Fixed: Windows 10 File History Doesn't Recognize the Hard Drive

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File History doesn't recognize this drive in Windows 10

How many of you guys are having Windows 'File History doesn't recognize this drive' error and can't back up files or data in Windows 10, 8 or 7 PCs?

File History, a Windows built-in backup tool, is designed for helping Windows users save copies of important files and data so that they can get those data back if the files get lost or damaged. The only problem is that File History backups would take quite big storage space in hard drive. Sometimes, some Windows users would turn off the File History so to save more available space for PC.

This is one of the reasons why File History fails to work for file backup. If the backup hard drive can't be recognized by File History, you won't be able to backup files with File History. If you are now having this issue, what can you do to make File History work again and solve 'File History doesn't recognize this drive' error in Windows 10, 8 or 7? 

Fix File History doesn't recognize this drive error

Here below, you'll find one quick fix and 3 reliable methods to fix 'File History doesn't recognize this drive' error and make it work for file backup again. 

Quick Fix: Turning on the destination drive

Some times, if the Windows users turned off the File History backup drive, File History won't recognize the backup hard drive and it surely can't backup files anymore. Here is the quick way to turn on hard drive and fix File History to work again:

1. Click Start and type: File History in the Search bar.
2. Select "File History".
3. If you get the message that 'No file history was found', just click "Configure File History settings".

Fix File History doesn't recognize the drive error.

4. Click "Turn on" under "File History is off".
There, you can use File History to backup files and data again.

Turn on File History that doesn't work.

Method 1. Select another drive for File History backup

If the File History can't read or recognize your present hard drive, you can try to change and select another drive for File History backup:

1. Typing: File History in the Search and click "File History".
2. Select "Configure File History settings" if No file history was found;

Fix File History fails to backup error.

3. Click "Select another drive" under "File History doesn't recognize this hard drive" error message;

Fix File History doesn't recognize this drive error in Windows 10.

4. Then select the new disk to replace the unrecognized drive for File History and click OK to keep the changes.

Solve Windows 10 File History fails to backup file error.

Method 2. Use File History alternative free tool to backup Windows files

If you are urgent or need a fast way to finish file backup task in Windows PC, your best choice is File History alternative free software or tool. 
If you need a time-saving and high efficient tool to replace File History so to backup important files, EaseUS Todo Backup will help. This software allows you to effectively restore backup files, hard drive partition and even Windows system within 3 simple steps. It's free for file backup within 30 days. 

Just free download, install and apply it to backup files without File History in Windows 10 now:

By doing so, you'll successfully backup target files and important data in Windows PC without File History. 

Method 3. Turn on File History service to repair not working File History

The other way you may try is to turn on File History service so to repair and fix File History can't recognize the drive error and make it work for file back up again:

1. Type: services in the Search and select Services.
2. Locate and find the File History Service > Click "Start the service" > Set the Start Type to "Automatic".
Then you can restart PC so to keep all changes, there you shall be able to run File History for file back up again.

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