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Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working Error with 4 Methods

Updated on Nov 08, 2018 by Tracy King to Resource

Don’t worry if your Toshiba external hard drive fails to work or not showing up on PC. Follow effective methods and download professional hard drive recovery software here to fix Toshiba external hard drive not working error without losing any data. Windows 10/8/7, Vista, XP, etc are all supported.

Is your 1TB/2.5TB or 5TB Toshiba external hard drive not working nor showing up in PC? If you can't stand the loss of saved data, spending another big bunch of money for purchasing a new external hard drive, relax and find solutions right here now.

Toshiba external hard drive not working.

1TB Toshiba external hard drive is not working and undetectable, help!

"Hi there, do you know how to make external hard drive show up in PC when it failed to be detected? I have 1TB Toshiba external hard drive with almost 500GB data saved on it. 
It suddenly disappeared from my PC but the light of the drive is still on. What's going on with my drive? Do know you how to fix this issue?

If you are having a similar problem on your external hard drive of Toshiba, Seagate, SanDisk, Samsung etc, don't worry. When your external hard disk suddenly fails to work, here are some tips for you to follow:

  1. 1. Connect Toshiba or other brands of external hard drive with a new USB port to see whether works or not.
  2. 2. Check out whether the drive is physically damaged or just logical error exist on it.
  3. If it's physically damaged, you'll need to take it to for reparation in the hard disk repair center.
  4. If everything works fine on the external hard drive but just cannot be detected, you can just follow below-offered solutions to repair your Toshiba external hard drive without losing any data now.

Part 1. Quick Fixes For Toshiba external hard drive not working issue

Quick Fix 1: Check power management for USB Hub

  • Click Start, type: devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.
  • Open Device Manager and expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • Right-click on the USB Root Hub, click on Properties.
  • Go to Power Management and uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

If this doesn't work, try Quick Fix 2.

Quick Fix 2: Reboot PC into Safe Mode 

In order to thoroughly check out and find the exact problem, you can try to reboot PC into Safe Mode to see where Toshiba external hard drive can work or not:

  • Go to Settings, click on Update & security;
  • Tab on Recovery, select Advanced Startup and click Restart now;
  • PC will automatically boot into another Startup Settings screen, press F4 to initiate PC reboot into Safe Mode.
  • Then check whether the Toshiba external hard disk can be detected or not;

If not, don't worry. Effective fixes and solutions are available to help to fix Toshiba external hard drive not working issue right now.

Part 2. Effective FixeRun disk check to fix internal errors and repair not working Toshiba external hard drive

Disk check can effectively fix and repair some internal errors on your storage devices, even including the hard disk drive not working issue. Here you have two options to get this issue fixed:

Option 1. Fix Toshiba external hard drive not working error with partition manager freeware

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free and right-click the partition that you want to check by clicking "Check partition".
2. Choose the way that you want to use to check partition: Check Partition Properties, Call Windows Chkdsk to fix errors, Surface Test.
Click OK. 

Fix Toshiba external hard drive not working error.

3. Let EaseUS Partition Master automatically check hard disk partition errors and repair errors for you. Click OK to finish the process.

Option 2. Fix Toshiba external hard drive not working error by running CMD

  • Press Win + R to open Run dialog and type: cmd to open Command Prompt by hitting Enter;
  • Type: chkdsk /f c: (C shall be the drive letter of your Toshiba external hard drive.) and hit Enter to run the disk check up process;
  • Type: exit to finish the process when the disk check up process is finished;

Then you can check to see whether this have worked to repair your Toshiba external hard drive or not.

Part 3. 100% Working MethodUninstall & reinstall Toshiba hard drive drivers, making external hard drive show up

  • Click on Start and type: devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager by hitting Enter.
  • Expand Universal Serial Universal Serial Bus controllers, right-click every USB device found there and select Uninstall.

Then check out whether any device show up as unrecognized or not:

  1. 1. If the Toshiba external hard drive shows as unrecognized, go to drivers tab and delete/uninstall the driver. Then check out whether the external hard drive shows up in My Computer/My PC or not.
  2. 2. If it doesn't show up, reboot or restart PC.
  3. 3. If it shows up but disappear later, repeat above steps and go to Disk Management, change the drive letter of your Toshiba external hard drive and reconnect it to PC to let PC detect it again.

Part 4. Restore dataData recovery on Toshiba external hard drive after fixing not detected/working error

After repairing Toshiba external hard drive not responding, working or detected error, you may want to find your data on the Toshiba external hard drive. If no data is found or data become inaccessible, relax. Professional data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will help to get all your data out of Toshiba external hard drive:

Step 1. Choose the external hard drive

Since you're going to recover data from the external hard drive, run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and under the External Devices tab, choose the exact drive where you lost data. Click Scan.

select external hard drive

Step 2. Scan for lost data

The software will start immediately to scan all over the selected drive for all lost data. During the scan, you could see more and more data showing up in the results.

scan external hard drive

Step 3. Preview and recover data

After the scan is over, check the scan results for the desired data. You can preview the file by double-clicking on it. Click Recover and choose another location to save the recovered data.

preview and recover data

After this, save your data into a secure device and then format Toshiba external hard drive and reset it into reusable for saving data again