Is Android SD Card File Recovery Possible

"Last week, I accidentally deleted some precious pictures and videos of my family about 3 years on my Samsung phone. I have tried many Android SD card recovery solutions to retrieve those files but no one really helps. It's really an awkward dilemma. Is there any reliable SD card data recovery software for Android works?"

Most users store files like pictures, videos, music, documents, etc on SD cards to save internal memory on Android phones or tablets. But unfortunately, various factors such as accidental deletion, SD card formatting, SD card corruption, virus attacks, etc, often occur unexpectedly and cause data loss disasters on Android devices. Can you recover your data from an Android SD card when encountering such a situation?

SD card data recovery for Android is possible. You can recover data from Android phones with powerful Android SD card data recovery software. How does it happen? Usually, when you fail to find your data on Android devices after some unexpected accidents, for example, accidental deletion, you might think those files are completely removed from the phone or tablet. But here we should tell you that it is not the case. Actually, the files are still stored in your device and recoverable with a fast and efficient Android SD card recovery.

Solution 1. Recover Deleted Files from Android SD Card with SD Card Recovery Software

✨Apply to: SD card is removable ⚡Time: 5-10 Mins

We'll introduce two methods to help you recover data from an Android SD card when you don't have any backups on Google Drive or other backup disks. Both methods will need a computer, and let's start with the first one.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a good choice when performing SD card data recovery. This software is safe and free to download, and you don't need to worry about computer viruses.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

This handy SD card recovery tool can help Android users recover deleted photos, videos, music, and documents easily. If you have accidentally formatted the Android SD card, you need to stop using the card and use EaseUS data recovery software to unformat an SD card.

Don't worry if you are a beginner; we'll provide a helpful recovery plan for you. Check the tutorial below:

⭐Step 1. Remove the SD card or microSD card from the Android Phone

This software cannot recognize the Android phone directly, so you must remove the SD card and use a card reader to connect it to the computer or laptop. If you don't know where the phone's SD card/microSD card is, look for the Android phone's official website to find a tutorial.

micro SD card for Android

⭐Step 2. Connect the SD Card to the Computer and Scan it

After installing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on the computer, it will automatically start for the first time. Choose "SD Card Recovery," and the software will recognize the SD card, including the brand and storage size. Click "Scan" now.

select the sd card and click scan

⭐Step 3. Filter the Files in the Software

Unlike other recovery software, the EaseUS data recovery tool allows you to view and filter lost files during the scan process. Choose "Type", and you'll see many file types here. If you want to recover deleted photos from SD cards on an Android phone, just choose "Pictures". Click "Preview" to check if they are the wanted files.

scan and preview the memory/SD/CF card files

⭐Step 4. Recover Deleted Files and Save Them

The preview button can help you view the file clearly, and click "Recover" after selecting all the deleted files. Remember to choose a new location to save the recovered Android SD card files instead of the original location.

Recover lost photos

By the way, if you don't have a Windows computer to recover deleted files from SD card, this software also provides a Mac version:

SD card recovery Mac

SD Card Recovery Mac to Recover Deleted Files

If you want to perform an SD card recovery Mac, you are in the right place. This tutorial provides an effective Mac SD card recovery solution. Read more >>

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Solution 2. Apply SD Card Recovery Android Application

✨Apply to: SD card is unremovable ⚡Time: 5-10 Mins

The SD card cannot be removed from an Android phone, and you want to recover data from an Android phone directly. Check this software:

We recommend you EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free. It is a reliable Android data recovery freeware that can help you fully retrieve your lost or deleted data from your Android SD card as well as internal memory. You can download this Android SD Card data recovery app from Google Play.

Now, you can learn the detailed Android SD card recovery guide.

⭐Step 1. Connect the Android Phone to the Computer

Install and run EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free and connect your Android phone to the computer with the USB cable. Then click the "Start" button to make the Android files recovery tool recognize and connect your Android phone.

NOTE: As the software can only access the rooted Android device, you should root your Android before recovery.

Connect Android phone to PC and run EaseUS Android data recovery freeware

⭐Step 2. Scan Android Phone to Find Deleted Files

After connecting your Android phone, the software will quickly scan the device to find all the existing and deleted files from internal storage and the SD card. You can easily find the lost files you want by choosing the correct file types. You can easily retrieve deleted text messages with EaseUS MobiSaver for Android.

Scan Android phone with EaseUS Android data recovery freeware

⭐Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from Android Phone

Preview all the recoverable files one by one, and then you can select those you want quickly. "Only display deleted items" option to list the deleted files only. Finally, you can click the "Recover" button to get the selected files back once.

Preview and recover data with EaseUS Android data recovery freeware

Suppose the above method fails for SD card recovery for Android, or you don't want to root your Android phone. In that case, you can try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as an alternative recovery software solution to retrieve your data by performing microSD card recovery.

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To Wrap Up

If you want to recover data from an Android SD card, you have two best solutions - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and EaseUS MobiSaver for Android.

Before Android SD card recovery, it's essential to know that keep using the Mobile phone or SD card after deletion will cause further data loss. So, when you realize the file is lost, stop using the storage device immediately.

Don't forget to download the EaseUS SD card recovery program and get back deleted files from the Android SD card or microSD card with one click.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

Recover SD Card Android FAQs

Want to gather more information about Android SD card file recovery? Check the following questions and answers now:

1. Is online SD card recovery Android possible?

Although many online tools exist, you cannot recover an SD card online. You'll need SD card recovery software to access and deeply scan the Android SD card. We recommend EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and this software is 100% safe and very helpful in recovering SD card data for Android.

2. Can I recover deleted files from an SD card Android without a PC?

You'll need a backup to recover deleted files from an SD card Android without a PC. If you have created copies of the SD card on Google Drive, you can easily recover permanently deleted files from Google Drive.

3. How do I recover deleted files from an Android SD card for free?

Download free data recovery software for Android to help you retrieve accidentally deleted photos, messages, videos, and music for free.

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