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Tutorial: Upgrade Sony PS4 Hard Drive to Bigger Drive without Reinstallation

Updated on Nov 25, 2019 by Tracy King to Disk/Partition Clone

This tutorial article provides you easy and effective method to upgrade or replace Sony PS4 hard drive with bigger drive without reinstallation. You can directly follow this article to upgrade your PS4 HDD without losing any game files now.

Help: PS4 hard drive is full, how to change it with a bigger one

"Hey there, do you know how to upgrade or change the Sony PS4 hard drive to a bigger one? My hard drive is merely full and I'm thinking to upgrade it to a bigger drive so to save more games on it. But I don't want to reinstall any files or re-download any game packs. Do you know how to solve the problem?"

Are you having a similar problem in your PS4 hard drive? Don't worry when your game player hard drive is becoming full and here in this article, we'll provide you an easy and simple method to guide you replace and upgrade Sony PS4 hard drive to a bigger one without reinstallation. And of course, no game files or data will lose.

Manually replace PS4 hard drive to a bigger one without losing data in 2 steps

If you prefer to manually change the PS4 hard drive on your own without any clone or backup software, you may follow below tips to do the PS4 hard drive replace work:

Step 1. Backup game files saved in PS4 hard drive

It's quite necessary to backup PS4 data before starting replacing the hard drive with a bigger one.

  • If you are a PS+ subscriber, you can try to backup data to cloud with below steps:
  1. 1. Go to Settings > Application Save Data Management.
  2. 2. Save Data in System Storage > Update to Online Storage.
  3. 3. Choose game files to upload all to PS+ cloud storage.
  • If you are not a PS+ subscriber, you can offload data to a USB device by following steps below:
  1. 1. Connect a USB device to the system.
  2. 2. Go to Settings > Application Save Data Management.
  3. 3. Save Data in System Storage.
  4. 4. Copy to USB Storage Device.
  5. 5. Select a title and press the X button to mark the checkbox of the saved data you that you want ot copy, then select Copy.

Backup PS4 game data before upgrading PS4 hard drive.

  • If you need to view any captures, you can go to Settings > System Storage Management > Capture Gallery and this will allow you to see everything you've recorded.

You can press Options and Copy to USB Storage Device or click the Share button to upload pictures to Facebook for safekeeping.

Your videos can also be saved to USB or Facebook or even YouTube with the same steps.

Step 2. Replace PS4 hard drive to a bigger one

Now you can start to replace PS4 hard drive to a bigger one by following below steps:

  • Power off PS4 and unplug USB drive with backups.
  • Slide the plastic case off.

Remove and take out PS4 hard drive.

  • Remove the screw holding the drive.
  • Pull out the HDD.

Take PS4 hard drive out of the machine console.

  • Remove the enclosure screws;
  • Replace the new hard drive in the bracket.

Change PS4 hard drive.

  • Replace the enclosure screws.
  • Put the drive back in the system and press the PS4 power button to restart it.
  • Reinstall the system software: create an UPDATE folder > download system software update from Sony and place it in UPDATE folder > Reboot PS4.
  • Sign in and restore all backups from PS online storage to your new PS4 hard drive.

If you've backed up PS4 game files and data to a USB drive, you can follow guidelines below to copy saved data from USB to PS4 system now:

1. Connect a USB storage device to the system.

Restore PS4 game backup to system.

2. Select Settings from the main screen and click Application Saved Data Management.

3. Then click Saved Data on USB Storage Device and choose Copy to System Storage.

4. Select a title of your games/videos/captures, click X to check saved data, click Copy.

Extra Tip. Upgrade and clone hard drive to bigger one with ease

Besides upgrading PS4 hard drive to a bigger drive, if you are looking for a powerful and effective tool to change or upgrade your system hard drive or second hard drive to a new HDD/SSD, the above-provided way cannot work. 

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