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How Can I Unlock Memory Card Data with the Best Memory Card Unlocker?

Updated on Dec 27, 2018 by Tracy King to Storage Media Recovery


The best free memory card unlocker software download for PC offers a great chance to find and release all vital data. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will be the second-to-none choice for you to unlock memory card data.

" 'What is that?', My roommate asked me again. 'what is memory card unlocker? I've never heard about it!' Gosh, does anyone know what is memory card unlocker? I mean seriously. My memory card got locked and I cannot access my data there. 

How can I unlock my memory card? Can it be possible to find a memory card unlocker? And is it possible to find the best memory card unlocker? I stored many precious personal files in my memory card, and things will be great if I can find the best memory card unlocker to rescue my data. Please do help me." 

How to unlock memory card

1. Unlock memory card manually!

This is an effective solution when the memory card gets locked. All you need is to move the Lock tab to the up position. Yes, it is that easy to unlock your memory card when it is physically locked. 
Image of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - memory card unlocker.

2. Unlock memory card with the best memory card unlocker

This is for unlocking memory card data, not the card itself anymore. When memory card gets formatted or inaccessible and even attacked by unknown reasons, the best memory card unlocker can help. How to find this memory unlock software and perform memory card recovery? A highly recommended recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be your best shot. The best data recovery software supports unlocking and restoring data from an inaccessible storage device including a memory card. 

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to unlock and release memory card data

How do you get this best memory card unlocker software then? Follow the next steps and you'll know:

  • Download directly by clicking the download button and launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
  • Select the location of the memory card that you need to unlock and click Scan.
  • Let the program scan and save the unlocked data.
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