How to Recover Pictures from Disabled iPhone

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When an iPhone becomes disabled by forgetting the password, failing to start after iOS upgrade or jailbreak, etc., the only way is to recover data from iTunes or iCloud backup first and then reset the iPhone, removing the passcode. Here we'll show you how to recover photos from disabled iPhone as an example to help you remove the passcode and reset the iPhone without losing data.

Mostly, iPhone becomes disabled for various reasons and here are the most causes:

  • iPhone dropped to the ground or into the water
  • iPhone gets locked by a forgotten password
  • iPhone failed to start after iOS upgrade or jailbreak failure

When you encounter any issue listed here, you can not use your iPhone and even access or view all your data on the device. 

iPhone becomes disabled.

If your iPhone dropped into water, power off your iPhone and clean up all the water and restart it again. If your iPhone dropped onto the ground and damaged the screen, take it to the local Apple store and replace a new screen.  

If you are having a problem of unlocking iPhone, recall your passcode harder and retry again to unlock it with the below iPhone unlocking frequency:

  • Within 5 Times: Try your best to unlock the iPhone.
  • The 6th Time: Lock for 1 minute.
  • The 7th Time: Lock for 5 minutes.
  • The 8th Time: Lock for 15 minutes.
  • The 10th Time: Lock for 60 minutes.
  • ...

When you tried again and again but still didn't find the right passcode to enable your iPhone, you'll need an advanced way to resolve this problem. Read on and you'll learn how to unlock disabled iPhones without losing data:

Part 1. Recover data like photos from disabled iPhone with backup
Part 2. Fix disabled iPhone without Backup
Part 3. Warm Tips

1. If you have created iTunes or iCloud backups, follow Part 1 to restore data including specific files such as photos from disabled iPhone at first. 

2. If you didn't create backups of your iPhone or the iPhone is totally disabled - not working, you can jump to Part 2 for a quick guide to fix your disabled iPhone. This will absolutely remove all your iPhone data and we are sorry that there is no way to restore your removed data.

Part 1. Recover data like photos from disabled iPhone with backup

Although it's desperate when the iPhone becomes disabled, you may want to know how to transfer pictures from disabled iPhone before resetting the device. Don't worry! Many other iPhone users have a similar experience with you.

And if you have a backup of your iPhone data to iTunes or iCloud, congratulations. You can safely export all your iPhone content or recover specific files like photos or pictures on the disabled iPhone from iCloud/iTunes backup.

Powerful iPhone data recovery software - EaseUS MobiSaver can recover photos from disabled iPhone through iTunes or iCloud backup. Instead of restoring all iPhone contents from the backup, this software enables you to restore specific types of files such as photos, music or contacts as many as you want. This software also works on Mac OS platform.

Here we'll take how to transfer pictures from disabled iPhone with iTunes backup as an example to show you the exact process by using EaseUS MobiSaver.

Restore pictures from disabled iPhone through iTunes backup


Step 1: Choose an iTunes backup to extract

Run EaseUS MobiSaver and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup". If you backed up iPhone data to iCloud, select "Recover from iCloud Backup".

Then select the iTunes backup for your iPhone and click the "Scan" button. The program will access and scan the backup file to find all the iPhone data.

Choose recover from iTunes backup to transfer pictures from disabled iPhone

Step 2: Preview and copy pictures from iTunes Backup

After scanning, you can see all the data in the iTunes backup file are listed in different categories.

Click Photos/Videos" to preview the photos and select out the files you want to get.

Finally, click "Recover" button to selectively export and save them on your computer.

Preview and transfer pictures from disabled iPhone by extracting iTunes backup

The above guide about how to transfer pictures from disabled iPhone is efficient and easy. You can use it to fully copy your pictures from a disabled iPhone to the computer.

Part 2. Fix disabled iPhone without backup

The ways to remove iPhone passcode and fix disabled iPhone are various. And the top way, highly recommended by iPhone, is to reset the iPhone into the Recovery Mode with iTunes. 

Once again, resetting disabled iPhone will remove all your iPhone content. If you have backups, follow Part 1 and export iPhone data first. 
  • Step 1: Connect the disabled iPhone to your PC or Mac and run iTunes.
  • Step 2: Force the disabled iPhone to restart and enter the Recovery Mode
  • For iPhone X or later, iPhone 8 or later users: Press and release the Volume Up button > Press and release the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side button.
  • For iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus users: Press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons simultaneously, wait until the Recovery Mode screen shows up.
  • For iPhone 6s earlier users: Press and hold the Home and the Top/Side buttons simultaneously. Wait till the Recovery Mode screen appears.
  • Fix disabled iPhone.
  • Step 3: Click "Restore" when the "Restore or Update" option pops up in iTunes.
  • Reset iPhone to fix disabled iPhone error.

iTunes will download software and install on your device for more than 15 minutes. Wait to exit the Recovery Mode. Then restart your iPhone and you should be able to enter your iPhone without the passcode.

Part 3. Warm Tips to avoid iPhone being locked, losing data

To know the way to resolve iPhone disabled error is fairly not enough. It's also important to learn the way to avoid the iPhone from being locked, losing data. Here we've gathered some useful tips to help you out:

  • Back up iPhone data to iTunes or iCloud regularly
  • Back up your iPhone passcode on other devices 
  • Set Touch ID and add your fingerprint as an alternative way to unlock your iPhone
  • Apply iPhone data recovery software such as EaseUS MobiSaver for help whenever you lost data

This page gathered effective ways to restore photos from disabled iPhone through backups, unlock disabled iPhone and tips to avoid similar problems from happening again. Whenever you meet such a problem, hopefully, tips on this page will do you a great favor. Just try it!


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