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How to Check Disk Space in Windows 7 [Step-By-Step Guide]

This post may help you if you are still using Windows 7. This article is all about how to check disk space Windows 7 with two simple to follow methods.

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A quick guide to learn everything you need to check Windows 7 disk space:

🎯Goal: Check disk space in Windows 7, learning well what is taking up space on hard drive.
⏳Duration: 3-5 minutes
🧰Tools: 1️⃣Hard drive; 2️⃣Windows 7 computer; 3️⃣Disk space checking methods -EaseUS Partition MasterCMD
💽Supported Disk Drives: HDD (PATA hard drive, SATA hard drive, SCSI disk), SSD, NVMe/M.2 SSD, external hard drives, etc.

Key Takeaways to Check Disk Space Windows 7

  • Your computer may become substantially sluggish or your programs may "hang" when you check specific files. The reason behind this might be that your hard drive might have low disk space
  • If you have low disk space, your system might face performance issues from time to time, and you cannot install new software easily. Sometimes, it also causes errors in saving files.

So, it is important to check and free up disk space so that you always have space for new files by deleting the ones you don't need anymore.

How to check disk space in Windows 7? If you're still using Windows 7, this article will be helpful. Find out where Windows 7 is storing everything and how to make some room with our help. Read our detailed guidelines to learn how to check hard drive space in Windows 7 in detail. 

Check Disk Space Windows 7

If you have the same need to check disk drive space on newer systems, you may refer to this tutorial page for help:

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What Is Taking Up Space on My Hard Drive Windows 7

Here are some types of data and programs that could take the most disk space in Windows 7:

Disk Space of Windows 7

📄System files: Disk space utilization by Windows 7's operating system and system files is substantial. Files like pagefile.sys, the Windows registry, and hibernation data are all examples.

📌Applications and Programs: Installed applications and programs, especially those that are huge or include multiple files, can also significantly impact available disk space. Space-hogging applications include Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and video editing programs.

🎬Media Files: Photos, videos, and music can be particularly space-hogging if they're good quality, and any number of them can quickly add up if you have many. Files in RAW format, High Definition video, and audio are all examples.

📑Temporary Files: Disk space can be quickly consumed by temporary files as the system and your apps continue to generate them. Browser caches, download directories, and temporary installation files fall under this category.

🗂️Personal Files: There is also the potential for personal items, like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, to take up a significant amount of space on your hard disk.

🔍Further Reading: How to Find Large Files on Windows 10

To keep your system working efficiently and free up disk space, check on and delete these files regularly. Follow the guidelines in the next part to check disk space in Windows 7.

Guide on Checking Disk Space in Windows 7

In this section, we are going to introduce two methods to check disk space. One is by using the best third-party tool EaseUS Partition Master and the second method is by using Command Prompt. We are also going to discuss the pros and cons of each method.

Comparison EaseUS Partition Master🏆 Command Prompt
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive disk management features
  • Fast scanning
  • Supports all Windows operating systems
  • It is a built-in program.
  • You don't have to download it.
  • Free to use.
  • Limited free version
  • The full version of EaseUS Partition Master can be relatively expensive
  • Difficult Command-line interface
  • Limited features
  • Limited flexibility
🧑🏻‍💻Best For (who/what types of users) Data protection makes it a top pick for users who want to keep their hard drives in good condition. It is best for writing scripts for automating tasks
🎈Why Use It EaseUS Partition Master is a popular disk space analyzer software that can help users manage their hard drives and optimize disk space usage.  Users can use some built-in commands in Command Prompt to analyze their disk space usage. 

It's important to note that Command Prompt may have limitations regarding how much information it can provide and may need to be more suitable for complex disk management tasks.

So, we suggest Windows beginners turn to EaseUS Partition Master for checking disk space in Windows 7.

Method 1. Check Disk Space in Windows 7 with EaseUS Partition Master

Disk space analysis is a breeze with the "Disk Space Analyzer" tool in EaseUS Partition Master

Users can quickly and easily analyze their disk usage with only one click. Information like the overall size of files and folders, the percentage of disk space used, and the number of files are all available in the Disk Space Analyzer.

EaseUS Partition Master's Disk Space Analyzer is a helpful tool for Windows users who need to analyze their disk space consumption quickly and easily. This feature can assist users in identifying and managing large files and folders on their computers to optimize disk space utilization.

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So, download EaseUS Partition Master and have a look at its wonderful features!

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and turn to Discovery. Find and Download Space Analyzer below Frequently Used Tools.

download space analyzer

Step 2. In the Space Analyzer pop-up window, select the target disk to be analyzed and click Analyze in the upper right corner.

click analyze

Step 3. Wait a while, and you will see the detailed data. You can click on Folder/File to view different data types and click on the small folder icon to see more information inside the file.

view the detailed data

If this method efficiently helped you find what is taking up your disk space in Windows 7, feel free to share it to more of your friends who have the same operational demands online:


Method 2. Check Hard Disk Size/Space in Windows 7 Using Command Prompt

Windows 7 and recent versions of Windows all include a command-line-based interpreter called Command Prompt (CMD). It lets you type commands to do administrative operations and fix specific Windows problems. CMD allows you to determine the total storage space of all hard drives in a computer.

Step 1. After typing "cmd" into the "Type here to search" box at the bottom left of the screen, select "Run as administrator" from the result that displays. This will launch Command Prompt in an administrative capacity.

Step 2. Type 'wmic logicaldisk get size, freespace, caption', and press ENTER to place your query. After a little pause, the following numeric representation of your hard drive space will appear.

Check disk space CMD

Bonus Tips on Mastering and Managing Disk Space Properly in Windows 7

Here are some tips that can efficiently assist Windows 7 users in managing better and making full of their disk space, such as:

  • Deleting unnecessary files - Unnecessary files can significantly impact your computer's performance and functionality, so make sure to get rid of irrelevant files regularly
  • Uninstalling unused programs - Unused programs can significantly impact your computer's performance and security.
  • Using disk cleanup tools - By using a disk cleanup tool, you can easily remove unnecessary files and free up space, and this will enhance the performance of the PC
  • Upgrade Windows 7 OS disk to a newer hard drive - It can help improve your computer's performance, and free up space on your hard drive.
  • Turn off hibernation - When hibernation is enabled, it can take a good amount of disk space with its file. So, you can disable this setting if you don't use it.
  • Turn off system restore - Since Windows makes backups of your data at regular intervals. You can save some disk space by turning off system restore if you never use it.
  • Use Cloud Storage - Make use of cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive for files you won't be accessing frequently.
  • Compressed Files - You may conserve space on your hard drive by compressing huge files. Windows includes a compression utility you can use.
  • Remove Backups - You should remove backups that are no longer needed after using a backup program. Over time, they can accumulate and take up a lot of room.

Here are some bonus tutorial guides and you may follow the provided links here for help:


This article has taught you why it's preferable to have some disk space available on your computer. We have discussed two easy and quick methods to check disk space Windows 7.

You must regularly check and manage your disk space to ensure optimal system performance and prevent data loss. EaseUS Partition Master is third-party software that helps optimize, and you can easily remove these files and free up space. Download EaseUS Partition Master and enjoy its features with easy guidelines, as mentioned above. 

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FAQs About Checking Disk Space Windows 7

The following should clear up any questions you may have about checking disk space in Windows 7.

1. How to free up disk space in Windows 7?

Here are a few simple methods to free up disk space on your system:

  • Uninstall unused applications and programs
  • Clean your desktop
  • Delete all huge files
  • Utilize Disk Cleaning Tools
  • Take care of downloads
  • Save data in the cloud.

2. How to check total disk space in Windows 10 using CMD?

  • In Windows 10, search for the command prompt, right-click on the result and select Run as administrator.
  • Type wmic disk drive get size followed by Enter. Finally, a figure will depict the total amount of disk space.

3. Is there a free Windows 7 disk space analyzer?

Yes, CMD is a built-in tool that you can use. Also, you can download EaseUS Partition Master and take benefit from its free features that will assist in partitioning hard drives and providing flexible disk space management. 

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