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"I can't remember my WiFi password, and I've tried every password I can think of, but nothing works. I need immediate help to get me out of this. Please tell me what do I do if I forgot my WiFi password and how to retrieve my WiFi password as quickly as possible. Any assistance would be appreciated."

⏲Duration: 3-5 minutes of reading
🎯Goal: Find forgotten WiFi password
💻Supported Systems: All Windows systems
👔Who Will Need It: Both home and office users, professionals, and beginners who forgot their WiFi password

To keep your Wi-Fi safe from unauthorized access, you set a strong password, yet sometimes you lose or forget it. If you don't have the correct password on hand, you won't be able to connect to a new device. There are numerous situations when you may need to learn how to locate and retrieve your WiFi password. This guide will teach you how to recover home and office WiFi passwords.

find fogotten wfi password

Forgot My WiFi Password, What Do I Do? 

Don't worry if you've lost your WiFi password at the office or home. Refer to this tutorial to find out how to get your WiFi password.

Key Point: Stop using phones or laptops, and don't disconnect their devices if the WiFi is still connected.
Methods to Find Forgotten WiFi Password:
  1. #1. WiFi Key Finder Software
  2. #2. Windows Network & Internet Settings
  3. #3. Router Settings
  4. #4. Reset Router
Tips to Keep WiFi Password Safe
  • Back up WiFi passwords
  • Keep the device connected to WiFi and set it to remember the WiFi password
  • Keep WiFi key finder software as plan B

Before moving on, maximize your chances of successfully retrieving your WiFi password by following these instructions.Four methods to view your WiFi password are presented below. Each option effectively solves the problem, however, if you want a quick fix without manually figuring out the password, we advise you to try the first method.

  • Don't disconnect your devices from WiFi
  • Set computer, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet to remember WiFi passwords
  • Make sure you have stable internet on the device attempting the process
  • Close unnecessary applications to avoid interruptions

Fix 1. Forgot WiFi Password? Try WiFi Key Finder Software

  • ⏱Duration: Add estimated time
  • 🧰Tools: Laptop, EaseUS Key Finder
  • 🔢Complexity: Easiest

A reliable and painless solution to get back your WiFi password is Key Finder software. It helps to view saved networks and passwords in one click. Using this program instead of tedious manual procedures makes a forgotten Wi-Fi password easier to restore. A key finder tool may also help you to import wifi passwords from another computer.

If you want a free and efficient key finder, EaseUS Key Finder is a legitimate alternative. It is the most trusted and advanced program that assists you in recovering your Wifi password in no time.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Download EaseUS Key Finder and follow the instructions to find your forgotten WiFi password:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Key Finder on your laptop, click "WLAN" on the left pane.

Find WiFi Code step 1

Step 2. Find your WiFi account, and you'll see the password next to your network name. 

You can directly click "Copy" to copy the WiFi password and join in your wireless network immediately.

Or, you can also, click "Print" or "Save" to back up all your WiFi networks and passwords. 

Find WiFi Code step 2

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

EaseUS Key Finder delivers an excellent experience for users with any level of technical expertise. Its quick functionality and user-friendly interface make it a versatile program for all Windows users. It offers a WLAN feature that keeps track of and remembers all the passwords and accounts connected to your PC.

Fix 2. Can't Remember WiFi Password? Find It via Windows Network & Internet Settings 

  • ⏱Duration: 4-5 minutes
  • 🧰Tools: Laptop, Windows Network & Internet Settings
  • 🔢Complexity: Medium

Windows offers a built-in utility named "Network & Internet Settings" to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords. This method allows you to view the saved Wi-Fi password for the network that your Windows device is connected to. It is an easy way recommended for users with basic computer operating knowledge. Here's how to do it: 

Step 1: Press Windows key and select the geared icon to open "Settings".

Step 2: Select "Network & Internet" from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Click "Advanced network settings".

open network settings

Step 4: Scroll down, and Select "More Network Adapter Options". 

Step 5: The operating system will take you to "Network Connections" under the Control panel.

Step 6: Right-click your wireless adapter and choose "Status".

check wifi status

Step 7: Select the "Wireless Properties" option under the Status window.

Step 8: Click "Security" from the top menu bar.

find wifi password

Step 9: To reveal the Wi-Fi password, click the checkbox next to "Show Characters".

Fix 3. Look for WiFi Password from Router Settings

  • ⏱Duration: 2-3 minutes
  • 🧰Tools: Laptop, Browser, Router Settings
  • 🔢Complexity: Medium

Step 1: Check the default admin and password on your Wi-Fi router. You need to examine the router and see a sticker containing information, such as SSID, name, and password/security key. 

Find WIfi Password via router

Step 2: If you don't find the password anywhere on the router, try to find the documentation you received in the router's box. Generally, the default username used is "admin" and the password consists of long letters, numbers, and symbols. 

Step 3: Once you connect to your Wi-Fi using the default password, it is advisable to change it to secure the connection. 

If the default password fails to work, it's possible that you or someone else may have changed it. If so, move on to the following method to reset the router.

Fix 4. Reset the Router to Change and Get a New WiFi Password

  • ⏱Duration: 5-7 minutes
  • 🧰Tools: Laptop, Browser, Router Settings
  • 🔢Complexity: Complex

Your router may be labeled with all the essential information you need to reset the password. All you need to do is, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: The Reset button usually locates at the back of the router, inside a pin-sized hole. Press it using a pin and hold for up to 20 seconds. 

Reset router

Step 2: Note down the IP address, admin user name, and password from the router. You may find this information underneath the device or on its back. 

find wifi password

Step 3: Connect your Wi-Fi network to your PC. It will connect without the password at the moment. 

Step 4: Open a web browser and type the IP addresses you noted from the router. Hit "Enter" to move to the login page.

Step 5: You are required to enter the default username and password to reset the password for your router. 

Step 6: Enter a new password and save the settings. Now you can use the new password to reconnect your devices to the Wi-Fi network.

Tips to Keep WiFi Password Safely

Here are some useful tips to help you keep and remember your WiFi password on PC, mobile phones, and tablets:

  • Set the device to remember the WiFi password
  • To keep your device connected to WiFi, enable the automatically connect setting.
  • Use EaseUS Key Finder to read an expert WiFi password as a backup
  • Create a strong password that helps you to make a balance between complexity and convenience.
  • Note down the password in a secure location to avoid the risk of losing it. 

Final Verdict

It can be annoying to forget your WiFi password because it restricts you from connecting any devices to the router. It is crucial to find possible solutions to resolve the issue. Please keep in mind that this page offers efficient techniques accessible for quickly recovering your forgotten password.

EaseUS Key Finder is one software that comes highly recommended. This program can successfully recover your forgotten WiFi password with just one easy click.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

FAQs About What to Do When I Forgot My WiFi Password

If you have additional inquiries regarding the topic discussed on this page, please follow our FAQ section.

1. How to find your WiFi password when you are not connected?

You can use a wired connection to view your router's configuration page and get the password from the Windows Network & Internet Settings. In addition, you can use the default IP address (written on the router) to access the router's configuration page.  

2. How do I change my WiFi password if I forgot my password?

Find the reset button on the router, which is typically a little hole, to reset your router password that way. Press and hold the button with a paperclip or pin for 10 to 15 seconds. The password will be reset to the router's default settings.

3. How do I connect to a forgotten WiFi?

Go to your device's WiFi settings to reconnect to a forgotten WiFi. Next to the network name, choose the "Forget" option. After that, search for accessible networks, find the one you forgot, and enter the correct password.

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