

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1. Click "Application" tab under "Registry Key".

find software product key 1

Step 2. View Applications Registry Keys on the right panel. EaseUS Key Finder will show all keys of installed software. Copy the targeted serial numbers. Also, you can click "Print" or "Save".

find software product key 2

This third-party software is better than all other product key recovery solutions because it offers many additional features, such as:

Identify Windows, Adobe, Office,  SQL server product key:

  • Windows - Support Win7/8/8.1/10/11, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022.
  • Office - Support Office 2013 and older versions.
  • Adobe - Support all Adobe products.
  • SQL server - Support 2005/2008/2012/2014 version.

Find Connected WiFi Password:

If you forget the connected WiFi password, you can use keyfinder to check it.

Check the browser saved web username and password:

Support Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox.

Method 2. Find Product Key via CCleaner Official Website

If you don't want to use third-party software to find your CCleaner product key, you can go to the CCleaner website to retrieve your keys. 

To use this method, you must remember the email and password that you have used to buy the CCleaner Pro. 

Then, you have to head over to the CCleaner license lookup page ( and enter your email. 

find product key via official website

After this, CCleaner will send your product key to your registered email address. Now, you simply have to copy your product key and put it in the CCleaner setup wizard to enjoy all the Pro features. 

This method is simple only if you remember your CCleaner email and password. Otherwise, third-party software is the best solution. 

Final Words 

To keep your computer fast, spacious, and optimized, CCleaner is one of the best Windows cleaning tools. You can quickly clean your system, schedule period clean, remove duplicate files, and so much more with CCleaner Pro. 

Therefore, it is important to store your CCleaner product key properly on your computer or email. But if somehow you have forgotten your email ID password or the system got corrupt, it will be hard for you to find your CCleaner product key. Even CCleaner's official website wants an authorized email address to recover the product key. 

However, fortunately, reliable data recovery tools like EaseUS Key Finder have made it super easy to recover product keys. It has a built-in Product Key Finder that can recover MS Office, Adobe, and even CCleaner license keys. 

So, if you have lost your CCleaner product key, just download EaseUS Key Finder today to keep your system up-to-date with CCleaner Pro.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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