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Cerber Decryptor to Decrypt/Restore .cerber Encrypted Files

Updated on Oct 23, 2018 by Abby Haines to Data Recovery


Please pay great attention while trying to restore cerber encrypted files. Never ever be fooled to pay the ransomware. This page shares some useful tips to decrypt .cerber files and teaches you how to recover cerber encrypted files with Windows Previous Version Tool. If failed, give the last try to download EaseUS file recovery software. It's able to restore the original files that were later deleted by cerber virus.

Tips to decrypt .cerber files without paying the ransom

Cerber virus is a dangerous ransom virus which was made to lock or encrypt certain files on the computer. It usually changes file extensions to.Cerber one and demand payment before you can restore and decrypt .cerber files. When it happens, you can remove the virus and recover cerber encrypted files without paying the ransom, and there are some useful tips: 

  • Do not pay under any circumstances
  • Disconnect or remove infected parts from network
  • Use system restore to go back to a clean state
  • Scan your system using antivirus
  • Use cerber decryptor software
  • Decrypt cerber files to retrieve data

Except for restore cerber files, these tips are also available to recover or decrypt locky files encrypted by other malware like Cryptowall, LeChiffre, Locky, Cryptolocker, CTB Locker, Crypt0L0cker, Cerber, or Teslacrypt ransomware. And before trying third-party cerber decryptor software, you can first try to restore cerber files with Windows Previous Version Tool. 

Chance to recover cerber files with Windows Previous Version Tool

Windows have a feature called Previous Versions, a tool with data recovery feature. It may allow you to recover cerber files without third-party cerber decryptor tool if restore point was made prior to virus infection. To use this tool to restore files encrypted by Cerber virus, please follow these steps:

1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
2. Right-click on the affected files or folders. From the drop-down list, please click on Restore previous versions.
3. A new window will open display all backup copy of files and folders you wanted to recover. Choose the appropriate file and click Open, Copy, or Restore. Restoring selected files overwrites the current encrypted files on the computer.

Now, it's your time to follow the steps above to restore and decrypt files encrypted or locked by cerber ransom. And if your files are hidden or corrupted after the virus attack or deleted by antivirus and you fail to retrieve them in other ways, please don't worry! Just try to get them back with a third-party data recovery software.

Try to retrieve virus infected files with EaseUS file recovery software

Here EaseUS file recovery software is recommended for its powerful data recovery capacity and easy-to-use feature. To recover virus deleted files, just download the program and follow these steps: 


Step 1: Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Select the disk partition or storage location where you lost files and click "Scan".

Run file recovery software.

Step 2: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will start a scanning process to find lost files.

The scanning process will automatically start to find all of the files.

Scan and find lost files.

Step 3: Preview and restore lost files.

You can filter scan results by file type, select found files and click "Recover" to get them back. You should save the files to another safe spot in your PC/storage device, not where they were lost from.

Restore virus deleted files.

Video tutorial to recover files deleted or hidden by a virus with EaseUS file recovery software