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Fix New Simple Volume Greyed Out Error in Windows 10/8/7

Updated on Aug 11, 2019 by Tracy King to Partition Manager

New Simple Volume is greyed out in Disk Management and your PC is not available for you to create new partition anymore? Relax! Here in this article, we’ll provide you effective methods to fix this issue and create a new partition in Windows 10/8/7.
How to Fix the Greyed Volume
Convert MBR to GPT Disk to Remove 'New Simple Volume Greyed out' Error
Create New Simple Volume in Windows 10/8/7 with Disk Management

"I have a 3 TB hard drive, and I installed it on my Windows 10 computer. There are four parts on my hard drive, the system reserved partition, system partition, and two unallocated space. I want to use the unallocated space to create some new partitions to save my game data. However, when I right click the last unallocated space, it showed gray as the following picture displayed."

New Simple Volume greyed out in Windows 10/8/7.

Are you having this issue that when you tried to use Disk Management to create a new partition on your PC, it won't allow you to do so since New Simple Volume option is greyed out? Then you tried several times, it still shows up in the same result?

Why Does the New Simple Volume Option Show up as Greyed out on Your PC

Disk Management tool is a professional partition management tool in Windows PC, supporting users to create a new partition, shrink volume or extend partition with ease. However, some users may have encountered this problem. They find unallocated space in Windows Disk management, but sometimes they are unable to create a partition on unallocated space.

Why? Generally, there are two major reasons :

  • There are already 4 primary partitions on the disk.
  • MBR Disk capacity is over 2 TB and you cannot create new partition beyond 2TB.

For the first situation, you can find the solution here: how to make more than 4 partitions on MBR. About the second situation, you must read on. 

How to fix 'New Simple Volume greyed out' error in Windows 10/8/7

So how to make New Simple Volume option work again in Windows 10, 8 or 7 PC? Yes, it is to convert MBR to GPT. Let's see how to get the problem fixed now:

1 - Convert MBR to GPT Disk to Remove 'New Simple Volume Greyed out' Error

To solve the New Simple Volume greyed out, you should change the MBR into GPT disk so that the part beyond 2 TB can be available. And here provides you two different ways to convert MBR to GPT disk.

Method 1. Convert MBR to GPT 

If you prefer a simple and effective way to convert MBR to GPT disk, you may let professional partition manager software for help.

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 Windows 10 is supported

Let's follow the step-by-step guide to convert to GPT.

EaseUS Partition Master is able to convert an MBR disk containing Windows operating system to GPT. But if you want to boot from the GPT disk successfully, you must know the following things:
UEFI mode should be supported and enabled
Your operating system is 64-bit

Step 1: Download and launch EaseUS Partition Master on your Windows computer. 

open EaseUS Partition Master

Step 2: Right-click the MBR disk that you want to convert and choose "Convert to GPT".

convert MBR to GPT

Step 3: After that, find and click the "Execute 1 Operation" button on the toolbar and choose "Apply" to start the conversion. You need to restart your device to enable this change. 

convert MBR to GPT

Method 2. Change MBR to GPT with Disk Management

This method only works for non-system disk because it requires deleting all volumes on the drive first. In addition, if there are important files in the existing partitions, back up data first.

Step 1: Right-click My Computer and follow the path Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management.

Step 2: If the MBR hard disk which you want to convert to GPT disk contains several partitions or volumes, right-click one on the disk and then click "Delete Partition" or "Delete Volume" to delete them all.

Step 3: Right-click the MBR disk that you want to change into GPT disk, and then click Convert to GPT disk.

2 - Create New Simple Volume in Windows 10/8/7 with Disk Management

After this, you can use the Disk Management tool to create a new partition with New Simple Volume option in your Windows 10/8/7 PC again:

Step 1: Right-click This PC/Computer and select Manage.

Step 2: Click Disk Management and right-click unallocated space, select New Simple Volume.

Step 3: Click Next, follow the onscreen instructions to set new size, name and file system for the new partition on your PC.

Step 4: Finally, click Finish to complete the process.

After all these steps, restart PC to use the newly created partition to save data then.