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Overwritten CCTV File Recovery: How Can I Recover CCTV/DVR Files

Updated on Nov 15, 2018 by Brithny to Data Recovery


Can overwritten CCTV files be recovered? Is it possible to recover ovewritten CCTV data? You can get all of the answers here in this post. Read on and recover CCTV files now.

Can we recover a CCTV's DVR videos that were overwritten

Most people have this kind of question: can deleted CCTV files be recovered? Is it possible to recover overwritten CCTV or DVR data? 

There is absolutely very less chance to recover CCTV’s DVR videos that were overwritten. They are overwritten by another video and erased from the hard disc. You can recover videos which are existing in the hard disc even if the hard disk is damaged to a certain extent. 

But if the hard drive is not completely overwritten then there is still a chance to recover deleted video from CCTV camera hard drive.

How to recover/restore overwritten CCTV file recovery

If your CCTV HDD is not completely overwritten, you can restore lost CCTV/DVR data with the help of EaseUS file recovery software. It allows you to effectively recover deleted, formatted, lost or erased CCTV files on the hard drive, SD card or USB etc storage devices within 3 simple steps.

recover overwritten or deleted CCTV files with EaseUS.

Follow the guide below, restore the deleted, erased, overwritten or lost important video recordings on CCTV/DVR hard drive or SD card.

Since the situation that data has been overwritten is more complex. We cannot guarantee that it is 100% helpful to retrieve overwritten files. Therefore, please download our trial version for a try first. If you find what you have lost on the result page, you can buy this software and save them to a safe place. If not, I am afraid this tool can not help you.

A step-by-step guide to recover overwritten/deleted CCTV files


Step 1: Select a location​

If your lost video recordings are saved on external hard drive or USB, connect it to your computer firstly. Run video recovery software, and select the location where you lost videos. Click Scan to scan all lost files.

Run video recovery software.

Step 2: Scan lost data

The EaseUS recovery software will start immediately to scan all over the selected hard drive for all lost data.

Scan videos.

Step 3: Preview and recover

Check and preview lost video recordings in Deleted Files, Drive (with your device name). If you didn't find the lost video recordings, check Lost Partition Files and Extra Files to find them. Choose the wanted files and click Recover.

Recover video recordings.