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How to Recover Music Files Deleted by iTunes

Updated by Cedric on Jul 20, 2023
Written by Tracy King
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iTunes deleted your songs or music playlist? This page shows you how to recover music files deleted by iTunes from the Previous iTunes Libraries folder or with third-party iOS recovery software.

Losing your songs or music playlist? Actually, they might be deleted by iTunes. This page shows you how to recover music files deleted by iTunes from the Previous iTunes Libraries folder or with third-party iOS recovery software. Read on to get the solutions. 

iTunes deleted my music, how do I get it back?

"When I open up my iTunes library, I Just find that all of my music playlists and songs are gone. It happened just after I upgraded to iTunes 12.2.0. It seems that the newest iTunes have deleted all of my music files. Is there any way I can use to recover them back?"

iTunes deleted my music is not a new topic. It happened now and then and frustrated numerous users these years. And recently, it seems to become more serious. Lots of users reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without their permission and Apple acknowledged those reports. When the accident happened unexpectedly, the most important task for you is to recover music files deleted by iTunes. Then how can you do it? Here we show you two easy ways to do this job. 

Recover music files from the Previous iTunes Libraries folder

1. Turn off iTunes in the Cloud

2. Quit iTunes. Go to the iTunes folder that contains the iTunes library files:

Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose Go > Home > Music > iTunes > Previous iTunes Libraries.
Windows: Navigate to \Users\username\Music\iTunes\Previous iTunes Libraries.

Hopefully, there is at least one document in there with the file extension .itl and a date *prior* to when you updated your iTunes. If you find such a thing, then continue the steps.

3. Rename the files iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml (just add "corrupted" to the beginning of the file name, or something like that). 

4. Now rename the previous version to iTunes Library.itl, drag it into the main iTunes folder and restart the iTunes app. 

If all goes well, you will see all your missing playlists and songs in iTunes. And, if you are given the option to use iTunes in the Cloud, just say No -- this seems to be where these problems are coming from.

Recover music files from iTunes with iOS data recovery software

If you can not find and recover music files deleted by iTunes using the above method, you can try EaseUS MobiSaver, a professional third-party iOS data recovery software to get back your songs or music files missing from iTunes. Here is the detailed guide.

Step 1. Run EaseUS MobiSaver

First, download EaseUS MobiSaver > Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer > Start EaseUS MobiSaver > Select "Recover from iTunes Backup" > Select an iTunes backup.

Recover Data from iTunes1

Step 2. Unlock iTunes

If this iTunes backup is encrypted, you need to enter the password to unlock it. After entering the password, click the "Continue" button. EaseUS MobiSaver will automatically scan your backup file to find the lost data.

Recover Data from iTunes2

Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from iTunes

After the scanning, preview the detailed contents of your lost photos/videos, contacts/messages, notes, SNS data. Choose the file and click the "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

Recover Data from iTunes3

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