CCTV DVR Data Recovery: How to Get Data From DVR Hard Disk

The CCTV DVR data recovery guide is for you to get data from DVR hard disk with success. You can easily recover deleted surveillance videos/footages via professional DVR data recovery software and the previous DVR hard drive backup.

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If you lost crucial videos or recordings from a CCTV DVR hard drive by deletion or disk formatting, don't worry. In this article, you'll get all-around ways of DVR data recovery to get data from DVR hard disk with satisfactory results:

If you don't have backups or extra copies of the lost .cctv or .dvr videos, it seems that the DVR hard disk recovery software is the only way to restore deleted/formatted DVR videos, footages or recordings. Besides, It's more straightforward and competent if you take a close look at how it performs throughout the recovery process.

Can You Recover Deleted Recordings from a DVR?

Have you had the issue that the recorded videos and images were accidentally deleted or erased from a CCTV/DVR camera hard drive? Or, formatted the DVR hard drive without saving a copy in advance? If this is the case happened to you, can you recover deleted footages from the DVR digital devices as you wish? Some of you are using Dish DVR or Hikvision DVR security devices, and you should know that there is a recycle bin likewise feature that will keep your removed footages temporarily. However, it does not include the manners of permanent deletion or hard disk formatting. Even though, you can easily recover deleted digital data form any of the DVR storage via professional DVR hard disk recovery software or the previously created backup.

recover deleted data from dvr hard drive

Method 1. Use DVR Hard Disk Recovery Software

If you don't have a backup or an extra copy of the lost CCTV/DVR videos or images, or perhaps you prefer a robust recovery from powerful function, you still have a second chance, which is to perform a CCTV/DVR file recovery with powerful hard drive recovery software.

As we all know, all recordings, videos and image files that CCTV or DVR camera captured would be saved to the hard drive or SD card automatically. Therefore, when you formatted, deleted, erased or lost important video recordings on a CCTV DVR hard drive or SD card, you can still get them back by downloading a powerful CCTV/DVR hard drive recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which allows you to effectively recover deleted, formatted, lost or erased files in Windows 10/8/7 hard drive, SD card or USB storage devices within 3 simple steps.

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In addition, if your lost videos or images are less than 2GB, EaseUS free file recovery software is a cost-free choice.

How to recover deleted videos/footages with professional DVR hard drive recovery software:

Step 1. If your lost video recordings are saved on external hard drive or USB, connect it to your computer first. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and select the location where you lost videos. Click "Scan" to scan all lost files.

select a location and click scan

Step 2. The software will start scanning all over the selected hard drive for all lost video recordings immediately. When the process finishes, you can click "Filter", and choose "Videos" to quickly find video files.

scan for deleted data

Step 3. Double-click to check and preview lost video recordings before recovery. Then, choose the wanted files and click "Recover" to save the files into another safe location instead of the original drive/device.

Restore lost videos

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Besides helping to recover deleted or erased CCTV or DVR camera recordings, images or videos, you can also apply EaseUS hard drive recovery software to help you recover deleted webcam videos with a few simple clicks.

Method 2. Restore from DVR hard drive backup

You have backed up the surveillance videos to another connected removable disk drive or some cloud storage, you can easily transfer the backup file back to the original hard drive, or directly view the lost footages on the backup drive.

Step 1. Find and open the video backup folder.

Step 2. Locate the exact video that you've deleted or lost from the CCTV or DVR hard drive/SD card.

Step 3. Copy and store the found video back to the disk/SD card.

According to the two effective ways of DVR data recovery on a computer-based hard disk drive or SD card, you can choose one that suits your own case. 

Can Overwritten CCTV Footage Be Recovered?

Yes, to some degree you can recover part of overwritten files after deletion or formatting. It's kind of a big challenge for any praised data recovery software to recover lost files, of which the marked 'empty' space has been occupied by random data.

Even so, we discussed how to recover overwritten CCTV files in the previous article, which elaborates on the concept of overwritten files, and the possibility of overwritten file recovery.

By learning all the aspects that assist a full recovery of CCTV DVR videos, images, footages or other data, we know that powerful data recovery software is dependable to revive us from pains in most data loss scenarios. However, if you take a real-time backup, you can survive from 100% data loss events without losing the evidence of a burglary, theft or other crimes, to largely guarantee home and office security.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is an automatic hard drive backup and recovery program for you to download and use for free. With it installed on your CCTV computer, you can schedule a backup plan when the system turns on or turns off.

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