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It's no crime to forget the details of your account or, in some cases, lose the invoice entirely. Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge does not store users' data outside the application and, as such, can not retrieve these details for you when lost completely. Thus, the cycle of opening a new account or tirelessly racking your brain to remember your password is endless. The good news is, there is always a solution. If you have found yourself in this fix or your present situation, it is paramount you follow this guide on the various methods you can use to recover your Edge account and password.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Find Edge Username and Password in Edge Settings First, open Edge. Click on the ellipses button (which looks like three dots)...Full steps
Fix 2. Recover Edge Account and Password with EaseUS Key Finder Step 1. Launch and run EaseUS Key Finder on the PC, and choose "Product Key"...Full steps
Fix 3. Manually Reset Microsoft Edge Password STEP 1: When you log in to your account, you will be prompted to enter your password...Full steps

Find and Recover Edge Account and Password for Free - 2 Ways

There are two methods you can use to recover your Microsoft account and password. These methods would be critically analyzed in this guide. If you are a user of Microsoft edge, you need to take note of these methods as they are the best options you have at recovering your account and password should anything go wrong. If you follow the steps in these methods judiciously, you would be able to recover your account/password successfully and without the assistance of anyone.

Find Edge Username and Password in Edge Settings

For the first step, you need to visit your Microsoft Edge settings, then follow the steps below;


First, open Edge. Click on the ellipses button (which looks like three dots) in the upper-right corner of the window. In the menu that appears, select “Settings.”

Enter Edge settigns


On the Settings screen, navigate to the "Profiles" section and click "Passwords".

Enter password settings


Locate the "Saved Passwords" section on the Passwords screen. You'll see a list of all the usernames and passwords you've selected to preserve in Edge. Passwords are masked by default for security reasons. To see a password, click the eye icon next to it.

Locate saved password


A box will appear asking you to enter the username and password you use to log into your account. Whether you use a Windows or a Mac this step applies to you. Once you input your details you click on "OK".

Enter Windows password to show Edge password


Once the details are verified to be correct, your saved username and password would be displayed just as you can see below.

View and see saved Edge password

If this method doesn't work for you, there is another method below you could use to retrieve your Edge details.

Recover your Edge Account and Password with EaseUS Key Finder

If the method above doesn’t completely resolve your recovery issue, EaseUS Key Finder is the perfect alternative to recover your username and password. Its Product Key function makes it a great tool for locating product keys of installed apps on your Windows PC.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

EaseUS Todo Key Finder was designed to administer fantastic solutions for managing backups and recovering product keys from dead PC's OS hard drives. EaseUS has a reputation for finding installed software and WiFi code.

Here's a guide on how to use the EaseUS Key Finder:

Step 1. Click "Internet & Network" under Password.

find browser account and passwords 1

Step 2. Check Browser Accounts & Passwords of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and IE.

"Copy" - Click it, then directly paste.

"Save" - Save as a PDF file.

"Print" -  Connect Printer to print.

find browser account and passwords 2

Wait for the process to complete. EaseUS Key Finder is also recommended to find Windows product key, Office license, and other installed software serial keys, and even web browsers' saved accounts and passwords.

In Summary, you can recover your lost Edge Account and password with only 1 simple click. This demonstrates the efficiency that is provided with EaseUS Key Finder.

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Manually Reset Microsoft Edge Password

Forgetting your Microsoft password is frustrating, but it is simple to reset. If you are currently experiencing this, the following steps would guide you on how you can reset your Microsoft password manually.

STEP 1: When you log in to your account, you will be prompted to enter your password. Instead, click the 'Forgot your password?' Link.

Reset Edge password

STEP 2: Depending on whether you selected a recovery question when you created your Microsoft account, you'll be provided with several options for recovering your account on the following screen.

If you don't have access to the email address you used to register with Microsoft, you can use your mobile number instead.

Verify Edge identity

STEP 3: Retype the section of the email address or the final four digits of the phone number hinted at in the previous window. Depending on which you choose to go with, select "Get Code".

Confirm a way to identify your identify in Edge

3.1 A verification code would be sent to either the email address or phone number you specified.

3.2 Navigate to the recovery phone number or email address where you expect to get the code and copy the sent code

Navigate to password

STEP 4: Enter the code and click "Next".

STEP 5: Type in your new password and select next.

Enter a new password for Edge

With this, you have successfully reset your Microsoft password and can now proceed to use your account.

Finding Edge Account and Password Is Ease, Go and Get Back The Passwords Now

Having gone through this guide, you don't need to give yourself a headache whenever you lose your accounts password. It's very easy to get back. And with EaseUS Key Finder, it's even easier.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

As a pro tip, use stronger and more unique passwords. You can avoid the inconvenience of inputting a difficult string every time by using long and complex passwords that you don't have to remember for each site. Because of the ease of use of a password manager, there is less chance of falling victim to a phishing attempt.

Furthermore, because the password manager only auto-fills credentials for sites to which they belong, users are less likely to be scammed.

The password manager in Microsoft Edge helps to increase security. When used in conjunction with sync, you may have all of your passwords on all of your devices. This makes it easier to use a different password for each website.

Once you retrieve your password, make sure you store them in a safe location. Avoid writing them down on pieces of paper as this could be seen by anybody and will be putting your account at risk.

Similar to its name, EaseUS makes everything easier; Whether it's data rescue, finding Windows product key, or moving of software to another PC, EaseUS Key Finder handles each task efficiently. 

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