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Transfer QuickBooks to New PC with 100% Working Methods

Updated on Dec 18, 2018 by Tracy King to PC Transfer

Do you need a safe way to move your company file - the entire QuickBooks data folder to another new computer? This tutorial article provides two 100% working methods for you to try and you can apply either one of them on this page to transfer QuickBooks with files to a new PC in Windows 10, 8 or 7 with ease now.
Method 1. Transfer QuickBooks with files to new PC at one time with PC transfer software (easy way)
Method 2. Manually move and transfer QuickBooks with files to new PC (complex way)

I got a new computer, how do I transfer QuickBooks to the new PC? 

"Hello, does anyone know how to transfer the QuickBooks and files to another new PC? 
I recently got a new computer, and it works great. I’ve moved most files from my old computer to the new PC, but some installed programs are still on the old PC. And QuickBooks is one of them.
The problem is that I must use QuickBooks every day and I can’t keep both new and old computer on my desk. 
So I want to know is there a way that can help me move and transfer the QuickBooks with data files to my new PC? How?

How to Transfer QuickBooks to A New PC?

Transfer QuickBooks to new PC.

QuickBooks is a popular accounting app for many small and medium-sized companies which use it to pay invoices, pay or accept payments and much more online. Right now, QuickBooks has already owned more than 4 million businesses users signed for a free trial. With the growing number of QuickBooks users, a variety of problems by using QuickBooks would occur almost every day. And how to transfer QuickBooks to a new PC is one of the top issues to most ordinary users. 
What will you do when you need to transfer the QuickBooks to another new computer in Windows 10/9/8? Do you know how to move the QuickBooks App wthe ith data folder to a new machine? We’ve collected two 100% working methods listed below for you to transfer QuickBooks to a new PC without losing any files and data:

Question: How about the QuickBooks license?

Both two methods provided here can’t transfer the activation license of your QuickBooks to the new computer. So we highly recommend you to find and backup the license first before you do the transferring job. 
You can then use the activation license to activate this software and continue using it for accounting again. If QuickBooks doesn’t activate with the license, you can try to contact the QuickBooks support team for help after the transferring process.

Let’s see how to transfer your QuickBooks to a new computer in Windows 10, 8 or 7 without losing any files now:

Move QuickBooks to a new PC.

Method 1. Transfer QuickBooks with files to new PC using PC transfer software (easy)

If you prefer a risk-free and efficient way to move and transfer the QuickBooks App with files to another new computer without reinstallation, powerful PC transfer software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans can assist you to resolve this issue with a few simple clicks. 
You can just download, install it on both of your two computers (old PC with QuickBooks and a new computer) and activate it for transferring all QuickBooks files to the new PC at one time now:


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP


Step 1: Connect both PCs via the network connection with EaseUS Todo PCTrans

1. Install and run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both PCs.
Select the "PC to PC" transfer mode on the source computer.

Note: If the new computer has installed QuickBooks, the transferring won't succeed.

Select transfer mode.

2. Connect both PCs to the same LAN, and run PCTrans on these two computers. Click "Continue" to confirm.

Prepare two PCs ready.

3. Choose the target PC and click "Connect" to continue. You can specify the target PC through its IP address.
If the target computer doesn't show up, click "Add a PC" and enter the IP address to connect it to the source computer.

Select target PC to connect.

4. Link both PCs by entering the login account and password of the selected PC. And click "OK" to confirm.

Link two PCs.

5. Select the transfer direction and click "OK" to confirm.

Choose the direction to transfer Chrome.

Step 2: Select QuickBooks to transfer

1. On the Applications column click "Edit" to select QuickBooks to transfer.
Tick "Create a restore point" option in case a system error occurs on the target PC.

Select Office for transferring.

2. Click "Finish" to confirm.

Select QuickBooks to transfer.

Step 3: Transfer QuickBooks to a new PC

1. Click "Transfer" to start the transferring process.

Complete the transferring.

2. Wait patiently and click "OK" to confirm when the transferring process finishes.
Restart the PC to reuse the QuickBooks on the new PC.

Complete the transferring.

Note: This PC transfer software will transfer the QuickBooks to the default location on your PC (usually C: drive) and create a shortcut on your desktop if you’ve got one on your old PC. 

Method 2. Manually move QuickBooks with files to new PC (complicated)

If you don’t want to refer to any transferring software for help, but you prefer to do the job on your own. You can choose the manual way to move and transfer your QuickBooks with files to a new PC with more complicated steps. 

You can try the below guidelines and move your QuickBooks to the new computer now:

Step 1. Move QuickBooks software application to new PC (reinstall)

1. Take the QuickBooks CD or the installation file that you downloaded or purchased to your new computer.
2. Follow the installation wizard to install it on the new computer.
3. Do remember to update the QuickBooks when the program prompts to ask you to install the latest version on your new computer.

Step 2. Transfer your QuickBooks data file from old computer to new PC

1. Go to your old PC and open QuickBooks on it, click "File" > Open "Previous Company".
This will guide you to locate the QuickBooks data files and do remember the exact name of the listed files.
2. Navigate to the location and copy the files to an external flash drive or memory card.
3. Plug the external flash drive to your new PC and create a new folder on your computer called QuickBooks Data and copy the files from the flash drive to the new folder.
4. Open QuickBooks on your new PC, click "File" > Open or Restore "Company" and locate the new file you created.
And you can use those business files on this software again now.

NOTICE: During the process, the program may ask you to activate or purchase QuickBooks. Try the license first, if it doesn’t work. Contact the QuickBooks tech support team for assistance.
They will be available to help you out of this activation issue.