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Windows Registry is one of the most crucial components of Windows as it stores all the information about the PC in one place, such as system settings, programs installed and uninstalled, hardware installed, and more. When we uninstall an application from the system, the information related to this action gets stored in the Windows Registry. But, this information is of no use to the system or us after deleting the program.

Therefore, removing redundant information like this from Windows Registry is always better before it starts affecting the system's performance. In that case, registry cleaner tools come into use and help us delete all the useless files with ease. In this article, we've shared the five best registry cleaners for PC. Let's choose the best registry cleaner tool for your Windows PC.

What Is Registry Cleaner?

Registry Cleaner is third-party software that finds redundant registry keys and values within the directory and lets us delete them. These tools search for invalid entries, missing file references, and broken registry keys and links in Windows Registry and take necessary actions against them.

One of the primary functions of a registry cleaning tool is to improve the system's performance by deleting useless registry data. In short, they assist you in removing inconsistencies from the system caused by making changes in the settings or installing and uninstalling programs. 

5 Best Registry Cleaners for Windows PC

In this section, we've shared the five best registry cleaners for Windows 10/11 PC. You can check them and choose the best one for yourself. 

1. Cleaner One Pro

cleaner one pro

Cleaner One Pro is a freemium disk cleanup tool that helps in enhancing the system's performance by deleting all duplicate and redundant files from the system. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for everyone. Cleaner One Pro comes with a Smart Scan feature that scans the entire computer deeply and shows all the issues on the Report page. One of the best features of the Cleaner One Pro is its integrated Registry Cleaner tool. It scans the entire registry directory and eliminates all its inconsistencies, such as errors, redundant files, etc., within a few minutes. 

Cleaner One Pro also has a Duplicate Scanner feature that automatically scans and deletes duplicate files that are consuming the system storage for no reason. This will help in optimizing the system's storage space and performance. In addition, this tool is freely available for both Windows and Mac. However, the Registry Cleaner feature isn't available for free use. Overall, it's a great tool with a great set of features and an easy-to-use interface. 

Key Features of Cleaner One Pro:

  1. Cleaner One Pro automatically checks for the temporary data on the system and deletes them to free up some space.
  2. One of the most interesting features of Cleaner One Pro is its Large File Scanner, which organizes the files on the system according to their size. For instance, keeping files between 500MB to 1GB in a single folder.
  3. Cleaner One Pro also has an integrated Registry Cleaner tool that automatically scans for inconsistencies within Windows Registry and repairs them.

2. CCleaner Professional

ccleaner professional

The CCleaner Professional is one of the best disk cleanup tools, primarily known for its Registry Cleaning feature. It automatically searches for the issues within the Windows Registry and fixes them in significantly less time. Unlike other developers, the developers of this tool decided to offer the Registry Cleaning option for free, which is a huge plus point of this tool. 

The CCleaner Professional tool has a fantastic feature called Health Check that scans the computer thoroughly, searches for the tracking files, and removes them to protect the system data from losing. You can consider employing useful data recovery software if you're worried about your data loss.

With a single click, you can also use its Driver Updater tool to update all the outdated system drivers. Isn't it amazing? We recommend this tool as it offers the Registry Cleaning feature for free; this is all we need. You can also go with its premium version for some advanced features, which comes at US$29.95 for one year and a single PC. 

Key Features Of CCleaner Professional:

  1. CCleaner Professional is an all-one disk cleanup tool that gives access to different cleaning tools, such as Registry Cleaner, Health Check, and many more.
  2. It also has a dedicated tool called Duplicate Finder that searches for duplicate files in the system storage and deletes them to make some space. 
  3. CCleaner Professional also comes with a Registry Scanner which identifies redundant registry keys and eliminates them from Windows Registry. 
  4. You can also use the CCleaner Professional tool to update all the outdated device drivers with a single click. 

3. Wise Registry Cleaner

wise registry cleaner'

Wise Registry Cleaner is again one of the best registry cleaner tools for Windows PCs. It has a neat and uncluttered user interface that distinguishes it from other registry cleaning tools. One of the main capabilities of this tool is searching and removing errors from the Windows registry directory to increase the system's performance.

It scans all registry keys and values thoroughly in one command and searches for redundant or useless entries in a few seconds. The Wise Registry Cleaner tool also has a Registry Defrag feature that organizes the registry's contents into small fragments and groups to make it easier to access and read. This tool comes at the cost of US$30 for one year for one PC.

Key Features Of Wise Registry Cleaner:

  1. Wise Registry Cleaner is a perfect tool for easily cleaning and optimizing registry entries. 
  2. You can also set automatic registry cleaning tasks so you never miss improving the system's performance. 
  3. It can also optimize registries related to Windows Settings for better system performance. 
  4. This tool also offers customizable scanning options for advanced users to bring out the best system performance. 
  5. Wise Registry Cleaner can also take automatic backups of registry keys before deleting them for safety purposes. 

4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

auslogic registry cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is another excellent registry cleaning and optimizing tool that comes with a great set of features. One of the best features of the Auslogics Registry Cleaner tool is that it scans the entire registry directory from the roots and removes all inconsistencies in one go. You can also select and deselect registry entries on the results page to delete them from the system.

The best part of the Auslogics Registry Cleaner tool is that all its features are completely free. However, we're concerned about the amount of bloatware it brings to your system. It installs tons of other software with the main software, which can ruin your experience with the tool.

Key Features Of Auslogics Registry Cleaner:

  1. One of the best features of this tool is its colored severity rating which highlights the registry key or value that needs to be looked at with topmost priority. 
  2. You can also use this tool for custom registry cleaning purposes. For instance, you select the registry entry manually and scan it separately.

5. Advanced PC Cleanup

advanced pc cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup is a user-friendly registry cleaning tool with an easy-to-use interface and features. It lets you disable unwanted startup programs and enhance the system's performance. Advanced PC Cleanup also allows us to remove malware and adware from the system to protect our data from any damage. Most importantly, this enables you to clean up unwanted registry data from the computer to save storage and boost the system's performance.

In addition, this tool has many integrated tools, such as Temporary Files Cleaner, Trash Cleaner, Invalid Registry Cleaner, etc., which always helps maintain better system performance. Moreover, the Advanced PC Cleanup tool is a freemium tool. You can download the tool for free and enjoy its essential features. We suggest going with the premium plan of the Advanced PC Cleanup tool, which starts at US$39.95 per year, to unlock many new and advanced features. 

Key Features Of Advanced PC Cleanup:

  1. One of the best features of the Advanced PC Cleanup tool is that it enables you to scan and clean invalid registry keys for free.
  2. Advanced PC Cleanup tool has a built-in Temporary Files Cleaner that automatically searches for the temporary data in the system and removes them. 

Comparison of Top 5 Best Windows PC Registry Cleaners

All the above-mentioned tools have different characteristics. It's not fair to choose the best tools without comparing all of them. Thus, in this section, we've added a comparison table of all the mentioned registry cleaner tools to differentiate between them easily.

Tool Name OS Best For Pricing Pros Cons
Cleaner One Pro Windows & Mac Disk Cleanup Free + $14.99/year Has a free version, Easy-to-use, Built-in Registry Optimizer tool  Can delete valuable files, Registry cleaner is a premium feature
CCleaner Professional Windows 7 & onward Disk Cleanup Free + US$29.95/year  Has plenty of useful built-in cleanup tools, Comes at an affordable cost, Quite accurate and performs well N/A
Wise Registry Cleaner Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10 Registry Cleanup & Optimization Free + US$30/year  Has a free version, Intuitive interface, Supports automatic registry cleaning or backup, Finds and removes registry errors and junk Irritating ads, Available for Windows only
Auslogic Registry Cleaner Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 Registry Cleanup Completely Free Automatic backup, Colored severity rating, Supports custom registry scanning and fixing Installs additional programs during setup
Advanced PC Cleanup Windows 10, 8 and 7 Both Disk & Registry Cleanup Free + US$39.95/year Automatically cleans and optimizes your disks, Deletes privacy-exposing traces, All-in-one protection tool No driver updater module, Doesn't support automatic disk cleaning

Final Words

Cleaning residual registry keys is necessary to boost the system's performance. Many tools let you clean the Windows Registry, but it isn't easy to find the best one. Therefore, in this article, we shared the best registry cleaner tools along with their key features. You can learn more about them and decide which is right for you. We hope this article assisted you in choosing the best registry cleaning tools for your Windows PC.

FAQs About Registry Cleaner for Windows PC

Here, in this section, we've answered some most commonly asked questions about the Windows registry cleaner tools. We hope this section answers all your doubts about today's topic.

1. Is It Worth Using a Registry Cleaner?

Yes, it's good to use registry cleaning tools as they easily find redundant registry keys and values and remove them from the system. 

2. How Often Should You Clean Your Registry?

You should clean the Windows Registry once or twice a month. On the other hand, you can clean it right after uninstalling programs as they always leave some traces on Windows Registry.

3. What Causes Registry Issues?

There could be different reasons for the registry-related issues. Sometimes, it occurs because of third-party programs. While sometimes, it happens due to malware or viruses.

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