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Windows 10 Disk Clone with Free Disk Cloning Software

Updated on Aug 12, 2019 by Tracy King to Backup and Recovery

With the free disk cloning software for Windows 10 - EaseUS Todo Backup, you can not only clone the hard drive on your computer but also clone Windows 10 without reinstallation. It will help you upgrade/replace the old hard drive with bigger HDD or faster SSD and migrate Windows 10 to optimize your computer performance. Get the disk cloning software for free and clone a hard drive or Windows 10 right now.
  • Applies To: Clone Disk in Windows 10, Clone Windows 10 Operating System
  • Steps Needed: 3 Steps
  • Tool Needed: Free Disk Cloning Software - EaseUS Todo Backup

Why Do You Need to Clone Disk in Windows 10 or Clone Windows 10

Disk clone in Windows 10 does great help to optimize your computer. There are two main reasons for you to clone disk in Windows 10:

  • Clone Hard Drive (Data Drive) to Upgrade Computer Disk

Windows disk clone is the most useful and straightforward method for you to upgrade their computer hard drive to a bigger one. By doing so, you can enlarge your computer storage and get a faster running speed simultaneously. 

  • Clone Windows 10 to Improve Computer Performance

With the passage of time, the free space on your system disk will become less and less and you will feel your computer in Windows 10 run slower and slower. To effectively improve your system performance and speed up Windows 10, you will need to transfer all your present hard disk data including the Operating System into a bigger HDD or SSD so to optimize your computer. Or to make Windows 10 boot faster, you can choose to clone the whole hard disk drive with OS to an SSD which works faster and more efficient than ordinary hard drives.

The Tool Needed: Free Disk Cloning Software for Windows 10

Since manually copying data from one hard drive to another is time-consuming and you won't be able to clone Windows 10 without the help of third-party software, you'd better clone disk in Windows 10 or clone Windows 10 with the free Windows backup software - EaseU Todo Backup. This professional disk cloning software makes it easy for you to upgrade and clone Windows 10 disk (whether it contains the operating system or not) and will free you from system reinstallation and data copying issues. Here are the main features of this tool:

Disk/Partition Clone: Selectively clone one disk/partition to another. For example, you can clone HDD to SSD in Windows 10 using this function. If the disk contains the system, you can successfully clone Windows 10 disk without reinstalling the system.

System Clone: Exclusively clone your Windows 10 operating system to another disk. It's a good choice when you want to migrate OS to SSD.

Disk/Partition/System/File Backup: Unlike the cloning features, the backup feature creates an image file of the object and you need to perform recovery to re-access the files.

Before you start using the disk cloning software, there are the things you need to know. Whether you want to perform disk clone or system clone, to ensure you can clone your disk or OS smoothly, there are the requirements for the target hard drive:

  • Total capacity exceeds the used space on the source disk (or system and boot partitions on the source disk if you want to clone Windows 10 only).
  • Displays as unallocated in Disk Management. If not, delete all partitions. Thus, make sure you have backed up your important files in advance.
  • Is the same partition style as the source disk (by initializing or converting). You may want to know how to convert between GPT and MBR.

Make sure your target disk meets the requirements above and now choose what would you like to use the disk cloning software for:

Clone Disk in Windows 10 (Whether it contains the system or not)
Clone Windows 10 Only

How to Clone Disk in Windows 10

EaseUS Todo Backup Free allows you to perform Windows 10 disk clone with simple clicks and it's sector by sector clone feature allows you to clone every file to a new hard disk with the same disk layout. Free download this software and connect the new HDD/SSD with your PC and follow next tutorial steps to clone disk (whether it contains Windows 10 OS or not) without reinstalling Windows 10 now:

Step 1. Launch and run EaseUS Todo Backup on your PC and select "Clone" on the left pane.

Run disk partition cloning software.

Step 2. Select the disk or partition that you want to clone. 

Choose partition or drive to clone.

And then select the destination disk that you want to save cloned disk or partition with data. 

Note: If you prefer to allocate the target disk with the same layout as the source disk, just enable a sector level clone by clicking "Advanced options" -> "Sector by sector clone".

Enable sector by sector clone for disk/partition clone.

Step 3. Click "Proceed" to start cloning your disk or partition now.

Start disk/partition cloning process.

How to Clone Windows 10

If you want to clone Windows only instead of cloning the system disk, you are recommended to use the "System Clone" feature.

Step 1. Connect your targe hard drive to your computer. Launch EaseUS disk cloning software and choose "System Clone".

choose system clone to clone windows 10 to new drive

Step 2. Windows 10 will be selected automatically. Thus, you just need to select the target hard drive. If the new drive is a solid-state drive, you are recommended to tick the option "Optimize for SSD" in Advanced Options.

choose the new drive as the destination disk

Step 3. Click "Proceed" and the software will start cloning Windows 10 to the selected disk immediately.

click proceed to start cloning windows 10 to new drive

After this, you can reboot PC and continue to use Windows 10 on your new hard disk or SSD without reinstallation. Then you can choose to remove the source disk or use it for data storage on your computer.

The difference between the "Clone" feature and the "System Clone" feature is that, if you use the "Clone" feature to clone Windows 10, you will copy all the content on the disk where Windows 10 is in. While if you use "System Clone" to clone Windows 10, you will only copy the system and boot partition(s) on the disk only.

The Bottom Line

EaseUS disk cloning software is frequently used to upgrate computer disks. If your computer runs slower with Windows 10 since the disk is almost full or you want to transfer all your present hard disk data into a bigger HDD or SSD so to optimize your computer, this tool fits your needs exactly. Whether you want to clone disk, clone Windows 10, or make a backup of your files elsewhere, this software will be helpful to you.