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How to recover corrupted Excel file in Windows 10? Don't worry if you lost important Excel files after Excel corruption. This article offers easy solutions to help you effectively repair and restore corrupted Excel files (Excel 2016/2007/2003 etc) in Windows 11/10/8/7 with simple clicks now.

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Recover Corrupted Excel Workbook

  1. 1. Launch EaseUS Fixo Document Repair and choose File Repair
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It's no longer a new problem for Excel users to encounter Excel file corruption errors due to systems, viruses, or other unknown reasons. So, how to effectively restore a corrupted Excel file and get lost data back has become a new question.

"Yesterday, I was editing an important Excel file on my computer running Windows 10 when the Excel file suddenly crashed. Then I tried to open Excel again and got the error message, 'There is a problem in this file; we couldn't open it.' Yes, the Excel file was suddenly corrupted. Any help? - from Microsoft Community

If you are having a similar problem, don't worry. Here, we will provide two quick fixes and one complete solution to help you recover corrupted Excel file in Windows 10 effectively. 

Recover Corrupted Excel Files in Windows 10 with Document Repair Software

The best method for solving Excel file corruption and repairing corrupted Excel files is to consult document repair software. EaseUS Fixo Document Repair would be your go-to choice if you are a computer rookie and want to save time.

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This Microsoft repair tool repairs severely corrupted XLS and XLSX files and retrieves everything from the Excel workbook without modifying its original format. You can read the following features of this reliable tool to know more about its robust functions:

Follow the simple steps below to recover and repair corrupted Excel files:

Step 1. Download and install the EaseUS Excel file repair tool. Click "File Repair" and "Add Files" to choose the corrupted MS Excel 2016/2019/2021 files.

add files to repair documents with Fixo

Step 2. In the ensuing screen, select "Repair All" to fix numerous corrupted Excel files at once. Another option is to use the Repair button to individually recover each corrupted Excel spreadsheet.

select documents to repair

Step 3. Save the Microsoft Excel files that have been fixed, then click the "View Repaired" option to check them. 

save repaired documents in Fixo

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Perform Excel Corrupted File Recovery with Microsoft Open and Repair Feature

Microsoft Office has a built-in open and repair utility that can preliminarily repair corrupt Excel files; you can first try this method to recover corrupt Excel files. This method also works when Excel has stopped working. Follow the steps here to perform Excel corrupt file recovery:

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Excel. Navigate to "File" > "Open"> "Browse".

choose open browse

Step 2. Choose the corrupted files from the list and click the arrow beside Open.

Step 3. Click "Open and Repair" to start the repairing process.

click on open and repair

But the repair rate of this built-in feature is not very high; if this process fails, in this case, you can try EaseUS Fixo Document Repair to perform the advanced repair:

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Restore Unopened Excel Workbooks in MS Excel via Calculation Option

Change the calculation settings from Automatic to Manual may help you to fix a corrupted Excel file:

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Excel file and click "File" > "New".

Step 2. Click Blank workbook under New.

click new and then blank workbook

Step 3. Go to "File" > "Options". Then click the Manual option under Calculation options in the Formulas category and tap on the "OK" button.

under formula click manual

Step 4. Find the corrupted Excel file and double-click to open it. You will then be able to see the data you saved in Excel.

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Open Recover Excel Corrupted File with External References

You can use the external preferences to recover the data from your workbook if it is corrupted. Follow the steps here:

Step 1. Open Office Excel and follow "File" > "Open".

Step 2. Go to the folder where the corrupted Excel is, right-click it, and select "Copy" > "Cancel".

Step 3. Navigate to "File" > "New" > "Blank workbook".

Step 4. Type the following command and then hit Enter.

=File Name!A1 in cell A1 (Replace File Name with the name of corrupted Excel file.)

Step 5. Select corrupted Excel if the Update Values box appears and click OK.

Step 6. Select cell A1 and click "Home" > "Copy". Then, select an area from cell 1 for all cells that contain data in the corrupted Excel sheet.

choose home and copy

Step 7. Go to "Home" > "Paste".

Perform Corrupted Excel File Recovery with Macro

If your chart is linked to the corrupted workbook, you need to try using the macro to extract the source data. It is a bit complex, for you need to type the command.

Follow the steps here to recover corrupted Excel files:

Step 1. Copy and paste the following macro code into a module sheet:

  1. Sub GetChartValues()
  2. Dim NumberOfRows As Integer
  3. Dim X As Object
  4. Counter = 2
  5. ' Calculate the number of rows of data.
  6. NumberOfRows = UBound(ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values)
  7. Worksheets("ChartData").Cells(1, 1) = "X Values"
  8. ' Write x-axis values to worksheet.
  9. With Worksheets("ChartData")
  10. .Range(.Cells(2, 1), _
  11. .Cells(NumberOfRows + 1, 1)) = _
  12. Application.Transpose(ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues)
  13. End With
  14. ' Loop through all series in the chart and write their values to
  15. ' the worksheet.
  16. For Each X In ActiveChart.SeriesCollection
  17. Worksheets("ChartData").Cells(1, Counter) = X.Name
  18. With Worksheets("ChartData")
  19. .Range(.Cells(2, Counter), _
  20. .Cells(NumberOfRows + 1, Counter)) = _
  21. Application.Transpose(X.Values)
  22. End With
  23. Counter = Counter + 1
  24. Next
  25. End Sub

Step 2. You need now insert or delete a worksheet in your workbook. Right-click on the sheet tab and change its name to ChartData.

Step 3. Choose the chart from which you want to extract data and run the macro.


This post has looked at a few workable ways to recover corrupted Excel file in Windows 10. Actually, most methods can be completed within Microsoft Excel itself. But if you want to recover corrupt Excel file, use professional document repair like EaseUS Fixo Document Repair.

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FAQs on How to Recover Corrupted Excel File 2016

This part will include some frequently asked questions on Excel to recover corrupted files. Read on!

1. What to do when Excel says the file is corrupted?

You can first try the open and repair feature of Excel to fix corrupted Excel files. If this way fails to work, use document repair software like EaseUS Fixo Document Repair to solve this Excel error

2. How do I recover a crashed Excel File in Windows 10?

You can recover these unsaved Excel files after the computer crashes or Excel crashes. Follow the steps here:

  • Go to "File" > "Open"
  • Select the recent Workbook 
  • Scroll to find and click on "Recover Unsaved Workbooks"

3. How do I repair Excel in Windows?

Use the Open and Repair feature of Microsoft Office Suite:

  • Open Microsoft Excel and follow the path here: "File" > "Open"> "Browse".
  • Select the files you want to repair can click the arrow next to Open.
  • Tap on "Open and Repair" to repair corrupted Excel files

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