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3-step Solution to Recover Deleted Picasa Photos

Updated on Nov 01, 2018 by Abby Haines to Data Recovery Solution


Here is a 3-step solution to recover deleted Picasa photos. It can help you easily restore deleted pictures from Picasa. No technical skill is required.

How can I recover deleted photos from Picasa

About half a years ago, I downloaded Picasa and install it on my Windows computer. I really like this amazing tool. It works so well in photo management that I usually use it to view, edit and share all my photos on Facebook, Flickr and Google accounts. But just five minutes ago, I accidentally clicked on "Delete from Disk" button on my photos of Picasa. And after that, I tried to search them on my computer hard disk and even looked in Recycle Bin, but it didn't help. Is there any efficient photo recovery solution that can help me recover deleted Picasa photos?

Picasa is a popular photo viewing and editing tool introduced by Google. Most people like it because it provides a very great photo editing experience. But pictures stored on Picasa are not 100% safe. Many unexpected accidents especially accidental deletion can get them lost in a few seconds. That's why so many people post questions like that "how to recover deleted Picasa photos". Since there is no data recovery software from Microsoft to retrieve the lost data, you have to try a third party tool. 

3 steps to recover deleted Picasa photos with the EaseUS recovery tool

EaseUS disk data recovery is a powerful file recovery software that can recover lost data from computers and all storage devices. It can be applied to various data loss situations including deleted file recovery. So you can rely on it to recover deleted photos from Picasa. It just takes 3 simple steps.

First, get to know some useful features when you recover deleted pictures:

Filter: it provides a quick way to wanted files. To find wanted pictures, choose "Graphics" in the Filter list.

Search: search for an exact file name or file type. For example, type .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, etc. in the search box to search for the specific types of pictures.

Second, follow a detailed guide to recover deleted pictures:


Step 1: Choose a location.

Choose the drive with the correct drive letter (it can be a local disk or an external device) and click the Scan button.

select the location

Step 2: Scan the lost data.

It won't take long for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to find deleted contents on the selected drive. Soon, the "Deleted files" result comes out. After the scan is over, there are many scan results showing up under different categories.

click scan

Step 3: Filter pictures and recover.

Use the Filter feature to quickly filter picture files from the results. Also, search for a file name and file type in the Search bar. In the end, select the wanted pictures and click the Recover button.

click recover