Chromebook vs. Laptop, Which One Should I Pick? [Full Guide]

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Nowadays, competition is increasing in technology day by day. Finding suitable electronic devices is burdensome, so you can use them simultaneously for business and entertainment. This is the right informative article that helps you to choose the effective electronic device for your needs and desires. Chromebook and laptop have their own specifications, and both devices are top-rated regarding their uses and benefits.

chromebook and laptop


Chromebook vs. laptop, First, understand what they are. What their working style is and gets knowledge about their specifications. If you consider the Chromebook a laptop, this is technically right. The reason is that it is a portable device with Chrome OS. On the other side, Laptop is a traditional device that operates independently on the desktop operating system.

Spot the vital difference between Chromebook and laptop. Chromebook is primarily for online usage because Chromebook runs Chrome OS (Google operating system). Laptops are more capable because these are performed much more than Chromebook, primarily offline.

Chromebook vs. Laptop: What Is the Difference Between Them

This is hard to say which one is better, but the answer depends on your need and desire. What do you consider specifically from your electronic devices? Let's look at the information below and determine the main difference between Chromebook and laptops.

chromebook vs laptop

Differences: Chromebooks vs. Laptops

Specifications Chromebooks Laptops
Operating Systems Support the Chrome OS. Supports Windows, mac OS, and Linux.
Performance Very fast even with low-end spaces. Comparitively, laptops perform slowly in lower-end spaces. We need to pay extra for the modification so that it performs effectively.
Software Availability Google play store app, chrome web app, and some Chromebooks have Linux app support. Windows (third-party software directly from the website or Microsoft software), MAC: mac app stores, and Linux: third-party software directed by developers.
Offline Performance Functionality Minimal offline capability. Most of the software has the capability to perform offline freely.
Entertainment/Gaming Support Android games and cloud Gaming. High-End Laptops are best for gaming. Laptops are also available in the market those are specifically designed for gaming.
 Battery Life Chromebooks have the 8-12 hours battery timing. Some specified laptops (Power-efficient) and ultrabooks have the same 8-12 hours of battery timing. Mileage will vary. Another factor is that gaming laptops with intensive spaces only have the 5 hours timing.
Estimated Prices Range Low-end: $200-$400                              Mid-Tier: $400-$700                                High-End: $700-$1,500 Low-End: $300-$600                              Mid-Tier: $600-$1,100                              High-End: $1,100-$4,000

Chromebook vs. Laptop: Advantages and Disadvantages

We all are familiar with that; every usable thing has its own pros and cons. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Chromebook and Laptops:

1. Chromebook vs. Laptop: Advantages and Disadvantages of Chromebook

advantage and disadvantage of chromebook

Advantages of Chromebooks:

  • It has an Entry-Level Prices range.
  • Strong and long-lasting battery life.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • More secure than laptops.
  • Not required initial settings.
  • Light weighted and essay to carry.
  • Simple and quick implementation of Google apps.
  • Google's operating system is so smooth and fast.

Disadvantages of Chromebooks:

  • Offline functionality is minimal.
  • Software availability is restricted and not a suitable window alternative for everybody.
  • Printing Issue.
  • Less local storage.
  • Not valid for video editing and graphic designing.

2. Chromebook vs. Laptop: Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop

advantage and disadvantage of laptop

Advantages of Laptop:

  • Wider software availability.
  • Most software can be freely used offline unless it's inherently web-based.
  • Software availability is wider.
  • Great battery Timing.
  • Use for both business and entertainment.
  • Lightweight and compact.

Disadvantages of Laptop:

  • Required Frequent Update.
  • Lower-end laptops are very slow.
  • Expensive and high maintenance cost.
  • Difficulty in customization.

Which One Should I Pick? Chromebook vs. Laptop

As you know, the main difference between Chromebooks and laptops. What do you pick? What is a suitable device according to your need and interest?

Let the information specify if you are a web browser user and live for the android app; then, we will recommend Chromebooks instead of laptops because chrome OS is most reliable and faster, simple to process or use, secure and affordable. On the contrary, Laptops that support the mac OS, Windows, and other Linux-based OS systems can run more advanced programs and work more efficiently offline. Laptops give us a more ample opportunity to run advanced and different programs instead of Chromebooks.

If you've got any apps you don't want on your laptop anymore, then you can know how to delete apps from a Chromebook in handy by reading the following article:

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How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

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After gathering all the relevant information in this article, we can simply say that Chromebooks are web-centric devices that, more importantly, focus on Mobility and are easy to use. Laptops have the capabilities to run the complete and fully desktop operating system and are efficient in performing all PC tasks with advanced mobility.

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