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Windows 10 Disk Clone without Reinstallation

Updated on Aug 28, 2018 by Tracy King to Backup and Recovery

This page introduces Windows 10 disk clone software to help you optimize computer, upgrade and replace the old hard drive with bigger HDD or even faster SSD. Free EaseUS clone software is available here to help you to clone Windows 10 disk without reinstalling system now.

Your computer runs slower with Windows 10 since the disk is almost full? Are you trying to transfer all your present hard disk data including the Operating System into a bigger HDD or SSD so to optimize your computer? Best free clone software makes it free and easy for you to upgrade and clone Windows 10 disk now. If you are planning to upgrade Windows 10 hard disk, read the following tips to make Windows 10 disk clone and optimize your PC now.

Why do you need Windows 10 disk clone?

Windows disk cloning is a very effective method for ordinary people to upgrade their computer hard disk to a bigger one so to optimize computer. In order to get a fast running speed, some users even choose to clone the whole hard disk drive with OS to SSD which works faster and more efficient than ordinary hard drives. 

Though you may not lose data by copying data one by one to the new hard drive or SSD, you'll also need to reinstall the Windows OS on the new disk. Windows 10 disk cloning will effectively avoid system reinstallation and data copying issues for you. How to clone Windows 10 disk without reinstalling the system? Don't bother. Here the next you'll find the exact solution for your case.

Clone Windows 10 disk with Free EaseUS clone software

Nothing can be much better than find a free method to free clone Windows disk without reinstalling the system. Free Windows clone software from EaseUS makes it possible for you and you'll be able to clone everything cloned to a new HDD/SSD exact the same. How? 

EaseUS Todo Backup Free allows you to perform Windows 10 disk clone with simple clicks and it's sector by sector feature allows you to clone every file to a new hard disk with ease. Free download this software and connect the new HDD/SSD with your PC and follow next tutorial steps to clone disk without reinstalling Windows 10 now:

Step 1. Launch and run EaseUS Todo Backup on your PC and select Clone on the left pane.

Run disk partition cloning software.

Step 2. Select the disk or partition that you want to clone. 

Choose partition or drive to clone.

And then select the destination disk that you want to save cloned disk or partition with data. 
Note: If you prefer to allocate the target disk with the same layout as the source disk, just enable a sector level clone by clicking Advanced options -> Sector by sector clone.

Enable sector by sector clone for disk/partition clone.

Step 3. Click Proceed to start cloning your disk or partition now.

Start disk/partition cloning process.

After this, you can reboot PC and continue to use Windows 10 on your new hard disk or SSD without reinstalling. Then you can choose to remove or use the old Windows hard drive disk as a storage device for your computer. If you still have a question, you can watch the video.