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Partition Clone Guide | Clone EXT4/EXT3/EXT2 Partitions in Windows 10

Updated by Gemma on Jun 28, 2021

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Partition cloning is the process that copies all the content of one partition to another. The destination partition will be loaded with the same data as the source partition. 

Some users might install dual boot systems on their computers. For example, there are a lot of users who would install both Linux and Windows systems on their computers. For those users, there is a problem when they want to clone Linux partitions for further use, that is Windows does not support creating or formatting EXT files system. 

Luckily, some third-party partition management tools will help users overcome this problem. One such tool is EaseUS Partition Master. In the following parts, we will tell you how to use this tool to clone EXT4 partitions in Windows.

How to clone EXT4 Partitions

Overview of the Best EXT4 Partition Cloning Software

EaseUS Partition Master is one of the best partition management tools. The purpose of this tool is to help users to manage hard drives and partitions in an easy and simple way. EaseUS Partition Master also breaks the limitation between Linux and Windows, enables users to create, format, and clone EXT4 partitions on the Windows system. 

Besides helping users manage Linux partitions, EaseUS Partition Master also performs excellently in managing Windows partitions. For example, you can use this tool to clone a larger HDD to a small SSD. If you have two small partitions, with this tool you can merge these two partitions into a big one. You can even apply EaseUS Partition Master to create a WinPE bootable disk in case someday you can't boot your computer normally.

In general, anything you want to do with your partitions, EaseUS Partition Master can help you with it. Here are the main reasons why we recommend this tool to clone EXT4 partitions.

  • Clone partitions without losing any data. Support various file systems including EXT4, EXT3, EXT2.
  • Create and format Linux partitions on Windows computers.
  • Resize and move partitions easily and freely.
  • Check and repair file systems for both Linux and Windows storage devices.

How to Clone EXT4 Partitions with EaseUS Partition Master

You have known that EaseUS Partition Master can help you clone Linux partitions on a Windows computer. Here we will introduce the detailed steps of how to use it. Don't worry if you don't have much computer knowledge. Follow the below guide step by step, you will find it's easier than you think. You can download EaseUS Partition Master from the button below. 

1 Year Lifetime$55.96$69.95

Weekend Sale, Huge Discount

Step 1. Right-click the partition you want to copy, and choose Clone.

Step 2. Choose your the target partition and click Next to continue.

  • If you clone partition to the existing partition, you should transfer or back up data before cloning to prevent it being overwritten.

Step 3. Click Proceed and wait for the clone to complete.

You can check how to clone partition or system reserved partition on this video tutorial.

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, you will find that clone EXT4 partitions on Windows computer with EaseUS Partition Master is easy. Don't hesitate, download this tool and have a try now! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] via email.

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If you are using dual-booting OS - Windows and Linux, you may want to access files on your Linux EXT4 partition from Windows at some point. However, Windows cannot read the Linux EXT4 partition directly. Follow to learn how to access EXT4 from Windows in 6 efficient ways.

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FAQs about EXT4

1. What is EXT4?

EXT4 stands for Extended File System 4. It's the third default file system of the Linux operating system, also the successor to EXT3. EXT4 was released in 2008, starting from Linux Kernel 2.6.19. It was originally a series of backward-compatible extensions to EXT3, designed to extend storage limits and add other performance improvements.

The EXT4 file system supports volumes with sizes up to 1 EB and single file sizes up to 16 TB with the standard 4KB block size.

2. Can I Read EXT4 on Windows?

EXT4 is the most common Linux file system, it's not supported on Windows by default. You may easily visit a Windows NTFS partition from Linux. However, Windows cannot read Linux partitions directly. If you want to read and access EXT4 partition content, you can use EaseUS Partition Master.

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