How to Backup/Export and Restore Chrome History and Cookies

Are you looking for a simple way to backup, export Chrome history or cookies? Do not know how to restore Chrome history or cookie backups to Chrome browser? This article will show you how to export, backup and restore Chrome history/cookies with simple clicks. Follow to backup your favored Chrome history and cookies now.

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Tracy King

Updated on Feb 26, 2024

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How to backup and export Chrome history/cookies? And how to restore history backup to Chrome?

"Hi guys, do you know any simple way to backup and export Chrome history or cookies? I'm recently trying to change to a new Laptop and I don't want to lose those fancy websites on Chrome on my old PC. If I can backup the history and cookies, even bookmarks on Chrome, and restore them to my new laptop, it would be perfect. Do know how to do it?"

Sometimes, browser cookies, history, or bookmarks may indeed take some storage space on PC and slow down the browsing speed. Therefore, fancy and important browser history or cookies may get easily cleared up or deleted by mistake. Here we'd like to show you how to effectively backup, export history, cookies, or bookmarks on Chrome and restore Chrome history/cookies/bookmarks into the browser.

The following section will go through three choices. You can consider their effectiveness and time duration before making a final decision.

3 Ways to Backup Chrome History or Export Chrome Cookies

Try the following three solutions to back up chrome history or export chrome cookies effectively. 

Way 1. Backup and Export Chrome History/Cookies in 3 Steps

Do you need a simple way to backup Chrome history and cookies on your PC? All your needs can be met right here now with powerful file backup recovery software - EaseUS Todo Backup.

It also supports backup personal files and data, hard disk partition, and even Windows systems with simple clicks. You may free download it and follow the guidelines below to back up whatever you want now:

Step 1. Start Chrome data backup by clicking "Create Backup" and then clicking "Apps data".

click apps data to start game backup

Step 2. Once navigate to the apps data backup section, you can find the Chrome section, under which you can choose every account data to back up, including browsing history, bookmarks, password, extensions, and cookies. After the final selection, click "OK".

click chrome data to backup

Step 3. Next you need to choose a backup location to store the important chrome data backup, which you can use both internal or external drives to keep the backup, but for security reason, we highly recommend keep one more backup copy on EaseUS cloud or NAS devices.

select a backup location for your game data

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How to Backup Chrome Settings Without Sync

This passage will show you how to back up your Chrome settings without using Sync.

backup chrome

Way 2. Manually Backup and Export Chrome History/Cookies

  • Step 1. Type: %appdata% at the search box and hit Enter;
  • Step 2. Go to "AppData" folder > Click "Local" > Click "Google" > "Chrome";
  • Step 3. Click "User Data" > Go to the "Default" folder and select "Cookies", copy and save somewhere safe.

Way 3. Export Chrome History/Bookmarks/Cookies to JSON/CSV/XLS with Chrome Extension

Another way that you can try is to add a history export extension to your Chrome browser which allows you to export all Chrome history, cookies, and bookmarks, etc. to JSON file which can be converted to CSV/XLS/XLSX easily:

  • Save Chrome history, bookmarks, and even cookies as JSON files.
  • Click on the "Chrome History.json" or "Chrome Bookmarks.json" button to download the JSON files with your Chrome history or cookies.

Export Chrome history/bookmarks/cookies.

  • Check the checkbox and the JSON to XLS/CSV online converter page. 

How to Automatically Backup Chrome History/Cookies

Don't want to repeat similar steps again and again after adding new bookmarks or backup new Chrome history/cookies? EaseUS file backup software can help you fix this issue. You can directly set a backup plan for Chrome history, cookies or bookmarks with a certain frequency.

To set an automated scheduled backup plan, you just need to click Options > Backup Scheme to select a specific frequency, like daily, weekly, monthly, or upon an event.

set easeus todo backup automatc backup plan

How to Restore History/Cookies Backup to Chrome Browser

Restoring Chrome history/cookie backups to the Chrome browser is not quite complicated. Simply clicks will do:

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click "Browse to recover";
2. Select Chrome history/cookie backup image and click "OK";
3. Click "Specify a recovery location" and set where you want to save restored Chrome history or cookies, click "Proceed". 
4. Copy and paste backed up cookies into a new PC by following these steps below:

  • Type: %appdata% in the "Search" and hit Enter;
  • Go to "AppData folder" > Click "Local" > Click "Google" and select "Chrome";
  • Find "User Data folder", go to "Default" folder;
  • Find Cookies file and replace it with the former one which you backed up.

People Also Ask

1. How do I restore cookies and history in Chrome?

If you're looking to restore cookies and history in Chrome, there are a few different ways to do so. One way is to go into your Chrome settings, under the "Advanced" section, and click on "Cookies and other site data." From there, you can select "See all cookies and site data" to view a list of all the cookies and history stored on your computer. 

2. How do I export and import cookies from Chrome?

You can add a history export extension to your Chrome browser that allows you to export all Chrome history. 

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