Check and follow fixes to restore crashed Notepad++:

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Fix Crashed Notepad ++ End task of running Notepad ++ > Restart Notepad ++ > Update or Re-install Notepad++...Full steps
Fix 2. Restore from Backup Open a new Notepad ++ file > "Settings" > "Preference" > "Backup" > Find the Notepad++ backup path...Full steps
Fix 3. Recover Lost Notepad ++ Run EaseUS file recovery software > Scan Notepad ++ drive > Restore lost file...Full steps

Notepad ++ crashed and deleted a recent file, help! 

"Does anyone know how to restore lost Notepad ++ files deleted by the program itself? This morning, When I was editing a text document in Notepad ++, the Notepad ++ suddenly freeze the screen for a while, and then it crashed. When I restarted it, the file was deleted. I tried to find the lost Notepad ++ file in the Recycle Bin, but nothing was found. Do you know how to restore file lost due to Notepad ++ crash and how to fix Notepad ++ crash issue?"

Notepad ++, working as a powerful and prevalent text editor, allows users to edit files with diverse file extensions like .txt, .asp, .hpp, .css, .php, .xml, .html, etc. But Notepad ++ crash, corruption, or freezing happens now and then, which might delete your files and make the files lost unsaved. This page has gathered some useful tips to help you restore lost Notepad ++ files and fix crashed Notepad ++ program with ease. 

Fix Crashed/Corrupted Notepad ++

If the Notepad ++ program suddenly crashes or stuck on a freezing screen, you can try the tips below to fix the crashed Notepad ++ programs before file recovery.

  1. 1. Stop or end the task of running Notepad ++ in Task Manager.
  2. 2. Restart Notepad ++ to see if it can boots up or not.
  3. 3. If it works again, then you can continue using the Notepad ++ to edit your files. If not, try to update the program. 
  4. 4. If updating notepad++ does not work or no new version that can be updated, the last way to fix this problem is to reinstall Notepad ++. 
If you've decided to reinstall the Notepad ++ program, remember to copy the Notepad backup folder in advance, which keeps the unsaved files. You can follow this path to find the Notepad ++ backup folder: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup. 

How to Restore Lost Notepad ++ Files from Backups

As long as you have turned on the period backup feature in Notepad ++, you have the chance to recover lost or corrupted Notepad++ files after a program crash.

You can directly find the backups on your PC by navigating to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup (usually). If the Notepad ++ backup folder is not there, follow the guidelines below to restore lost Notepad ++ files from backups.

Step 1. Find Notepad ++ backup location on PC.
1. Open a new Notepad ++ file, click on "Settings" > "Preference".

Restore lost Notepad ++ files.

2. Click "Backup" on the Preference window, and find the Notepad ++ backup location on your PC in the "Backup path". 

Find backup path of lost Notepad ++ files.

Note: Remember to check the current session for next launch so as to prevent Notepad ++ files from losing again. You can adjust the intervals of "Enable session snapshot and periodic backup", like Backup in every 7 or 5 seconds. 

Step 2. Find Notepad ++ backups for lost files.

1. Copy the backup path of your Notepad and paste it into your Windows Explorer, press Enter to find the exact backup folder of your Notepad ++.

Locate Notepad ++ backup folder on your PC.

2. You will be able to see all Notepad backups listed there, and you can click "Date modified" to choose the most recent notepad file that you've lost, right-click on it and choose to open with Notepad.

Find lost Notepad ++ files in backup folder.

Step 3. Save and restore lost Notepad ++ files.

1. Now you should be able to view the lost Notepad ++ files.
2. Click "Save As" or "Rename" to save your lost or unsaved Notepad++files to a safe location. 

Restore lost Notepad ++ from backups.

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Notepad ++ Backup Files or Folder 

When the Notepad ++ program deletes your .txt files by accident or you lose useful Notepad ++ files unsaved, you can restore from the backups. But if your backup files cannot be found (deleted from outside)on your PC, you can use professional EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Edition to recover deleted files without effort. 

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
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It allows you to scan the device deeply where you save the Notepad ++ program, and find all lost or deleted files for you within three simple steps.

1. Run the Notepad ++ file recovery program > 2. Scan and find lost Notepad ++ files > 3. Preview and restore.

Restore lost Notepad ++ files in 3 simple steps.

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